Driver comments on contract extension

Posted by on August 6, 2010 – 6:43 pm

Here are a few comments from wide receiver Donald Driver on the contract extension he signed with the Packers on Friday. Check later for more on the Driver signing.

“Now I am going to retire as a Packer. That is something I have dreamed of for a long time, and it’s here now. My wife and kids, they love it. We went upstairs as a family and signed our extension, so we know that we are going to retire here. When it is all said and done and I am done playing, I’ll be wearing green and gold.”

“I always said I want to play until I am 40, but it gets to a point where you realize that you want to be here for your whole career. Whatever it is, you accept it and you play it out. If you still feel like you want to play at that time, you do. I sat down with my wife and told my wife what I really wanted to do. I have always said I wanted to play until I am 40. If the Lord tells me at 38 when my contract is up to continue playing, I will. But if not, then I retire and I am happy about it.”

“It’s very special. You don’t see it too often, and to get the opportunity to wear the green and gold, and the tradition behind the great organization, it’s remarkable. My wife, she has always said she never wanted to leave Green Bay. I have always said I never wanted to leave here. When I got the opportunity in 1999 it was just trying to make it year by year. Now that I get to finish my career out here, it’s going to be remarkable. And to be able to one day, hoping that I am going to be in the Packers Hall of Fame, that’s going to be a great thing.”

“A great guy wore the number before me, James Lofton, and I’m hoping that I can stay here long enough that I can break his record and one day that jersey will never be worn again, and my name is going to be in the Ring like all of the great players before me.”

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