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Finley, Raji discuss chances to play; Perry gets fined

Posted by Mike Spofford on October 10, 2012 – 4:35 pm

TE Jermichael Finley was confident when he left the locker room in Indianapolis on Sunday that his shoulder injury would not prevent him from playing this week, and he was not backing off that stance on Wednesday.

“I’m not going to let an AC joint in the shoulder hold me back,” Finley said. “God willing, if this recovery goes well, I’m for sure playing.”

Finley, who has not yet returned to practice, said the only issue for him is how the shoulder will respond to contact. He said he has his range of motion back. He indicated he’s not planning on doing any contact drills in practice this week, so he’d be taking a bit of a risk by testing the shoulder for the first time in a game, but that’s not going to deter him.

“I think they want me to play, and my mindset is to play,” Finley said.

DL B.J. Raji, meanwhile, wasn’t as definitive but said he’s going to do everything he can to get his injured ankle well enough to play.

“I have an optimistic personality. I try to be positive,” Raji said. “At the end of this week, if I can’t go, I can’t go, but knowing I’ve put in all I can to give it a chance, that’s what I rely on.”

In non-injury news, OLB Nick Perry said he was fined for the helmet-first hit he laid on Colts QB Andrew Luck that drew a flag and wiped out a fumble recovery by the Packers in the red zone. Perry didn’t disclose how much the fine was, but he wasn’t surprised by the fine after getting the unnecessary roughness penalty in the game. Perry’s helmet didn’t contact Luck’s head, but the crown of Perry’s helmet hit Luck square in the chest.

“I just have to be smart with the way I wrap up,” Perry said. “I feel like I did the right thing by getting him down, but it wasn’t good enough. There’s a better way to approach it.

“I led with the crown of my head, and for that, I get fined. I just have to be more focused on making the play without my head.”

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50 Responses to “Finley, Raji discuss chances to play; Perry gets fined”

  1. By Canadian Bill on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Just wondering if it would really be a loss if Finley did not play. He continues to drop passes and unless he is a great blocker than not having him there is no loss. Hope he can turn it around and start hanging on to the ball.This man should be a star. Right now his inconsistency makes more of a liability

  2. By Dustin on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Perry hardly hit luck and he gets fined. If we’re going to make such a stupid deal about, maybe the stupid nfl should go two hand touch or flag football, that would be fun to,watch. NOT!!!

  3. By JOHN SPILLMAN on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Please do not let Jermichael Finley play with a bad shoulder as he can’t catch with a good shoulder. This is one guy who is unreliable. Better to go with 5 wide outs. Keep throwing screen passes as we use to be the best at it. We ran one and look what happened. Also why do we play prevent defenses with a rookie quarterback. When you pressed we had turn overs and incompletetions. So the next time a receiver has 5-6 catches on us double up on him and press him. lets not back off another 10 yards and let him catch 6 more.

  4. By BIG CHEESE on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Perry’s hit and forced fumble was absolutely text book. Some of these calls are ridiculous. Finley has definately been a disappointment the past two seasons, but I want to believe he can turn it around. Now let’s go get the Texans! Things could be much better in Packer Nation, but for those who blog as if they’ve given up all hope, you obviously don’t have a good handle on the NFL; the sky is not falling, and the Pack will pull it together. Go Pack Go!

  5. By Evan on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Finley is a great tight end, and as many passes as he drops his presence on the field is a big part of this offense. Pulling for every man on this roster to be healthy. Packers are the best team in the nfl, and come January, everyone will understand that. Go pack go.

  6. By ThomasDaBrain on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    I’m certainly on the fence about Finley, he is an attention getter for the defense but he has been reminding me of Braylon Edwards. I hope Raji makes a full recovery and that goes for Jennings too, far too many people hating on Jennings this season. Also feeling pretty good about this texans game, I honestly don’t think that they will see the Pack coming, might we see more hurry up offense?

  7. By ed on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    I think the pac will beat texas they are not as good as they get credit for weak scheduale so far and the pac has the right tools just need to do there jobs and start the fire under some asses and start that march to the playoffs go pack.

  8. By gbpfan4life on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    1816- Family forced out of home
    1818- Age 9, mother dies of milk disease.
    1831- Failed business
    1832- Ran for state legislature. Lost.
    1833-Borrowed money from friend to start business. bankrupt at years
    end. Spends 17 tears paying off debt.
    1835-Engaged to be married. Sweetheart dies.
    1836-Complete nervous breakdown. 6 months bedridden.
    1838-Ran for Speaker of Legislature. Lost.
    1840-Ran to become elector. Lost.
    1843-Ran for congress. Lost.
    1846- Ran for congress . Won.
    1848- Ran for re-election, congress. Lost.
    1849- Sought to become Land Officer in home state. Lost.
    1854- Ran for U.S. Senate. Lost
    1856- Sought Vice Presidential nomination. got less than 100 votes
    1858- Ran for U.S. Senate. Lost.
    1860- Elected President of the United States of America,
    Abraham Lincoln.

    Texans opponents thus far have a combined record of 8-17.
    They havent played anyone yet.

    Green Bay 28-20. BELIEVE IT.

  9. By Jay P on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    It’s been a long time since I looked at a game and didn’t feel confident the Packers would win. But this basically is the same team that has won a pile of games and projected all their confidence onto the fanbase. Any “starter” that can’t go will be missed, but I think the biggest impact may come from Raji’s absence this week. His presence is already tough to replace and the Texans are a talented, run-oriented OL. This is another game where Finley could provide a big target for Rodgers, but I feel like GB needs to get back to giving the run game more of a chance.

  10. By Cory on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    Finley is a match-up problem for defenses despite his trouble catching balls. Without Jennings and Finley the offense can’t exploit defenses the way they are accustomed to. However, Rodgers needs to get rid of the ball a lot sooner, even if it means throwing the ball away, choosing 3 step drops, or quick slants, sacks are a drive killer and a momentum swinger and all season it seems the Packers have been struggling just to get a first downs. I don’t want to be winning games by fake field goals anymore, I want this Packer team to go out and dominate.

  11. By Sam on Oct 10, 2012 | Reply

    I like how I’m not the only one who thinks the Packers would be Lincoln’s team or maybe I’m just extrapolating. The Jets lost by what 7 points to the Texans? We are a more talented team for sure. Maybe Green can use his speed and put down some more long runs and take some pressure off of Rodgers. Or perhaps Starks will step up end of 2010 style. I do think we miss Greg’s precision on offense though. People gotta get open… maybe it’s designated Driver time.

  12. By Matt B on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Am going to break this down the best way I can.
    First Raji hands down the biggest lost for this weekends game even though Benson is a very close second. Raji is the heart of the D-line we will need M.Neal who everybody is thinking J.Harrell 2.0 on him to STEP UP BIG this weekend. Plus Worthy, Wilson as well to step up.Pickett names doesnt need to be mention just cuase we know what he brings to the table.
    Seoond Finley- For the last two year us PACKERS fans have been waiting for him to burst out and become the next best TE yets face it he’s not going to do and i hate saying that cuase i love the guy. But honesty he not worth the 8 million we will have to pay him next year time to cut him with A.Quarless a other unreliable TE. Its time to restart over with the TE postion. D.Williams looks good and R.Taylor and T.Crabtree our the blockers more then anything.
    Third Perry- You have no reason to say sorry to the league or the fans that was BS you were fined. That was the best Sack/Tackle ive seen out of the packers in a long time sorry C.Matthews i STILL LOVE YOU. Perry keep it up Matthews and You will be killing the QB together for years to come.
    4th and Final- The Refs of the NFL i was so happy to see you come back after the horrible proformce that the replacements refs put up. But after 2 weeks of being back you still miss easy calls and have screwed my packers out of game and luckly not 2. Please stop screwing us each week now us packers fan just wait for it and it takes away the fun for us. and finally people dont forget GO PACK GO!!!

  13. By Charlie Collier on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    This will be Alex Greens breakout game. I hope Raji can go hes definitly the stopper. Looking forward to seeing Davon House on the field soon I hope.

  14. By rdschwalm on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    PLEASE keep Finley off the field!!!!! Let him take a couple of seasons off to rehab his shoulder AND his hands so he can catch a football when he returns.

  15. By Thomas Wiss on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    I agree with Dustin and Big Cheese on the fine perry received-It’s ‘Touch’football time-what a Joke!!

  16. By Paul on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Packers can’t stop the running game of the Texans so Rodgers won’t have the ball long enough to score enough points to beat the Texans.

    2-4, Here you come!

  17. By BHPhotography on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    I think the fine on Perry is absolutely ridiculous. That was a good, clean hit! Roger Goodell is overstepping realism when it comes to certain hits.

  18. By chowhound on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    I think we should try putting perry at DE on passing downs and put him back where he can focus on getting the QB

  19. By Vikes4Life on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Packerbackers. Sorry to say, the 2012 Packers are looking a lot like the 2010 Vikings. Very high expectations and a team that thinks winning should come easily. I’m not hating on your team, I’m just saying that the similarities are astounding. If your squad loses to the Texans, you may be in store for a long season.

  20. By PACKERdomiNATION on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    No need to be alarmed.. if they lose 5 games and still win the SB…that’s what we want. Lose 1 in the regular season then go 1 and done in the playoffs?? no thanks, I would rather see them go 8-8 and never make the playoffs to begin with. They are two kicks and a bad call away form being 4-1 with as horrible as they have been…sound familiar? 2010, same deal… As long as they get hot at the right time, that’s all I am looking for…

  21. By JUSTIRON on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    I may sound confused but here goes.We need a win now for sure but its upsetting to lose like we did last week,there seemed like no fire in belly,if you know what i mean!The packers just didnt do their job.Now lets say they beat the texans,a very good team,but yet lost to the colts the week before,what do i get from this but when they want to play THEY will.I am 61 years old and a packer owner,i plan my life around the packer games and have to pay for the nfl package to see them every game.If they blow the texans out of the water with good solid play ,i quess this game is a important one to bring it but the colts game deserved less.They are proffessional , its what they do for a living.I REALLY LOVE THE PACK,but they all matter dont they.Come on boys leave it all on the field,remember we are the GREENBAY PACKERS.ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!

  22. By G-fan on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Rewarding bad play. Now hear me out. The nfl has “in the name of safty” made the game more dangerous. On the Perry hit witch was legal but hard. The offence missed the block leaving him unabaded.Reward 15yd penalty.Now perry is a big boy your going to want to block him. To fine perry for that hit should be a crime, its his job.His intent was not to hurt him but to stop him from hurting us with a big play. I beleive in the long term all the “safty” rules will funamentaly deminish the game. QB safty is the O lines responceabilty not the defence’s.

  23. By G-fan on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    To add to my last post (sorry for the spelling my finger cant keep up with my thoughts sometimes). Lets talk defenceless receiver. This issue was always the QB’s responsibilty, when a receiver is covered dont “hang them out to dry”. Now its the defence that must lay off and not do his job. So under new rules go ahead throw into zone coverage, at worst 15yd penalty at best catch and 15yds from the spot. Rewarding bad behavior, and in the long term will lead to more dangerous passing. The league is not protecting its players it protecting the score and covering it you know what at the same time. Is anyone picking up what im putting down hear or am I all wet?

  24. By Joe on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Benson gone, no run game, big pass rush and receivers can’t beat anybody one on one. Looks like we score 10 and give up 27. It is said the Texans have not played anybody but who has our defense stoped, Seatle,Chicago? Scoring 28 On New Orleans, and not alot anywhere else.

  25. By Da Packman on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    No running game, no anchor on the DL,no OL, and everyone in the stadium knows what routes GB receivers run. Going to be a long night this coming Sunday for Packer Fans, brace yourself. This is going to get a lot uglier before it gets any better.

  26. By Da Packman on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    oh, and BTW NFL, that flag on Perry and Sheilds for PI was utter BS!

  27. By Coach on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    The hit should be penalized bu it shouldn’t be fined. Goodell is just filling his pockets. By the way, people who say that Perry’s hit was “textbook”, is wrong. A textbook hit would have been Perry getting low, putting his facemask across Luck’s chest, hitting Luck with his shoulder and not his helmet, wrapping up, and driving with his hips. This is the problem with the NFL, no one is taught how to tackle after high school

  28. By Teddy on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    As long as the Packers use somebody to exploit the middle of the field when Finley did, then the Packers will be fine and, pass protection as far as offense goes.

    The defense is a different story.

  29. By mikeroll on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    texans dont look good at all sanchez and tebow slaughtered there dbs put a little pressure on matt schaub hes throwing the ball away only ppl on that team are a threat r andre johnson arian foster and jj watt dats it

  30. By J. on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    ..trade “hands of stone” Finley, we do Not need him (we won the SB w/out him) & he HAS become more of a liability! If this guy caught Half of what was thrown at him, he’d be the Best TE in the League (ovr the last Few yrs)..he has a big Drop problem, STOP throwing him the Ball!!!

    –BS call on Perry..Roger & the Refs are out to get us now (how many calls & Non-calls have there been the last 2 games?!) ever since the Replacements blew it & it was Our game that pushed it all ovr the edge .. made the Commish & League look stupid.
    –The Fix is in, & it’s NOT in our Favor!

    –oh, & I hate to say it.. but our Defense Suks & until that gets fixed, we got sum problems..especially when Aaron’s off (which has been all season so far too)!

    –Come on Pack, turn this Crap around! ..TOO much watchin’ all this Talent & potential mis-fire like this!

  31. By Rick on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Finley has a way of drawing some of teams’ best cover guys away from the WRs, so it might be enough to play him but more as a decoy than a target. That way, he’s not likely to aggrevate the injury.

  32. By Rick on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Too much criticism of the D. They’re 17th vs. both the run and the pass and that is about what most fans were hoping for…the offense isn’t moving the sticks consistently and helping the D, either.

  33. By Rick on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Hey Coach, fine money goes to charity, so Goodell isn’t filling his pockets. Goodell makes 22+ million per year. The fine on Perry is excessive, but Perry knows that he could and should have executed better form, and that’s good. Seems like a good kid with a good attitude. Says the right things, at least. That’s a good thing to take away from this item.

  34. By Rick on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    I don’t think Raji plays, and that’s nasty. But as long as they keep Foster around 100 yards on the ground it won’t go south on that count alone. Smart play by Hawk and Smith inside is key. Houston WILL open holes and Foster accelerates through them as well as anyone in the game. The ILBs need to keep their places and move up to limit Foster’s gains. If they whiff and he takes it up the seam, this thing will get ugly in a hurry.

  35. By nigeriaguest on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    truly you’re dire criticisms rest endpoints.

  36. By nigeriaguest on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    *rest end points.

  37. By 13&counting! on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Do those of you remember the cheap shot Warren Sapp made on Chad Clifton that sent him out for weeks?.
    The league’s position was the hit was legal. No fine and no apology from Sapp. He arrogantly defends the hit as hard and legal to this day.
    How can the league in the name of player safety accept chop blocks as legal, then fine Perry?. Rules are fine but the interpretation of the rules lack common sense and are hurting the game.

  38. By mark on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    Nick Perry:
    You have class…well done for looking at the fine the way you do.
    But the NFL does not match your class. This is absolute foolishness for them to fine you for playing FOOTBALL. Isn’t that what the “F” in “NFL” stands for?

  39. By jason on Oct 11, 2012 | Reply

    if thats a fine i dont know how you are supposed to play football

  40. By bob9763 on Oct 12, 2012 | Reply

    finley a great tight end? How many balls do you see gronkowski, williams or hernandez drop. I loved watching the ball caught by our tight ends which happened after finley left the game.

  41. By Sockettuem on Oct 12, 2012 | Reply

    There was nothing wrong with Perry’s hit on Luck. It was good football and a legitimate hit in my view. My God, are we playing two hand touch football here? A flag for that hit was bad enough, but a fine is ludicrous. Come on. let’s get serious. I do not want to see anyone get hurt, but this is a physical game and you have to allow contact!

    As for Finley, when he is on his game he is good. Unfortunately, he is off his game more than he is on and drops far too many pases. He isn’t worth what he is being paid. Better to find a good blocking TE who can catch a ball when it hits him in the numbers.

  42. By BAZ on Oct 12, 2012 | Reply

    Any receiver who drops balls like finley is not an asset to your team, Period. Everyone talks about Matchup this, body size that! Good thing that little guy in New England who can catch every ball thrown his way doesn’t know He’s really not big enough! lol! Finley! What a joke!
    Well I’m using the word Joke, thats exactly the description for the ref’s & the league in there treatment of Perrys hit on Luck. A JOKE! The NFL is becoming more and more about entertainment every year. At least those of us who coach the kids still have real sport to cheer about.

  43. By RNelson on Oct 13, 2012 | Reply

    I cannot believe a fine for that good, clean hit! NTFL — National Touch Football League. What a joke football is becoming.

  44. By MontanaPackfan on Oct 13, 2012 | Reply

    Big Cheese is right-on as usual with the hit by Perry. The league is turning into a softened version of its past; NFL-light which is even worse than touch football since upfront by definition, touch football admits no physicality. Yes let’s punish hits unwarranted after the play has ended and blatant un-sportsmanship head-shots, but can we at least acknowledge that football is a contact sport? Come-on refs let’s let the players decide the contests… within reason.

    I do not advocate the Pack has lost due to referees this season; lord knows if we give 60 minutes our chances improve greatly. Still one could argue the refs have not exactly improved our winning percentages. In the end though we have to rise above those things we cannot change…champions win though the odds are stacked against them. The green-and-gold are still champions; they lost a great offensive coordinator to Miami, have undergone massive organizational changes (some good/some questionable) but this organization top to bottom I believe is committed to winning.

    I’d like to believe Finley has the talent and skills to be GB’s Gronkowski…..this must be the year he shows that or I say we bid him farewell. There is something phony about Finley when he does the Lambeau-leap that strikes me as odd. I can’t quite explain it but when he’s amongst the fans in the end zone it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like putting on your boot, lacing it up and finding out once you start walking there is something foreign sharing your boot with your foot. It’s just not natural.

    Whether we find ourselves this year or suffer a mediocre season, I still love our team, its historical character, and its vast legacy. Go beat the Texans like it was the Alamo and we are Davey Crockett’s kinfolk.

    Roll on Green Roll on

  45. By joeybugs on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Really liked gbpfan4life’s comment – as a Civil War buff myself I appreciate the time-line history lesson on one of this nation’s greatest presidents.
    As for our Packers I also agree that they can definitely beat Texas. Two of their three losses were unusual to say the least; they should be 4-1.
    As a Pack fan 4 life myself, I DO believe that the Texans will be in for a surprise tonight.

    GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. By joeybugs on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    Hey 13&counting! – Awesome comment! Took the words right out of my mouth. Good Job!

    And as for vikes4life: please lay off the comparisons. As I mentioned before 2 0f the 3 early losses by the 2012 Pack were unusual to say the least. The early losses by the 2010 vikes were because they just plain stunk. I don’t know if you weren’t being hateful, but you vike fans just can’t help yourselves by commenting with the intention of baiting on our websites. Personally, my PC’s monitor would melt and crash if I went on a viking website. Tell you what – you stay off our websites and we’ll stay off yours. And any Packer fan out there going on their websites and baiting should be ashamed of themselves. We have more class than that.

  47. By Sarah on Oct 14, 2012 | Reply

    I fractured my ankle while hiking/geocaching the day before Raji hurt his. If he plays I’m going hiking/geocaching again tomorrow!

  48. By xchezhd on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    The packers have alot of talent but need to find their playing identity for 2012. I think they were emotionally drained from last season’s hype, I know I was as a fan. Maybe they are shaking that off. Injuries are critical as all the division games are at the end of the season this year.

    If we would have lost tonight, we could have put us in a hole with not enough season to get out of it. The Northern Division is no longer the weakest division as the teams with successive years of prime drafting positions are starting to see those players gel.

    As far as an injured Jermichael Finley, why not try Donald Driver at TE once in a while. There is some talent going to waste. Get him on the field as we know he can dance-right into the end zone!

  49. By John on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    I am a longtime packer fan since Lombardi days. lets be honest and have to say Finley, had one good year and he is now a bust and they should cut him. His confidence is gone and he is more injured lately, than healthy.. Why not use Crabtree more and what happened to Taylor, the rookie last year. It is time to stop wasting time with Finley, too many drops and just as much of excuses..

  50. By AG on Oct 15, 2012 | Reply

    I’m one for giving Finley another chance, he need to hold onto the dam ball.

    If he drops just 2 or 3 more, then I think its time to spend sometime on the bench.

    we can’t go forward without being sure he can hold onto the ball.

    lets go pack!!!!!

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