Halftime quotes

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(on the 2-minute drive to end the half) “That’s something we’ve been working on for a while now. We made enough plays, and I thought we handled the clock very well. J.J. made a nice play for the touchdown.”

(on the TD pass to Finley) “I made a protection adjustment, and when I was dropping back I peeked over to make sure we had it picked up, and it looked like someone was coming free. So that kind of threw off my timing, and then they dropped Jermichael (in coverage) and it was an easy one.”

(on overall assessment of first half) “Honestly, I was disappointed until that last drive. I didn’t think we had a great rhythm, but I’m happy the way it ended and glad we got that touchdown. It turned out to be a pretty good half for us.”

(on leaving some opportunities out there) “Without a doubt. Three-and-outs are field-position changers, and we can’t have those. We had a couple balls on the ground. But 28 points, thanks to Korey (Hall) for that seven, and three touchdowns, …  that’s pretty good against that defense.”


(tightening up the run defense after big gain on the first play) “We had our gap control at the beginning of that play, and then we got a little overzealous and he bounced back out. All we did was clean it up and execute our responsibilities. We’re a good run defense if we do what we are supposed to, and we started to do what we are supposed to after that.”

(on making adjustments to tighten up what Manning was doing down the field) “We made some adjustments, but on some of the plays we kind of just made some mistakes and they kind of played off our leverage a little bit. We made some adjustments and we made some more plays in the air. We’ve got to come out in the second half and play a lot stronger and a lot better. One of our biggest challenges is facing these good quarterbacks like this, and we have to show we can do it.”

(on what you want to accomplish in the second half) “Go out there and play Packer football. However long they keep me in the game, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m excited to play football and have fun and win and execute. Our goal in the second half is to come out and show that we made some adjustments and we can make plays against the pass.”

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