Halftime quotes from the Packers

Posted by on August 14, 2010 – 9:01 pm


(on the first-team defense) “The Browns offense was very productive. Obviously I was not happy with the way the team started the football game, period. That is more of a reflection of myself, and we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again. But the defense did not play well to start the game. That was way too easy. The offense turned the ball over; that’s also a negative, and we had a second turnover on special teams. A lot of positives, I’m sure we’ll see them when I watch the film tomorrow, but we just got off to a slow start and we can’t have that at home.”

(on the first-team offense bouncing back) “A lot of positive things on offense on their second and third drives, and I’m sure we’ll be able to build off of it. It shows just kind of where you are as a football team. These are good things that you can learn from because this is the time of year you want it to happen.”

(on the fumble and penalty on special teams) “Yeah, didn’t handle the football. The penalty side is a little of a different call with the explanation, but we’ll learn from that. We’re going against a good special-teams unit, so I’ll be excited to watch the tape of this one.”


(on completing 10 straight) “The offense got into a good rhythm and started hitting some plays downfield. Guys made some great efforts, the line did a great job protecting, and I made a couple passes.”

(on the TD to Jennings) “They brought a corner blitz and I changed the play because I knew that Greg would be on a safety and that’s a good mismatch for us. I underthrew it a little bit, but he made a great play on it and made me look good.”

(on producing two TDs overall) “It was disappointing to not be able to convert that last possession but I think we did a nice job. We’ll watch the film and build on it.”


(on playing the first game) “We’ve practiced against each other for so many days, and to come out in a real game atmosphere with all our fans here, it feels good.”

(on how the defense played) “Not well. The Browns drove the ball downfield on us the first series, 80 yards. We had those type of games last year, and we can’t allow that to happen again this year. There’s some things we’re going to have to fix. Defensively, we’re not at all happy with how we played.”

(on getting the stop on the third series) “In a real game, that could turn out to be too late. You don’t want to go down 14 points, letting a team just run up and down the field on you. We have to correct the first two series.”

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