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Green Bay, Lambeau Field featured in Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad

Posted by packers.com on January 27, 2014 – 11:00 am

The Green Bay community will be featured in a new Coca-Cola ad that will air during the third quarter of the Super Bowl this Sunday.

One of two 60-second Super Bowl ads from Coca-Cola, “Going All The Way” is an all-American tale of triumph over adversity. The main character, Adrian, struggles to fit in and make his mark until the opposing team fumbles the ball and it lands in his arms. That’s when it’s Adrian’s time to shine. With support from his team and the crowd in the stands, using sheer grit and determination, he breaks through, perseveres and achieves unlikely greatness.

“Going All The Way” was shot in Ashwaubenon, a suburb of Green Bay, Wis., with the final moments filmed at historic Lambeau Field. Most of the ad’s cast was made up of Green Bay area residents, and Packers groundskeeper Allen Johnson has a featured role in the spot.

The commercial, set to House Of Pain’s “Jump Around,” traces Adrian’s unlikely journey from benchwarmer to star of the game. After scoring a touchdown, then running through the streets of Ashwaubenon, his dreams are realized when he runs the length of Lambeau Field, performs a touchdown dance and attempts his own Lambeau Leap in front of a nearly empty stadium. He celebrates a moment of happiness and accomplishment when a groundskeeper hands him an ice-cold Coca-Cola.

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19 Responses to “Green Bay, Lambeau Field featured in Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad”

  1. By Bzz5097 on Jan 27, 2014 | Reply

    Packers still suck…

  2. By sandy becker on Jan 27, 2014 | Reply

    Looks like we made it to the SB after all!! And I just stepped on a bee! Bzzzzzzzzz

  3. By mcoomer146 on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    And yet Bzz is still buzzing around the Packers official website.

  4. By axespray on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    Ugh! Fire that kid – fire that camera man – gerrh!

  5. By Green Tide on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    How appropriate. Adrian’s moment to shine comes when a fumble lands in his arms. He wasn’t good enough to make a mark on his own, win by his own effort. He needed his opponent to fail in order to have success. Mirrors GB season this year. Not good enough to win on their own effort, need other teams to lose and make mistakes so they could back into the playoffs.

  6. By WCPackfan on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    OMG. Haters will hate. What baffles me is the time these tools spend on the website of a team they don’t like

  7. By WCPackfan on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    OMG. Haters will hate. What baffles me is the time these tools spend on the website of a team they don’t like. Tells you how absolutely pathetic their fave team must be.

  8. By Alice on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    This is a great commercial, the little guy making the play of the game! Kinda reminds me of the “Quickie” books.

    “Jump Around” was a good touch also. Reminded me of the last Packer game I went to.

    Go Pack!

  9. By Debbie Downer on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    Everyone will be on the potty or getting nachos in the kitchen when it airs and no one will see it. I just know it.

  10. By WCPackfan on Jan 28, 2014 | Reply

    OMG Haters of the haters on this site. What baffles me is why they even respond?

  11. By WCPackfan on Jan 29, 2014 | Reply

    Isn’t that why people like you come on here? Make your rude comments to instigate a reaction. By the way. Try being original enough to come up with your own damn name

  12. By Janesville on Jan 31, 2014 | Reply

    I just knew Lambeau Field could make it to the Super Bowl.

  13. By Dee M. Clover on Jan 31, 2014 | Reply

    Joanie Hampton has been a friend of mine ,in the WAVES National Org since1991

  14. By Carl on Jan 31, 2014 | Reply

    Relax people. It’s a soda commercial. Sheeess

  15. By bbstacker on Jan 31, 2014 | Reply

    Commercial would not have worked at any other stadium due to the fact that they are mostly named after some company who dumped the most money into it. No one cares about MetLife, QUALCOMM, AT&T, Lincoln financial etc… a Stadium named after a Football Legend is far more interesting than some corporation with deep pockets with no real history.

  16. By Bud Keyes on Feb 2, 2014 | Reply

    I thought he was running to the jail to find his illegitimate packer player daddy!

  17. By IdahoPackerFamily on Feb 2, 2014 | Reply

    attention haters, who fill their days supporting our packer website (thanks for raising our google ranking), here’s a question:

    name the coach whose name is engraved on the super bowl trophy.

    and one last question:

    what team did he coach?

    Gee, I guess you suck, like the bears and the vikings

  18. By Matt Shaw on Feb 3, 2014 | Reply

    Best commercial of the Super Bowl, haters… get a life, and Go Pack Go! Buckeye Packer Backer!

  19. By Jay B on Feb 5, 2014 | Reply

    Hard to believe so much hate for a kid making a commercial to air during the Super Bowl. Don’t you people have anything better to do than troll the website of a team you apparently loathe?

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