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Burnett, Jennings discuss Woodson’s absence

Posted by Mike Spofford on October 22, 2012 – 5:07 pm

Packers safeties Morgan Burnett and M.D. Jennings addressed the pending long-term absence of veteran leader Charles Woodson on Monday, and though they’re confident the defensive backfield will be ready to play, they acknowledged there will be something missing without Woodson on the field.

“He really means a lot,” Burnett said. “He’s one of those guys you look up to. Just from what I’ve seen when I first got here, he’s a real pro. He carries himself very well on and off the field, and to see the little things he does around here as far as working out, studying, getting prepared for opponents, and just seeing his play on the field speaks for itself.

“That’s a big leader toward our team, not just our defense.  You know he’s going to work hard. We just wish him a speedy recovery. We’re all going to have him in our prayers.”

Burnett said what could be missed the most are just the little things Woodson would notice during a game that he would alert his teammates to. In theory, Woodson will still be able to provide that help in the film room and from the sideline, but it won’t be the same as having him in the huddle.

The leadership is most likely going to fall on multiple players, not one individual to fill the void.

“We’re all leaders of some sort,” Jennings said. “If we see something the next guy doesn’t see, we’ll call it out or give it a heads up. Everyone out there has to just step up.

“Everybody has to pull their weight. We all have to go out there and take care of our job and not wait for the next man to do the job for us. We all have to be ready.”

Burnett praised the work of safeties coach Darren Perry and how he gets everyone ready to play. They’ll be depending on Perry, a former safety himself, even more now.

“Everyone in our safety room is prepared and ready,” Burnett said. “Everyone has had their share of snaps through training camp, preseason, this season so far. Everyone is prepared, and in this game you just have to be ready whenever your number is called.”

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13 Responses to “Burnett, Jennings discuss Woodson’s absence”

  1. By John on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    What a let down after a big win. This the a chance for new guys to emerge as playmakers. I like a lot of what I’ve seen from McMillan.

  2. By nigeriaguest on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    looking for an experienced fart scientist

  3. By markynhoz on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    2010 champions were injured …
    Go Packers! Go!

  4. By Tom Dietz on Oct 22, 2012 | Reply

    Why is it that the Packers seem to have more impactful injuries each year than most teams? Is it a poor stength and conditioning program? This gets awfully frustrating each season to see big name guys drop like flies to major injuries.

  5. By GBfaninAZ on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    Yes the Packers have a lot of injuries. I can’t help but think of their Super Bowl run and win. Lot of injuries that year as well. I like to think the Packers play more consistent and concise when the chips are down and it’s a next man up scenario.

    Seems to me they play harder, faster, smarter when they are being viewed as out, banged up, or some other slight which any fan or pundit can have for any guy on any team.

    However I just think the Packers play better when the scenario is more dire.

  6. By Pack4ever12 on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    These injuries will pay dividends for the Packers and their young defense in the future. They will miss his experience and savvy but he is not the same playmaker he once was. This is a blessing in disguise I think for the team. The 2012 draft class is strong and growing stronger. Wood is not getting younger and time has caught up with him unfortunately. Time for some new difference makers to step up. When he returns I’ll bet it will be in a more limited role and we will see a new starting safety emerge

  7. By northerner on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    Woodson will be missed….. I think the conditioning program needs some updating. Do other teams have 6 – 7 starters out the first half of the season and some not returning at all?

  8. By Jed on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    How do you condition for a broken clavicle? As for starters out look at the Ravens. They have been utterly decimated by injuries.

  9. By Werndawgy on Oct 23, 2012 | Reply

    Packers will be fine. Woodson is simply the best at seeing the field and recognizing plays but it’s rubbing off on our young guys in the back field. I’m more worried about the inside linebackers. Jones has to get the hang of it or we are in trouble down the line.

  10. By peter laes on Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

    agree, other teams have had their share of injuries also. Some teams have had injuries to their starting qb. what would the packers be without Rodgers. I think the lost of Collins and Bishop have been the biggest loses of the last 2 years. Hopefully the replacements can step up and do okay – at least until after the bye. the Packers should win the next 2 games. then coming off the bye will mean fresher legs for the injured players.

  11. By Manuel on Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

    Injuries will not stop this team

  12. By packerphil in floridq on Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

    A lot of the worries in the defense backfield have been adjusted by this years draft. Isnt the real worry the defense line and line backers? Who do we have ready to make the step there with so many injuries. Is Neal really doing what we need him to do? And then we really need to address that offense line and running back situation. We have been lucky having the quarterback we have, he has held us in there as everyone knows. What happens when he gets a twisted knee, or throbbing elbow? Questions needing answers, but we do have a coach and a general manager who so far have done pretty darn well. As they say for Wisconsin, Keep On, you too Pack!

  13. By lotus ninja on Oct 25, 2012 | Reply

    Who says this for Wisconsin? I have lived here my whole life never heard that one…

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