More 2-minute drill

Posted by Mike Spofford on August 7, 2010 – 8:39 pm

It’s the No. 2 offense’s try in the 2-minute drill. Score is 10-6 with 1:42 left, two timeouts, ball on the 35.

2’s and 3’s on defense.

Flynn hits Gore for 14 yards over the middle. After an incomplete pass, Flynn finds Dillon wide open down the left sideline for 30 yards to the 21. LB Alex Joseph and Neal combine on a sack for a loss of 6. A short pass to West gains 2, and on third-and-14, Quarless is open over the middle for a possible touchdown, but his leaping try fails to bring the ball in as he crashes to the turf. On fourth down, Flynn tries to hit West down the seam, but Shields intercepts it at the goal line and weaves his way back and forth across the field for a 100-yard TD.

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