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Packers-Titans on Dec. 23 remains noon CT kickoff

Posted by Mike Spofford on December 10, 2012 – 2:48 pm

The Week 16 Packers-Titans game slated for Dec. 23 at Lambeau Field will remain a noon CT kickoff and will be televised by CBS.

The NFL has announced that the 49ers-Seahawks game has been flexed to prime time that night on NBC. The Chargers-Jets game originally scheduled for that night has been moved back to a noon CT kickoff on CBS, while the Giants-Ravens game on FOX has been moved from noon CT to 3:25 p.m. CT.

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24 Responses to “Packers-Titans on Dec. 23 remains noon CT kickoff”

  1. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    I’d like to see Graham Harrell get some reps if Packers take an early lead against Titans. The back-up hasn’t seen action for a while and that QB needs to get some play time. A-Rod could probably use the rest, heal any aches or simply avoid getting injured.
    If Packers clinch next Sunday the 30th against Vikes I’d let Harrell start, but then have Aaron play 2nd half so he’s still in sync with his team and maybe just a little hungry feeling like he has something to finish.

    Last year Aaron Rodgers had three weeks off and it seemed top be too long away from game speed even for him. Yes the Giants were on a roll, but the Packers looked flat, or maybe just tired. This year they seemed to be having a down game against Giants, but maybe it was because of how many season ending injuries had just occured.If Packers play throughout playoffs as well as they did against Texans this year they will be carrying another Lombardi home from The Big Easy.

    Since it’s not far from his home maybe Brett what’s his name could stop by and watch his replacement win a 2nd Superbowl.

  2. By RC on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Thank the maker you’re not in charge of making decisions. Those are some truly horrific ideas.

  3. By Tim#24 on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Exactly RC I couldn’t agree more!!!

  4. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Are you going to elaborate you rationale or just spew?

    With all the sacks & hits Aaron has taken it’s just pure luck that he hasn’t already been injured. Look around the league at the number of QB’s that have missed time this season.

    Do you know when the last time Harrell took a regular season snap? All other young players are getting experience due to the injuries.

  5. By PACK52 on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Yeah there is a reason why Harrell isnt going to get any play time and the reason is he got a chance in the 49ers game and fumbled a freakin handoff. McCarthy is not going to rest#12 for the simple reason we all saw last year in the playoffs. There is 2 much on the line in the NFC playoff race. Packers have a chance to get the #2 seeding or stay at #3.

  6. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    If you read my comments I suggested he only rest him after things are secured. I agree he should not get three weeks off like he got last year. But why take unecessary chances with him when games are won?
    The stats are in favor of those who are on a roll, or the teams with momentum.

    Because Harrell did fumble don’t you think that’s why he might need a few reps? Do you think he will be any better in a playoff situation?

  7. By mr knowitall on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Layme, your time will come. keep it up tough Guy. Wait until rusty draper hears of this.

  8. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Tough guy? I’m an aging gimp in a wheelchair. Had to give up my season tix in early 2000’s after losing job and only been to a couple games since then. I got invited into radio booth once by Max back in 1996 when Packer beat Vikes before going on to win SuperBowl. I got choked up when I met Bart Starr in Chicago Airport as he was standing and waiting for a friend. He was everything I hoped he’d be as a boyhood hero.

    I went to Dallas a couple times back in early 90’s for NFC playoff games when Pack got roughed up by Cowboy’s and no penalties were called against those defending against Reggie. The stuff never shown on TV. My 13 year old daughter came with the 2nd time. She chose to fly down & back for the day rather than spend a week with Grandma in Phoenix.
    I’m a Cheesehead by birth, Mud Duck by marriage, I got to roll across that holy ground one Sunday morn and even got on the Jumbotron as part of 1st Green Bay Marathon. Hardly a tough guy, but never shied away from a scrap either.
    Have fun. Go Pack.

  9. By duh_puck on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    It’s likely there will be something on the line right through week 17, so I doubt Layne’s idea will turn out to be practical, but it certainly wasn’t horrific. The thinking is sound: Don’t risk #12 unnecessarily and give Harrell a chance to gain some experience and confidence if possible.

    Awesome experiences Layne. Way to add some perspective for the yappers. Go Pack!

  10. By Smarter Than Thou on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Layne, nobody cares what games or Packer-related events you or your daughter have been to, and your pointless carrying on gives no validity to any point you were trying to make. Pipe down with your awful ideas.

  11. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    With apologies to Mr. Spofford.

    Seems only Duh_Puck understands the concept of a Blog.

    Do you the rest of you know the definition of Blog?
    {a biographical web log: a type of diary (=record of what someone does each day) on a website that is changed regularly, to give the latest news. The page usually contains someone’s personal opinions, comments, and experiences.}

    “Smarter than thou”? Were you looking directly in the mirror, or just standing over it when deciding that would be your name here? Such a brilliantly benign reply. The pipedown suggestion Freud would say you wrote from WCI.

    Mrknowitall a 50 year old cartoon references, What time My time has come and gone, half way around again. The Rusty Draper I know wrote a song for you “No Help Wanted”.

    RC what is that short for Rejected Contrived? Radically Controlled? Real C*#t? And Tim#24, It’s easy to let other think for you isn’t it.

    Brutish babbling often accompanies booze befuddled brains


    GO PACK!

  12. By Rusty Draper on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Guys you are missing the point, The Pack and us fans need to take this one game at a time. A Roge won’t even say the “P” word until they have at least ten wins. Do not put the cart before the horse, that’s jumping the gun and that is baad jou jou . What you going to do next reserve your hotel room for the Super Bowl . Knock that crap off. The Pack play the Bears next , is that not enough for you to stay focused.STAY FOCUSED ! Remember if your not focused you f–k us . So get your head out of your rear and focus on the Bears !

  13. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks. It’s nice to be brought back into perspective, but it’s nice to dream too. As long at isn’t projection. PEACE.

  14. By Layne on Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks. It’s nice to be brought back into perspective, but it’s nice to dream too. As long at isn’t projection. PEACE.
    The Bear Still Suck.

  15. By LilWEEzyPackerfan on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    I wanna hear what that nigerian guy has to say on this

  16. By Layne's Mom on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    Sorry everyone. My son is a dunce.

  17. By Layne's Mom on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    I’m sorry everyone. My son is a dunce.

  18. By Pianoman on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    why dont you guys lay off Layne. He is a true fan and is entitled to his opinion. The Packers did have too much time off last year,sometimes the hot team not the best team wins.

  19. By Yomammy on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    Thank’s Pianoman, but a bunch of cowardly weanie’s like these I need no defending from. I’m in nothing more than a battle of wit’s with the unarmed.

  20. By Rusty Draper on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    Everyone is entitled to an opinion valid or not. That means if you put it out there you can expect that not everyone is going to agree with your opinion . So say what you want but be prepared for opposition to disagree .That is what makes blogging fun and interesting . So Packer fans and Team prepare for the Bears. Fail to prepare , prepare to fail .

  21. By Yomammy on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    I agree wholeheartedly. Don’t make it personal and I won’t either.

  22. By jerseycheez on Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

    sad sad sad, u’d think this was a blog with packers & rivals… I agree with Layne sit 12 & some other starters if things are secured its called AVOIDING INJURIES !!! No need to keep A Rod & others on the field the whole game if mission is accomplished & Harrell def needs some reps out there

  23. By NlGERlAGUEST on Dec 12, 2012 | Reply

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  24. By Yomammy on Dec 12, 2012 | Reply

    Hefty Hefty Hefty

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