2-minute drill

Posted by Mike Spofford on August 7, 2010 – 8:29 pm

No. 1 offense vs. No. 1 defense in the 2-minute drill. The offense is trailing 10-6, has the ball on its own 35 with two timeouts and 1:40 left.

Rodgers’ first pass is incomplete. Offsides on Chillar makes it second-and-5. Rodgers hits Finley on two straight for 11 and 16, the latter against tight coverage from Bishop, who almost took the ball away from Finley. A perfectly thrown fade to Jones along the right sideline picks up 19 and puts the ball on the 14-yard line with 1:21 to go.

Defense is substituting here and there. Martin in for Collins at S. Neal in up front.

A hitch to Jones gains 9 and gets the ball to the 5. Another try to Jones at the goal line is almost caught, but a good hit from Underwood knocks the ball out, incomplete. On third-and-1, Grant is chased down by Hawk for a loss of 3 yards. The offense calls timeout with 25 seconds left. It’s fourth-and-4.

Rodgers tries to hit Swain near the goal line but it’s incomplete. Underwood had solid coverage on an outside-in move. After a shaky start, the defense wins this one.

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