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Jeff Saturday takes one last snap, for the AFC

Posted by Mike Spofford on January 28, 2013 – 10:05 am

Packers C Jeff Saturday, who announced late last week he was retiring after the Pro Bowl, switched sides momentarily in Sunday’s all-star game in Hawaii to take one last snap with his longtime teammate, QB Peyton Manning.

Saturday and Manning played a dozen years together as Indianapolis Colts and went to two Super Bowls together. According to Saturday, Manning orchestrated the switcheroo and tribute snap. Saturday played his final NFL season for the Packers in 2012 while Manning is now with the Denver Broncos.

The NFC, coached by the Packers coaching staff, defeated the AFC, 62-35. The only other Packers player to participate in the game was G Josh Sitton, who was appearing in his first Pro Bowl.

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18 Responses to “Jeff Saturday takes one last snap, for the AFC”

  1. By Lawyer of CHRIST on Jan 28, 2013 | Reply

    What do you know of reptilian God beings? The TRUE Illuminati are mere puppets in an act of the grand wizard REPTILIANS and their dark, sinister, yet clouded agenda. How the GREYS fit into this evil dance is under much speculation. YOUR FATE HAS ALREADY BEEN CAST BY THE ALMIGHTY REPTILIAN GOD BEINGS.

  2. By Dan A on Jan 28, 2013 | Reply

    Lawyer of Christ is an idiot!

  3. By Dennis on Jan 28, 2013 | Reply

    Fo sure. I’ve never heard something so idiotic!!

  4. By Lawyer of CHRIST on Jan 28, 2013 | Reply

    The Reptilians represent the Dark in the Polarity Integration Game while the Humans represent the Light Through this game, of the highest order, all souls in this universe have the opportunity to spiritually evolve and rejoin the creative god source.

  5. By Reality on Jan 29, 2013 | Reply

    WTF?! Wrong blog pal! Smoke another one!

  6. By Robert Ossig on Jan 29, 2013 | Reply

    Lawyer of Christ, you forgot your meds again ??? Now stay off this web-site or sinister beings wearing green and yellow jersey’s, and wedges of cheese on their heads, beat your sorry a*% into a coma !!! GET IT !

  7. By Mark on Jan 29, 2013 | Reply

    Way cool!! The Pro Bowl should be for things like this. Have a good retirement Jeff, you are one of the best.

  8. By Nick on Jan 29, 2013 | Reply

    And why did we get rid of Scott Wells?

  9. By John Denver's Gavel on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    I think this is just terrible. Everyone must take the Pro Bowl much more seriously.

  10. By Samir on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    The Annunaki are what he is talking about. They need gold for technology and their atmosphere. They shift shape and can take a human form. I can see why it would be funny or idiotic, but reptilian gods were real to the Sumerians. Study their religion and you will find out. Enki is still out there along with the rest of a dying race.

  11. By Samir on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    My bad that’s Anunnaki. lol sorry.

  12. By billfromcville on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    Hey LoC Christ doesn’t need a lawyer,because He is the Judge. Some readers my not agree, but He also loves you dude. I have no idea what you are talking about Samir,but p eace brother!

  13. By NjGERjAOUEST on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    #2 in a urinal, eat #2.

  14. By mr know itall on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    this whole thread has mental health issues

  15. By Samir on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    billfromcville if you know the bible you would know who the Sumerians were. Abraham’s father was a priest of them. They had a tale similar to the flood in their epic stories. Look the Sumerians up and you will find they knew things modern day science has only recently found out.

  16. By Fire Ted on Jan 30, 2013 | Reply

    stupidity Nick plain and simple.

  17. By He's Dead, Jim on Feb 1, 2013 | Reply

    Get your mythology out of my football.

  18. By Leonard Bachmeier on Feb 7, 2013 | Reply

    Will the Packers fire their defensive coordinator?
    Wii the Packers get some offensive line men to help Rogers? What changes will be made?

    Packer fan for 60 years

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