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Packers react after Monday night loss to Bears

Posted by Duke Bobber on November 5, 2013 – 12:40 am

(on opening statement) “Tough loss. You never want to lose at home, obviously. Division game. I thought offensively, we got off to a fast start, but didn’t convert there in the red zone. After the injury to Aaron Rodgers, I thought we ran the ball very well, but we were not very productive in the passing game, especially on third down. We had a few series where we were on the fringe, had good field position and we couldn’t quite convert on third down. That was a key to the defensive effort by the Bears and our inability to get that particular third down for more points. Defensively, we didn’t do a very good job stopping the run. The tackling, to me, without seeing the tape, looked like a lot of  missed tackles and also the passing game. The way the fourth quarter went, disappointing. It has kind of been a disappointment for our football team as the year has moved on. It’s a situation that we’ve continued to focus on and tried to improve on, but it did not happen tonight. I thought special teams played well. They recovered the surprise onside kick and did a pretty good job on Devin Hester.”

(on Aaron Rodgers injury) “Aaron Rodgers injury, I just had a chance to speak to Aaron before he went up to the training room, he has a shoulder injury. They want to run more tests. They don’t have an exact diagnosis. That’s where we are. We’ll have more information for you, probably tomorrow.”

(on if he had a chance to talk to Rodgers at halftime) “No, I didn’t. I didn’t have a chance to talk to him. After the game is the only chance I really had to talk to him. Halftime is kind of a busy time for coaches, making adjustments. I saw him off in the distance, but I didn’t have the chance to talk to him.”

(on his confidence level in Seneca Wallace) “Seneca, he needs to perform better and he’ll definitely do that with a week of practice. We’re on a  short week, we’re on a six-day week. We have the Eagles coming in here, new staff, uncommon opponent, so we need to do a better job in the passing game. It was obvious tonight, the third downs were something that held us back. We ran the ball well, particularly when they were loading up against the run there. It’s a disappointing loss, no doubt. We fully expected to win the game, we had some opportunities. We have no excuses. We didn’t play well enough, they beat us.”

(on if it’s a challenge to get a backup quarterback ready) “It’s the same thing that everybody goes through. Aaron takes a lot of reps during the week. Seneca’s (reps) are probably on the low side of backups. We do a lot of work with our backup guys after practice and things like that. But there’s nothing like live reps and I think it was evident tonight.”

(on Eddie Lacy’s performance) “I thought he ran hard. He came out after halftime and he takes that first one almost to the house. From what I saw, I thought Eddie Lacy played very well.”

(on how much of the offense is based on Rodgers’ calls at the line of scrimmage) “Well, Aaron is a huge part of our offense now. We’ve been at this thing for how many years as far as the no huddle, and this is something that has been built over time with Aaron as the centerpiece. I don’t think it’s realistic to put anybody in there and think they’re going to pick up and run it the way he has run it. But it’s our job as coaches to make sure that Seneca is comfortable and put him into positions, put him into concepts that we can execute and be successful in. I thought we did that on first and second down, but third down was an issue tonight.”

(on the Bears receivers) “We knew going in they were big, physical receivers. They did a good job blocking us, probably factored into the run game production. I can’t be specific without looking at the video. They had separation on us in coverage and they made a lot of plays. They had a lot of production on offense.”

(on the Packers onside kick) “I was trying to steal a series. It was something that we had been working on. I thought the timing was right. We came out and had the stop there in the second half, and were able to get the seven points and we were trying to ride that momentum wave. I felt our football team needed it and it was a great job by our group. We went down and got three points out of it. I thought it was a good opportunity and worth the risk.”

(on how his team reacted once Rodgers left the game with his injury) “I thought the team reacted well. Frankly, we had a bunch of injuries. Getting Seneca ready wasn’t the only thing that was going on over on the sidelines. Our special teams group had a lot of changes. We lost three linebackers in about two plays. We had a lot of activity tonight.”


(on how prepared he felt for tonight considering his lack of practice reps) “I felt pretty good. Obviously, not getting the reps in practice, you’ve got to go out there and just try to play. I tried my best. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure there’s not a letdown from what Aaron (Rodgers) is doing and what I’m doing. But obviously it’s tough to get put in that situation, to go there and not have a lack… You want to go out there and compete. That’s what I’m about. I love to compete and I put a lot on myself. I feel like I should have played better.”

(on if he was comfortable right away) “It takes a little bit to get in the swing of things, obviously, (with) not getting reps in practice. But I’ve been in this situation before and it definitely will get better.”

(on if he felt they were just a play away from getting some drives going) “We missed a couple things. Obviously, the timing and things like that, but like I said, if I made some better throws, I feel like we could’ve got some good things going, got a couple first downs, got a little momentum going. The offensive line did great. We ran the ball well. I’ve just got to make some better plays here and there.”

(on if he’s preparing to start next week) “My mindset is just keep moving forward whatever situation is called, and I’m prepared to be the starter. I’ll continue to keep pushing and get better.”

(on how he feels he fits in this offense with his skill set) “Honestly, I feel like my skill set is good. I think that I was brought here for a reason, and, like I said, it’s going to get a lot better. It’s a tough situation to get put in the first quarter, but I’ve just got to keep fighting. I know that regardless of what happens this week I’m going to keep preparing and it’ll get better if I’m playing.”

(on what his teammates said to him when he came in the game) “They know I’ve been working the last eight weeks I’ve been here, and they are confident regardless of whoever’s in there. We’ve got to have confidence and know we can move the ball, and do the things we need to do regardless of who’s playing quarterback. They looked at me and said ‘Let’s go,’ and I know I’ve got to go there and perform at a high level for them.”

(on what the Bears were doing schematically) “Nothing really. They did what they thought we saw on film. I think I put lot on myself to play a lot better than what I did in the situation, but we’re going to move forward and get better for next week.”

(on if T.J. Lang’s injury put any more pressure on him) “It’s been that situation for the last couple weeks. It’s the next man up, and we’ll continue to keep fighting.”

(on if he could tell Rodgers was hurting when playing catch on the sideline with him) “I knew he was in a little bit of pain, but we didn’t know what was going on.”

(on how much of the offense he’s learned in eight weeks) “I learned a lot. I think now it’s about timing and getting the reps in practice. It’ll get better.”

(on how much he can cram in this week if he’s the starter) “I’ll just keep grinding, regardless of how much they put on my plate. (I’ll) just continue to keep playing, go back to the basics and things that I’ve learned in the past. I’m in this situation for a reason and I’ll put it in God’s hands. I know I’ll continue to keep preparing and get ready for the week.”


(on what head coach Mike McCarthy’s message was after the game) “Pretty much that we can play a lot better than we did. We left a lot out there on the field, and we just have to correct it, forget about this and move on. We have a lot of football left to be played.”

(on his 56-yard run) “It was perfectly blocked. I just had to make one guy miss and run as fast as I could.”

(on losing QB Aaron Rodgers early in the game) “He’s the heart and soul of this team – offense and defense. It took a lot out of us. We tried to step up the best we could.”

(on what he thought when Rodgers went down with the injury) “I just knew we were going to have to run the ball a lot more. I thought, just try to hold onto the ball, don’t turn it over and give them momentum.”


(on losing QB Aaron Rodgers early in the game) “We don’t want to lose anyone, especially our quarterback, and someone who’s that good. Sometimes it happens. I think Seneca (Wallace) came in and did alright. We were able to make some plays, just not enough. The run game was good and we made some explosive plays, but they made more plays than we did.”

(on the impact if Rodgers is out long-term) “I think we’ll be fine. We dealt with this a few years ago. Obviously, that wasn’t as long as this possibly could be – we don’t know. We trust Seneca (Wallace). He has a proven track record and he’s been around the league long enough. We have all the faith in the world in him. He’s going to get plenty of reps now, we’ll get that chemistry down and we’ll be ready to roll. It’s just another opportunity for someone else in this locker room to step up.”


(on the loss) “We have a high standard here at the Green Bay Packers, and tonight we just lost to a team that played harder than us.”

(on what he thought when QB Aaron Rodgers went down with the injury) “Honestly, my first thought was that we were going to be fine. We were going to rise together as a team. That wasn’t the case tonight, and we’re going to get better. Tonight the Bears were the better team.”

(on the impact if Rodgers is out long-term) “He’s the best quarterback in the league. Take what you want from that. But that’s why it’s a team game. We have to step up and play better on defense.”

(on what the defense could have done better tonight) “No. 1 is just tackling and understanding our scheme. (Defensive Coordinator Dom Capers) had a good scheme in place. At times, we were getting outside our integrity. We allowed a lot of tosses and runs inside with traps. (The Bears) did a good job and we weren’t ready to play tonight.”

(on the Bears’ final offensive drive) “It was frustrating. That’s not like us. Give the Bears credit. They played better than us tonight. They had a good game plan and they stuck with it.”

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25 Responses to “Packers react after Monday night loss to Bears”

  1. By larinthian on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    The Packers have had an inconsistent season so far. At one point in the San Francisco game they were winning. But, couldn’t hold on. They went up by thirty points in the Cincinnati game but managed to lose. The Packers beat Baltimore, a game I thought they would lose and won last week in Minnesota. They seemed to be holding their heads above water with a lot of key players out. Let’s face it, without Aaron Rodgers, the Packers season is over.

  2. By airpacker12 on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply


  3. By airpacker12 on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply


  4. By airpacker12 on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply


  5. By northerner on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    News Flash the Pack’s D isn’t getting it done. Seems similiar to the last three seasons. Second Stringer picks the seconds apart. Too small to play against the big guys. Enough get rid of the coordinator and change some talent back there. This is getting to be a joke. Game ball to Lacey he showed up to play.

  6. By TheDitka on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    How sweet it is!!!

  7. By allan, CT. Packer fan on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Dom Capers WAKE UP!

    Your Defensive secondary just isn’t getting it done

    Williams, Hayword and House miss too too many tackles and are way out of position on many plays.

    take this and the fact that we didn’t get to many 3rd down conversion is a main reason for the loss.

    You would have thought that Wallace could have at least competed with McGown.

    Just don’t see us going to far this year.

    Too much improvement needed despite all of the injuries!!!


  8. By Thom on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Hey Everyone! Matt Flynn is still a Free Agent we should pick him back up that is the smart thing to do! and I don’t care who is on the field during the game on D but if they are out there for most of the game the D will get tired.

  9. By PackerDan on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Why didn’t McCarthy throw the challenge flag on the first down catch by Quarless? He didn’t need any time outs in the first half, and he had 3 in his pocket. The Bears get the ball after the punt and score. We could have kept the drive alive and scored. Big turnaround. The best replay clearly showed Quarless had control in bounds.

  10. By Fan on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Lets go find Greg mcelroy til Rodgers get healthy

  11. By pj schub on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    you betcha–way to go you arrogant bum ted Thompson-got rid of a truly tough guy and brought in whimp–now you have no one-TIM TEBOW would help-Seneca Wallace should be a bottle carrier

  12. By Joe on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    larinthian, the Pack wasn’t up by 30 points against the Bengals, not sure which game you watched, but they were only up by 16. And, by the way, the season isn’t over until December, but if you like being a defeatist, then by all means, stop watching them play.

    airpacker12, please turn the CAPS lock off and type like you know what proper case is.

    pj schub, Tebow is not an NFL QB. How many teams does he have to be signed by, and cut by, before people start realizing that he can’t play QB in the NFL?

    Even Flynn is starting to look like a Tebow wannabe. Who knows what the best route would be at the moment?

  13. By kito ostee on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    wow–does anyone in packerland realize how many injuries that the team has–must be a system problem–not enough conditioning or something or it is that the players MR. THOMPSON and McCarthy believe in are actually SOFT players–speaking of SOFT–the D backs cannot cover or TACKLE–wait-tackle-d-backs don’t tackle-well, not in packerland-want tough don’t look at Rodgers-he would go sit with a tummy ache

  14. By Phil on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    The trolls are out in full force I see. When it rains it pours…

  15. By spitfire on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    The biggest problem the Packers have is this fair-weather fan base. You people belly-ache about everything. You have had one of the top teams over the last 25+ years. They play a poor game and it is all doom and gloom. They are 6-2. Yes, they lost a great opportunity to get some separation from Chicago. Yes, Wallace was off. Yes, they could have done things differently. But they didn’t. Get over it. You so-called fans that complain about every little thing every week don’t deserve to be Packers Fans. Why don’t you hang-out on Tampa or Jacksonville’s websites and leave this one for real fans.

  16. By Lynn on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    MM doesn’t know how to think on his ft. Game plan has to change while it is in
    progress. Get the ball outside the box. Bears stuffed the middle of the field. MM
    should have rolled out to give Wallace more time. Boring,Boring,Boring, football.

  17. By Loose Noose on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    All we need to do is get Clay Mathews, J. Finley, Cobb, Lang, and Rodgers healthy as well as a few others, then watch us take off. Oh yeh, get rid of Dom Capers but I said that before.

  18. By dalton on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    I believe we have seen AROD hit and on the ground for the past few seasons. Something needed to be done to protect him and realize his value on the team.

  19. By hdpack on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    only one guy can hold it together untill the return of rogers…..farve, oh yes he can see over the d line.

  20. By BobK on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Well…a good effort. Pack up 3-0 after Aaron goes down. Outscored 27-17 the rest of the way with Seneca. Wallace will be OK with the Eagles, Giants, and Vikings coming up (especially with Lacy & Starks). But if Rodgers isn’t back by Thanksgiving, Detroit will be tough. Capers had a good scheme…bad execution (tackling). You get Forte 3 yards back on the 4th and inches and there’s a good chance to win. And don’t anyone talk about Flynn…beat out by a rookie, can’t play for two of the worst teams in the league…he needs a new day job. So Aaron, Clay, Randal, Jermichael, etc. come on back and let’s get the job done for the playoffs!

  21. By jt on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    McCown, not McGown. The pack are 5-3, not 6-2

  22. By tom on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Rodgers out with broken collarbone foxsports.com

  23. By Pckrfan on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Only in packerland will the organization pay 50+ million for a quarterback and put him behind a no talent line. When are they going to wake up? And can we please get rid of Capers. The only thing our offense line is better than is our secondary – what an embarrasment.

  24. By PackerBob on Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

    Matt Flynn should be on a plane for Green Bay TODAY!!!! Pay him, fly him in & practice, practice, practice. He’s the best chance we have after Mr Rodgers. Get him NOW & save the season. Oh, yeah, it wouldn’t hurt to go out & get a Defense while we’re at it.

  25. By ron on Nov 6, 2013 | Reply

    @pckrfan that no talent offensive line led to nearly 200 yards rushing against the bears and team rushing for the year is in 2nd place. i’ll take that no talent OL anyday.
    @packerbob there is a reason why 31 other teams haven’t signed flynn why should the Packers.

    @ at all the others nay sayers and doomers, relax it’s going to be ok. real NFL is more important than your fantasy team.

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