Bears wearing 1940s throwbacks

Posted by Mike Spofford on September 27, 2010 – 6:39 pm

The Chicago Bears are wearing 1940s throwback uniforms tonight in the game against the Packers. Looking down from the press box at players warming up on the field, they actually look pretty sharp.

The jerseys are navy blue with all orange trim. The numbers, nameplates on the back and stripes on the sleeves are all orange. The numbers on the front of the jersey are a little thicker in typeface, while the ones on the back appear a little more standard. The helmets are a solid navy blue, with no logo, not even a stripe down the middle. The pants look like pretty standard Chicago Bears’ pants — white with navy and orange stripes down the side.

In case folks are wondering why the Packers aren’t wearing their 1929 throwbacks, those uniforms were designed for home games only. They feature navy jerseys as well, so they wouldn’t be able to wear them in a road game like this where the home team is also wearing navy. The Packers are scheduled to wear their throwbacks on Dec. 5 at Lambeau Field against San Francisco.

These new Chicago throwbacks could mean the end of the Bears’ “alternate” orange jerseys they’ve broken out in recent years. The NFL only allows a team to have one alternate jersey over a 5-year period, and the Bears’ orange jerseys may have reached their expiration date. They never broke them out for a game against the Packers, but they wore them once or twice at Soldier Field each of the last few years.

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