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Packers vs. Giants was most-watched Divisional game ever

Posted by Duke Bobber on January 17, 2012 – 10:39 am

Sunday’s New York Giants-Green Bay Packers game on FOX drew an average of 45.1 million viewers to rank as the most-watched Divisional Playoff game ever, topping the record set last year by Jets-Patriots (43.5 million viewers). Giants-Packers is the most-watched show since Super Bowl XLV.

Most-Watched Shows on Television, Week of Jan. 9-15, 2012

Program, Average Viewers
1. FOX Sunday Divisional Playoff (Giants-Packers) 45.1 million
2. FOX Saturday Divisional Playoff (Saints-49ers) 35.6 million
3. CBS Saturday Divisional Playoff (Broncos-Patriots) 34.2 million
4. CBS Sunday Divisional Playoff (Texans-Ravens) 31.0 million
5. ESPN BCS Championship (Alabama-LSU) 24.2  million

Source: NFL & The Nielsen Company

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77 Responses to “Packers vs. Giants was most-watched Divisional game ever”

  1. By Nightdog on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Ha ha . One and done. Losers

  2. By Sue on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Still LOVE our Packers and Aaron you are un-believable, what an effort. Sue and Gary from Minnesota

  3. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Losing a football game is one thing, being a loser in life, as Nutdog obviously is, is quite another. And let me inform you Nutdog, these losers have a record 13 NFL Championships and will be back stronger than ever next season! Go Pack Go

  4. By Cali on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    We’ll get over it, will you?? This loss was tough. I just wanted to see the Pack give it their all, and I feel that wasn’t the case. Maybe McCarthy shoulda played Rodgers some of the lions game. With the bye and the sit through the lions game. that’s three weeks of rust buildin’, and it showed, along with dropped pass after pass after pass after pass after pass. Even though it all happened the way it did, I’m still proud of this team. See Nightmutt, we love our team, whether we win it all or lose it all. We don’t jump on the next hot teams bandwagon. So get a life, you need one!! GO PACK GO!!

  5. By Cali on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply


  6. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Cali, not the ending we were hoping for but what a ride! The Organization will fix the obvious problems and the Packers future looks bright. After what we saw Sunday, Rodgers is more than deserving of League MVP… Go Pack Go..

  7. By josh on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    the loosing pack made my season more pack losses ya

  8. By montanapackfan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    @ Cali/Big Cheese

    Agreed Rodgers is definitely MVP. There are a few details we need to fix as you say Big Cheese…and they will be I believe. Cali it was a tough loss, sort of like the Arizona loss but worse because expectations were much higher all around.

    Oh ya and Nightdog is it….Giants fan I’ll bet?

    Go scratch and sniff your undercarriage somewhere else…like in the middle an interstate.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  9. By montanapackfan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    @ Josh

    You are as shallow as a litter box.

    What’s wrong little Josh won’t the real fans on the Giants blog let you play?

    Take your whisker-thin brain and check in to adolescent chat where you belong.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  10. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks for the compliment joshstrap-on. We’re used to envious fans from other teams. It’s the price you pay for supporting a team with so much success… 13 Titles sums it up. Now it’s time to dive into that school work son… Seems your parents really dropped the ball with you..

  11. By montanapackfan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    @ Cali and Big Cheese

    So guys…any predictions or thoughts on this weekend’s games?

    Roll on Green Roll on

  12. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    It’s a tough call Montana. Love to see the two brothers go against each other. My Son has been a Niners fan forever so I’m pulling for them. If I had to bet I guess I’d have to say NE vs NY unfortunately. Looking forward to it though, it’ll be interesting. Your thoughts?

  13. By Cali VIKING fan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Packers Division champ since 1936 – 13
    VIKINGS Division champ since 1961 – 18!!
    OH SNAP!!

  14. By ETGiantsFanSC on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Not surprised the GMEN won and very happy they did. Surprised by score though. Rodgers is a great Quarterback (better than Favre), did not get a lot of help from his receivers. He diserves the NFL 101 award.

  15. By montanapackfan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    If SF plays with the intensity they brought last week against NO…they upset the Giants. To do that they will have to sack Eli a few times during the game and create a few turnovers too. I like the way they hit…that is an envious character and one the Pack should re-visit.

    The other game is real hard…Brady looked tough last weekend to a point of being routine…kinda like another team and QB we watched all year. But then they were playing the Bronco’s, I figured all along that game would be lopsided. Brady’s achilles heal has always been pressure…if you get after him he frustrates easily and begins throwing INT’s and errant passes. Suggs and Lewis will have to live in the backfield and the Ravens DB’s stick like peanut butter to the receivers. Then there is trying to stop those huge TE’s…no simple task.

    In the end if the Ravens can get after Brady and stay close offensively at least within striking distance, a big defensive play could be the difference in the Ravens favor. Ray Rice is key in running game too but those are all tall orders against Bilichick…year after year very tough.

    I like SF and Ravens too in a brother match. Should be good watching though no matter what happens. Gotta say though a Giants loss would tame the stinging of a lot of folks in Cheese Town.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  16. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    It’s a really tough call, and the Ravens game will have a lot to do with which Flacco shows up for this game. I’ve been argueing with my Brother and my Son all season about the “defense wins championships” issue. My position is I’d love for that to be true, but being a Packer fan I couldn’t pull myself to admitt that for obvious reasons. Told both about a month ago that I’d concede to that should the Ravens and the Niners end up in the Super Bowl, never imaging that would be a possibility. Truth of the matter is: Good Teams win Championships. And I’m with you as far as not wanting the Giants in there.

  17. By montanapackfan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    If good teams win championships…what does that say about GB? Just saying?

    Hey Big Cheese is Cali (viking fan) our beloved Cali?

  18. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Obviously the Pack didn’t have a good enough team this year. But they will next year! And that Cali VQueen is an imposter. Same kid who’s been acting up on all the threads using various screen names. Guess he snuck back on his pc when his mom was busy or something. Stay cool Montana, we’ll talk soon. Go Pack Go…

  19. By montanapackfan on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Just pulling your leg a little Big Cheese…our Pack was and is a good team and will continue to be well into the forseeable future.
    Figured he was another troll..did you tell me last year you live in NY or is my alzheimers acting up again.

    Roll on Pack Roll on

  20. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Starksville baby. You’re mind is still working. Hope next year he’ll be healthy enough to show what he’s capable of. Cali will have a fit when he sees this idiot hijacking his handle.

  21. By Cali on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    @Cali Vikings Fan

    Packers Superbowl wins 4

    Vikings Superbowl wins 0

    Division titles mean nothing. Come back when your team wins the Lombardi Trophy!

  22. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Can’t forget about the Record 13 NFL Championships! How many do the Queens have? Or any other team for that matter.Go get em Cali!

  23. By Cali on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    I thought idenity theft was illegal! I’m gonna sue the bastard! There’s only ONE Cali! Cali Packers Fan, the viking destroyer!

  24. By Cali on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    That’s right, 13 titles, four of ‘em Superbowl titles. How many does your team have, viking thief?

  25. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Who is this hippster lady? She’s a nightmare!

  26. By hippster on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    who are you BIG WHESSE

  27. By Marty on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    People people people! This year was a complete bust. What good was it going 15-1 and not win ONE Playoff game? They won as many as the other 20 teams who didn’t make the palyoffs. None. I’m a die heart packer fan but to sit and give praise to this team would be hypocritical. The fault with most packers fans they accept mediocracy. What I’ve seen: we still love you, you gave us a great season, we’ll get them next year. People wake up! Nothing matters other than winning just like Lombardi said. This years Packer team going to the playoffs and not winning one game is like a guy sitting in jail and him calling his friend saying he needs a $1000 to get ought of jail and his friend shows up with $999! He can say he tried to get him out and he can walk away telling himself I tried but at the end of the day the guy is still sitting in jail. The reason why the rest of the football world laughs at the people of Green Bay is because of their small mind mentality. There are no excuses. Winning isn’t everything it’s the only thing. Isn’t that what Lombardi said? Why do you think the rest of the world knows who Lombardi was? Do you think the super bowl trophy would be named after him if he said it’s alright if we only need to get to the playoffs? Wake up people this team was disaster! Big heads! Big fat pockets!

  28. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    @ Marty, Lombardi also said “we never won as many as I wanted – which was all of them”. suggests you can’t win them all. But you can enjoy the ones you do win, and you can enjoy the game itself. The Packers heads were not in the game for whatever reason Sunday, you and I have no control over that. If this destroys your enjoyment of football and the Packers, I suggest you stay away from it.

  29. By Pack 78 on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    Cali, long time no hear, what’s new with you on the left coast.

  30. By MrReality on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    As a friend of Packer fans and someone with a genuine respect for the Packer legacy, I must say Marty makes a point. The Pack is imbedded in my family DNA (although I have another team) and I would be infuriated over Sunday’s loss. In fact I am. To console each other with inconsequential positives and take solice in the past is simply wrong, and unhealthy. It’s a denigrating and potentially contageous step toward accepting mediocrity. Marty quoted Vince. I’ll also quote Vince – “Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser”.. Another great coach who was instrumental in Lombardi getting the Packers job said a few things as well – “Football is a game of errors. The team that makes the fewest errors in a game usually wins”. “When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less”. “You can learn a line from a win and a book from a defeat”. Cali,redux,montana,bigcheese – still friends?

  31. By Marty on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    big cheese— If you strive for less you settle for less! Always go for Gold then if only get silver it’s not so bad but if you go for silver than you might end up with bronze and if you go for bronze well you know the outcome. I blame McCarthy for this. It was his job to get the team ready to play and he didn’t. I’ve always said McCarthy is an average coach with supreme talent. This reminds of the 85 Bears. They should have won at least 2 or 3 more Superbowls but big egos and big pockets got in the way. I’m affraid we’re headed down the same path. I hope the entire team remembers this for a long time to come.

  32. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 17, 2012 | Reply

    We have zero control over what happens. Enjoy the game, try to have faith, and let this one go. Great quote Reality, especially the “say less”.

  33. By montanapackfan on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    @ Hipster

    You trip over yourself to denigrate the “occupiers” and slam Wisconsin as if the entire state populace were either “occupiers” or that they all associate themselves with that philosophy. Apparently the national news of 2010 escaped your scrutiny when it comes to Wisconsin politics.

    Had you been paying attention you may have discovered that Governor Walker; elected as Wisconsin’s governor in 2010, was embattled by “occupier types” in Wisconsin for his stand on public pensions before the term “occupier” even surfaced. Perhaps you simply forgot the scenes played out on national news where these “pre-occupiers” occupied the Wisconsin State Capitol for weeks in opposition to Walker when over half the state agreed with Walker. Beware to lay a broad brush in any circumstance…but especially when your ignorance is your strong trait.

    The term “Hipster” was one of vague familiarity so to be sure I checked Webster to be accurate, below is what I found.

    “Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20’s and 30’s that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.”

    I found the “progressive politics and counter culture” very interesting since these terms generally speaking, are more in line with occupier ideology than conservative. The remaining definition; intelligence and witty banter have completely escaped your train of thought.

    Perhaps you should rethink your handle “Hipster” ?

    Roll on Green Roll on

  34. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    Oh Montana, you punked his arse. Too funny, you da man! Green and Gold Baby!

  35. By hippster on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    well well the montanaslacker, you must have way to much time on your hands,i picture you right now in your momma basement sitting in your underware waiting for mom to cook your lunch do your laundry, get off your keyboard get a job and contribute to your country.the sooner this country rids itself of liberalism the better off we will all be. and here i thought real men lived in montana i guess you learn somthing new everyday hmmm,

  36. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    As if you don’t make yourself look bad enough, Montana played you like a fiddle. You my son, are exposed for what you are. funny sh#t !!! You look silly boy..

  37. By montanapackfan on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    @ Mr. Reality

    First off Mr. Reality, absolutely I consider you a friend and I respect your opinion. That goes for others in here I met in 2010 (Big Cheese, Cali, Packer Princess, Jimmy Taylor Redux…you are all awesome in my book). So here’s my fifty cents…inflation hits everywhere.
    Why do we even watch sports? Is it entertainment, shared camaraderie, stave off boredom, meet people, or something bigger? Are sports figures the modern day gladiators from Rome’s descendants offered up by the current kings to satisfy the masses? What is it that compels fans to follow every last game of any baseball franchise…all 162 games? Why is it that winning matters so deeply to us that we will literally yell at the TV (yes I do this) when our team makes a bad play or allows the other team a first down or a touchdown? My wife says sports are just games…..so are they? Someone come to my house and tell me “it’s just a game” during a Packers game while sporting a wedge of rubber cheese on my head.
    Including myself I know many avid fans that like me, literally live and breathe football. I don’t mean they watch every game (if possible) they study college games and players, follow training camp and their team’s news, they will exhaust themselves pursuing any and all knowledge of their team past, present, or future. As fans most of us could not compete against the worst players even when we were young. So sports fans to what do we owe this hero-worship to? Do today’s gladiators have any room while in the arena, to be mortal? If perfection is all we’ll abide then how do we justify our own lives? I make mistakes just like the guy next to me at work does…it’s what makes us human. What makes it palatable is my co-workers get after me about it, just as I do with them, then we laugh about it and move on.
    I am not suggesting we laugh or forget about this loss…that may never happen. Still we do have to step back and evaluate how and why we feel a sense of violation. Violation may not be right, disappointment is too mild, betrayed comes to mind yet that is a stretch too.
    The Pack is in my DNA too dating back to around 3 to 4 years old…OK so I wasn’t born with it…it was an acquired Green and Gold DNA. If I were brutally honest with my feelings, I would call out a few players, coaches, coaching decisions, philosophies but if posted…..I wonder if the players, coaches, coaches wives’ or kids may read my sentiments? I consider too how I might absorb a direct hit from fans were I a player that made an error in any game let alone a big game.
    Reflect back through your life, heck I did so many things wrong it’s a wonder I’m still alive. Growing up and even in adulthood, have we not all made mistakes, bad decisions, and had days where we wished we’d have stayed in bed? Thinking back to when you were bad or made an error whether in sports or life, what helped you forget that choice or act? Was it ridicule or taunting from your friends or neighborhood……or did someone close to you point out something you did do well? When I watched the post-game interviews from the Packers…they were all feeling the pain without any finger pointing from fans. Don’t confuse my sentiments…I am still mad over this game.
    Vince Lombardi and his players through the years fueled by his character were special. There isn’t a quote from Vince I do not agree with or that I do not aspire to live by every day. I am a perfectionist in everything I attempt or task I am charged to do…but I’ll never be perfect. I’d like to think I learn from my mistakes…yet sometimes it takes a couple of tries.
    Mr. Reality I do agree there is a book full, maybe even a full shelf of books to learn from in this defeat. Marty “big egos and big pocket books” may well be clouding the water in Green Bay. Greed is a very powerful thing and is always mishandled as is overconfidence in the wake of unpreparedness. Big Cheese you said in seven words what it took me way too long to say “We have zero control over what happens.”

    Roll on Green Roll on

  38. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    Montana, I feel like I should pay you for this. Seriously, very well put my friend.. As far as the money part goes, many fans forget that the NFL is a business, the players employees; no different than us in the “real world”. One thing I’m certain of is I don’t recall any former Green Bay Packer ever saying he didn’t enjoy and appreciate his time in Green Bay. Maybe the X-Factor?

  39. By montanapackfan on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    Big Cheese…

    Flattery will get you everywhere. No work today below zero with the wind blowing…not fit for man or beast. They say if you can do what you love you will never have to work another day in your life. If I could find someone to buy this crap I write……then I’d never have to work another day. Thanks once more for the vote of confidence…you are way too kind. I like the x-factor scenario you bring up as well as the business aspect. The fact that former Packers’ want to coach here after they are retired speaks volumes for the organization and Title Town. After all is said football is a business broadcast for the fans. Ever see a bad movie?

    Roll on Green Roll on

  40. By MrReality on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    montanapackfan – interesting write. I read a piece a couple years ago by a sports psychologist ‘expert’ (I’m guessing a UCLA product) who claimed that there were more sports fans up north -rust belt, Great Lakes – because those folks basically have no life. The warmer weather states offer more activities and people get involved in life. LA was the perfect example according to him. The reason there is no LA NFL team, despite it population, is because there are too many other things people can do. Northern teams have a stronger fan base with more loyalty because sports is the major activity in their lives. Some may buy into that, I think the guy, like most shrinks, is a wacko.As far as mistakes go, sure, everyone makes mistakes. But if you are an air traffic controller or a cop or many other professionals and you make a mistake it can cost you your job and/or worse. I think a player/coach who is very well compensated can handle criticism for mistakes from fans. And the Packer fan’s ire should be directed at the team, not at the Giants or their fans. To draw an analogy, if a guy were to walk into his bedroom and catch his wife with another guy, too many guys may shoot the other man. If I were to shoot anyone, it would be the wife. She’s the one who betrayed you, the one who broke the faith and trust, the one who misled you and didn’t maintain the committment and respect. Especially when you know she had the ability to honor your bond. The other guy is nothing. Likewise, the Packers are the ones who let the fans down. Not the Giants. Not their fans. They are nothing. The Packers are the guilty ones, and they clearly had the ability. Like the wife, they are the ones who let you down. They should be forced to face their errors, whether it’s sitting Rodgers, dropped passes, bad throws, fumbles, on sides kicks, lack of desire, overconfidence, whatever. The Giants game may help the Packers future if Woody Hayes was right when he sai “There’s nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you”.

  41. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 18, 2012 | Reply

    No Packer player or coach, and no real Packer fan would deny that the Packers lost this game themselves, listen to the interviews with the coaches and players taking responsibility, and read the comments on these threads.. I’m not sure you’re connected to the Packer way, and could possibly be slipping out of “Reality” given the bizarre analogy you suggest. Am I pissed about what happened Sunday, hell yeah, but acceptance is the answer, and there are no Super Bowl hopes this year. But I’ve especially enjoyed the past two years, and the Packers are loaded for a few years to come. I can’t wait until next season. So let it go, only worry about what you can control. Enjoy the most beautiful game on Earth, love and support the Green Bay Packers…

  42. By hippster on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    you two should get a room

  43. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    Hippy, hippies have been gone since the 60’s; shave, get a hair-cut, throw away that occupy sign, and get a job. You may support that occupy movement, but this is the wrong site for your protest. I do admire your love for the Packers tho. Go Pack Go !

  44. By dale on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    Fire Tremon Williams, front line held together well, pickup some more defensive guys for speed and maybe get another ball carrier that doesnt fumble.

  45. By MrReality on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    BIG CHEESE – Don’t turn on me now because the Pack is out of the running like 27 other teams. Continue to live in the past and dream of the future, all while ignoring the present. I don’t think you reflect “the Packer way” and I don’t think I’m slipping out of ‘reality”. Re-read this thread and my comment is logical. Don’t make me embarrass you in front of your friends..

  46. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    You’re far, far from reality. I think you need to re-read Montana’s, and my comments. Our point has gone way over your head. True Packer fans, although very disappointed, have accepted this loss and are moving on and looking forward to next season. I’ll give to you the fact that you’re much more experienced with the losing thing, but your comment is all over the map, and your analogy is absolutely out there, and really rather demented.

  47. By Giants Fan on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Guys,

    I was reading your posts and thought that you might enjoy an outside perspective. First off, I’m a Giants season ticket holder who scored tickets to the game last minute and made the trek down to Lambeau with my 14 year old son. We always wanted to attend a Packers game and this opportunity was too good to be true.

    As Packers fans you all have a lot to be thankful for and much to be proud of. Considering all the considerable mythology surrounding Lambeau, I was expecting a let-down but I was not disappointed. The stadium is awesome. Going to a game there is a unique, one of a kind experience. Professional sports today is all about marketing and trying to pry as much money as possible out of the consumer. I thought the Green Bay experience was much more about tradition and community than glitz. You could literally fit two Lambeaus inside Giants Stadium (I refuse to call it Met-Life Stadium) but Giants Stadium is sterile, generic and lacks the character of Lambeau. It’s awesome to think that all those great Packer teams have played on the same field since the 1950’s. In New York, the original Yankee Stadium, Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field are all gone and we are much poorer for it. If football truly is a religion in America, then Lambeau Field is its St. Peter’s Basilica.

    The Packer fans were awesome. For the most part being passionate without being obnoxious. They were very classy both before the game when their confidence in their team was sky-high, and then later in defeat. What’s wrong with that? Showing class and accepting the fact that you can’t win the Super Bowl every year is not the same as being a loser. You won last year and lost a tough one this year. You’ll be back. After the Giants won the Super Bowl they were bounced out of the playoffs the next year as a #1 seed but are back this year. As long as you have Rodgers, you will always be in the hunt no matter what. I’m glad that I’m not a Jets fan bc they will never win with class for as long as Ryan is their coach. The whole Packer organization exudes class from the team, to the front office and especially the fans. The Packers fans were loud but they were also cool and interesting to talk to. They took our cheering in stride and were otherwise very welcoming. Anyone can win graciously, but true character only reveals itself in defeat. Take it easy. So far, you’ve won more than anybody with Lombardi, Farve and Rodgers, and you will win again. Until then, take time to appreciate how uniquely fortunate you are to be Packers fans.

    Good luck next year and Go G-Men!

  48. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    You’re a Class Act. And even though you’re a Giants fan you are obviously familiar with the Packer Way. Glad you enjoyed your experience and good luck to your team.

  49. By MrReality on Jan 19, 2012 | Reply

    BIG CHEESE – Sorry you couldn’t keep up with my train of thought. I took your advice and read your comments again. You accuse me of not facing reality. The reality is that you wrote comments that included the following – Jan 17th: 13 championships and next season, 17th: future, 17th: 13 titles, 17th: next year, 17th: next year, 17th: 13 championships, 18th: past two years and years to come, 19th (today): next season. That’s 8 seperate comments living the past or hoping for the future. Sounds like accepting the present is a problem. You go on to attempt to belittle my team by suggesting I’m used to losing. Well, Dr. Football, your team (Green Bay Packers) has lost 128 more games than mine. Also tied 23 more games. Again, the reality is that your team is much more experienced at losing. Let me close by adding that it’s a good thing the 101 award was based soley on the regular season..

  50. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    It’s not my style to wallow in self-pity. I’m a fan who is both proud of the Packers past success and tradition, and also excited about the possibilities of the Packers future. It’s called being positive. People who decide to live in a problem which they have no control over are usually those who are trying to avoid their own personal issues. There are others who simply enjoy arguing, those are generally people who don’t feel good about themselves due to insecurity, poor self-image, or feelings of inferiority, driven by a desire to make themselves feel smarter or more powerful than others, at least in their own minds. These types of people argue issues that are not even relevant to them, (i.e. fans from teams other than the Packers who infest the Packer blog).

    As for your amazing stats on winning and losing, your team hasn’t won a Championship since 1964, which could be the underlying factor of your spite. I also see no mention of the number of wins? Well the Pack has about 150 more wins than your team, granted with all the skewed numbers you constantly present, the Packers have been around 28 years longer.

    Lastly, football is a game, unlike life or death situations involving law enforcement, air traffic controllers, or cheating spouses. It was a ridiculous analogy. Go Pack Go ! 13 Titles, past two seasons of excitement, the best QB in the NFL, and a Contender for years to come!

  51. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    @ Mr. Reality

    To compare a lost football game whomever the blame or fault is linked to, with air traffic controllers, policemen, or any profession where loss of life or personal injury could occur to coaches, players, or any sport is both ludicrous and laughable. Furthermore the posts I have read in here have not been directed at the Giants or their fans, a significant sum of Packer fan’s comments have lambasted the organization.
    What I like best about your rant is the analogy of football and the cheating wife. Football and sports as a whole are just games. No fan loses their spouse, dies, goes to jail, or is otherwise hindered physically from their team’s loss in any game. There is a certain pride harbored by fans of any team where any loss crushes our expectations. Sure you can argue the fans expectations were let down and you would be right. “Honor the bond” come-on-man, the sanctity of marriage under God and swearing devotion to your spouse in your opinion is no less sacred as our love of sports? You may want to re-organize your priority list if these beliefs you pen are rooted in your heart.
    Each person no matter what they do in life must face their choices and errors. The results of change, improvement, or excelling in anything rests with each individual separate from any outside influence. Outside stimulus, constructive criticism, or blatantly attacking sports figures, colleagues, or anything does result in refection inward by the individual or organization. The resolve to improve or succeed at any endeavor ends with each person whether it is in sports or delivering speeches. Team sports not withstanding here for you must summon all your talent, strength, devotion and beat the guy opposing you on game day on your own. A team sport is only as good as the sum of their parts. Each player must stand alone on game day and beat the person standing before them. All outside stimuli mean nothing at this point for it adds nothing to talent, skill, conditioning, or strength of the player. Each person must stand alone in their respective arena and win or lose the battle or task….they alone must decide the contest.
    Woody Hayes, Lombardi, Jefferson represent the best of humanity or perhaps humanity at its best. To suggest men or women we aspire to mirror have not met with defeat along the path to immortality and legend is to regard perfection is granted at birth.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  52. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    To “Giants fan”

    Very nice post! It is refreshing to read posts like yours from another team’s fanbase.Perspective grouded with the “bigger life picture” matters as does character in life or football. Good luck to your Giants.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  53. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Remembering those Memorable Regular Season Wins

    @ Mr. Reality

    If the ultimate goal is to win it all whether it is the Super Bowl, the World Series, or the Stanley Cup…who remembers the historical season wins team vs. team in any venue? Conversely if you ask 10 NFL fans who won last year’s SB…you’ll get ten correct answers.
    For argument and without even “googling” for stats, most average NFL fans could name the four or five franchises etched in football forever. What would escape the average fan are Giant season wins over the Packers historically. In the long hallowed history of football; the Niners, Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders (if you live out west) the Dolphins (the perfect season) and the Packers are teams mentioned in the same sentence with dynasty and legend….just fact not fiction Mr. Reality since you left that historical door open.
    As The Big Cheese commented so aptly in an earlier post; being “positive” is a straighter line to success than “wallowing in self pity”. Warning Big Cheese that you will embarrass him…character always rises above arrogance and bandying words (titles and championships) or other trifling “got ya’s” will and is seen by most for what it is…..petty.
    Beware Mr. Reality of declaring “Again, the reality is that your team is much more experienced at losing” before you have studied history. Perhaps you have heard the following quote ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Just as history continues to prove that statement is true, so may the lack of not knowing the win/loss stats of the New York Giants.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  54. By MrReality on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply


    Nice book. And even better lecture on life, or was that a lecture on social work 101? Do you really think I put football loyalty in the same category as marriage loyalty? Or that they should have the same bond? Or losing lives or careers in the same category as losing a game? You’re right, that is laughable. You really believe that? Come on, get off the high horse. Some things I’ve written have been somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Some were apparently frail attempts at humor. I’ve even made comments simply to get under some one’s skin. The analogies may have been extreme, nonetheless they were analogies used to make a point clearer. Call them hyperbole if it makes you feel better. Your thinking is much like ABC’s when they fired Hank Williams Jr for calling the President Hitler. He never called him Hitler, it was a comparison to show the vast differences, nothing more. Comments of the fans of opponents are all over the place, which is to be expected when they comment here. But for weeks I’ve seen many who claim to be Packer fans blame everything or everyone but the Packers and/or throw out stats (like 13 championships, so many wins in a row, QB ratings, etc, etc, ad nauseam), instead of addressing the facts or the comments. Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. And you seem like a nice guy, don’t take me personal. But I do have to ask, do you work for ABC or ESPN, or are you a social worker??

  55. By MrReality on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Ah, montana – I don’t mean to disappoint you, since you believe you have this wealth of knowledge, but I am in no way a Giants fan. Never have been. How ironic you mention those who cannot remember the past, but I may be right in claiming that Chicago Bears may well be an iconic team who, along with their coach Halas have left a lasting impression on football. The last decade of New England is impressive. Clearly the Browns (and Paul Brown) and Rams of the 50’s have left their mark as well. Miami had one season, hardly an NFL icon.. Go ahead, teach me more, Master..

  56. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Heads up Montana, you got to him! Reference the fifth sentence of my previous comment for an explanation. Go Pack Go..

  57. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    The Brother?

    @ Mr. Reality

    So I just learned you are the brother of Big Cheese? If you are his real brother then I stand unopposed and apologize for taking exception in your discourse. I guess tipping my hat to you as well is in order since your ruse had me confusing you as another troll needing a smack down for slamming the Cheese. Hail to Big Cheese’s brother!

    Roll on Green Roll on

  58. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Mr. Reality

    This does not mean I am waving the white flag….just because you have an awesome brother by any means.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  59. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Whoever reads this thread is going to be entertained. Good stuff guys! See, Packer and Browns fan can get along, sort of? Go Pack

  60. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    ABC, ESPN, Social Work

    @ Mr. Reality

    I used to work for ABC until management traded news and commentary for fiction. After that I landed a temporary position with ESPN as an editor but sadly, Skip Bayless complained that I consistently wrote copy that cast him in a dark light. It was then I realized my true calling was in social engineering….so I dedicated my life to the Packers blog in the hopes of helping lost souls.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  61. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Nice Monatana, I think Reality’s social work dig was really meant for me, spent many years in that field. For obvious reasons, I’m out of it.

  62. By MrReality on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply


    I don’t have any white flags. Nor does my brother. It will take forever to order one from France. Now that I’ve been exposed, let’s just be friends. Trust me, I am a serious Packer fan with a flaw – I happen to have one team I love ahead of the Pack. And it’s not NYG..

  63. By MrReality on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Just read your last comment, nice job.

  64. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Mr. Reality,

    I don’t know if we can lift your so

  65. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply


    Timing error with my last post…defender exposed and missed the receiver. I don’t know if I can resurrect the soul of a Browns fan but I’ll bring the beer. Actually my best friend is a Browns/Packers fan here in Montana. What was is Frost said “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. And sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler”; so goes the tale of my buddy from Kindergarten who took the wrong road and got lost in the woods.
    Seriously this blog is fun and nobody can have enough friends, I am honored…….group hug.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  66. By montanapackfan on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Well fellas been nice…the lovely bride is home so it’s lights out. Mr. Reality I hope those restraints are tight enough to keep you secure till morning. We’ll see if I can guide you out of those woods….

    Roll on Green Roll on

  67. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    I can kind of relate, had a Dad and an older brother (Reality) that tried to brain wash me when I was about five to jump on the Browns bandwagon. I guess that was the beginning of my rebellious ways. Thank God for that! Maybe a Cleveland Green Bay Super Bowl some day. Hey, anything is possible, the Bills went to four. GO PACK GO

  68. By gino on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply


  69. By suzieQ on Jan 20, 2012 | Reply

    Big Cheese, U r a class act. U made this lifetime Packer Fan proud. Being a Green Bay Packer Fan is more than a “cheerleader” for a football team. We feel like the team is part of our extended family. I am glad that the Giant Fan had a great time at Lambeau. He sounds like he would be fun to hang with at a game. There is something special about sitting in those seats on game day. We do cherish those wins but just being there, well U can’t explain it. I took my 9yr old grandson (his 1st)to the Packer vs Bear game on Christmas. It was one I will not forget. We had a great time. Thanx Stevie, for the tickets!:)
    Oh & gino…The Bears still suck..:)The Bears still suck! U know the song?!
    The Pack will be right up on the top again next season. “Rogers That” Great job Jordy & keep smiling Donald:D!! My wish next yr is that your beautiful smile is still wearing the Green & Gold!:D Go Pack Go!

  70. By montanapackfan on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply

    Green Bay Exodus

    @ Big Cheese/Mr. Reality—proud to know you both, perhaps we will meet some day when our paths cross whether in GB, NY, or somewhere between the coasts.
    Good luck to Philbin, God bless him and his family in Miami.
    So is this the beginning exodus from Green Bay with Philbin heading to sunny Miami? Avid fans knew all too well before the playoff loss interviews had begun. Does it strike anyone else as a conflict of interest in vying for another position before the seasons’ even over? How can a coach or a player focus on their respective duties when they have one foot out the door? Sure one cannot close that door for players or coaches searching to improve their lives…and pocket books. It does seem counter-productive though to the current team you’re with to be shopping your talent and expertise in the market before the last whistle blows. When you assess distraction around the NFL whether via coaches (like Ryan at NY Jets) or the incomparable (Ochocinco) in Cincinnati a case can be made for loss of focus which does impact a team.
    If I were part of the front office in situations like this, I’d certainly question the percentage of commitment mustered in practice and brought to the field on game day. But alas this is certainly the course of modern-day football…the carousel of players/coaches spinning around the league is as common today as spending your entire career with one team back a few decades. Each team searches for that combination of coaches and players that will give them the recipe to win the show. I hope GB retains enough of their successful nucleus to find themselves in the playoffs this fall. The better part of me yearns to see this team mentioned in the same sentence with those Lombardi teams some grew up with…and shall never forget.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  71. By montanapackfan on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply

    @ Gino

    Thanks for gracing our site with your incomperable wit.Get off the crack pipe and give your brain a chance at living.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  72. By MrReality on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply


    Repeat the same letters as many times as you wish. It still doesn’t hide the fact that your vocabulary is pretty much limited to four letter words. Of course I’m assuming you were able to write that all by yourself..

  73. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks suzieQ, you’re a true Packer Fan, I believe you were contributing to this blos last season and had good things to say then as well.

    Montana, I agree with your comment regarding the Packer coaches interviewing for other jobs prior to completing what should have been an amazing two year run. Nothing can excuse the poor performance we witnessed on Sunday by the Pack, but the outcome of any battle is determined by a number of different variables. I’m sure many of us could make a lengthy list of things that went wrong, but I agree that is one of those things. As you know, it’s not the same NFL we grew up watching, and I guess it all goes back to the NFL being a business. I’m just happy to see more and more entries on here from dedicated fans who feel like you and I do about our Team. Just keep enjoying the game, and live to fight another day. Go Pack Go…

  74. By BIG CHEESE on Jan 21, 2012 | Reply

    Big Ass-umption there Reality. I’m sure his mom was right there to assist him tho, unless he’s still grounded from the computer and was sneaking on again. Get busy with that school work now Gino, G-men, hippy, or whatever name you’re going by today. We do adore your passion for our team tho; see how hard it is to stay away? Your counselor must have given you the old talk about straightening out your life by surrounding yourself with winners .. Go Pack Go…

  75. By eastcoastpackerfan on Jan 22, 2012 | Reply

    Although last weeks lost to the Giants was surprising I know the packers tried. I do feel however we were cheated out of the title. So, I am looking forwrd to the playoff between the 49er’s and the Giants. I am a die hard packer fan and have been for (well lets say since the dawn of time :)). I will however be rooting for the 49er’s this week as I feel the Giants are arrognant, self-centered and unable to play a fair game. So here is my 50 cents go 49er’s and send the Giants home!!!

  76. By montanapackfan on Jan 22, 2012 | Reply

    Looking Ahead

    Hey Big Cheese ya I know we have hashed all the variables…actually we have exhausted them. The reality of the aftermath though is now unfolding and perhaps confirming those questions and fears ping-ponged in this blog since D-Day last week.

    Philbin’s departure though significant and arguably inevitable, without question paves the way for another coordinator searching to make their mark. Certainly being the hunter or having something to prove sharpens all the tools necessary to stand on top. I remain confident the Pack will address any key loss this off-season and usher back that will we owned in our 2010 SB win.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  77. By montanapackfan on Jan 22, 2012 | Reply

    A Possible replacement for Philbin…

    Though MM likes to promote from within based on his own admissions, he also said in a recent interview the choice must be right for the organization.

    Looking over a few choices from the college ranks Oregon’s Helfrich may fit the bill;

    “After a three year coaching stint at Colorado Helfrich accepted the job of offensive coordinator at Oregon. During his time at Oregon the offense has seen tremendous success, ranking highly nationally in several offensive categories. In 2009 the team’s offense was top ten nationally in both scoring offense and rushing offense.[4] In 2010 Helfrich’s offense was the best scoring and total offense in the nation as well as the fourth best rushing offense in the nation.”

    Roll on Green Roll on

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