An opportunity missed?

Posted by Mike Spofford on September 27, 2010 – 9:09 pm

At the 2-minute warning of the first half, the Packers faced third-and-8 on their own 30, leading 10-0. Finley caught a short pass and nearly got the first down with a great second effort, but he came up 1 yard short.

That turned out to be a pivotal yard. Had the Packers converted there, they might have been able to drive downfield, running out the rest of the first-half clock and getting some points. With the Packers receiving the second-half kickoff, it would have been a chance to take total command of the game.

But the Bears got the stop, P Tim Masthay hit a poor punt that resulted in a net of just 7 yards on Hester’s 28-yard return, and four plays later the Bears were in the end zone to get within 10-7 at the half.

The first possession of the third quarter will still be vitally important for Green Bay. The Packers will have a chance to re-establish a two-score lead. But Finley coming up 1 yard short might be the biggest yard of the game thus far.

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