Packers Post-Game Quotes – Week 11

Posted by Duke Bobber on November 21, 2010 – 8:18 pm

Green Bay Packers Wide Receiver Donald Driver

Q: Some struggles in the first quarter but after that it was lights out; what was the difference?

A: We were just making adjustments. You come out there, especially in this type of environment, and you get a little too hyped up and I think we got to a point where we just had to calm down. After that first series we got to the sideline and were told to calm down and relax and just make a play. Everybody started making plays after that and it seemed like the game just went our way and we started having fun.

Q: Did you get into a bit of a rhythm personally?

A: Yes, I was just trying to get back into the flow of things and got into the flow early. When you get into the flow early it makes everything fun and I just went out there and had fun and felt good today.

Q: What was your post-game moment with Brett like?

A: It’s just one of those things. When you have a close friend like that you wish the best for him but at the end of the game you’re happy that you get the victory and I was happy we embarrassed him like we did, but in all respect I still love him and always will.

Q: The way this offense is clicking right now, is this one of the better stretches of games you’ve been involved with?

A: This is good. It’s surprising week in and week out we can go out there and execute and make plays and guys are having fun. I think that’s been our biggest thing is just having fun and doing what we do. You see today we did exactly what we had to do and made some corrections early in the first quarter and everything worked out for us.

Q: What was the build up for this week?

A: This was a big game for us. It was a division game and it’s a rival. You don’t like to lose the rival games or other big games so we were able to go out there and execute and I think they didn’t think we were going to come in here with that type of attitude because when you come into this type of environment and come to this stadium it’s always been a shoot out for me and this is the first time I’ve ever seen us embarrass them like we did.


Packers Linebacker A.J. Hawk

Q:  Ten points in three plus games. You guys have really clamped down.

A: We’re not where we need to be, but we’re hitting our stride I think. We know the longer the season goes the better we have to play as a defense. I think we are starting to do that right now, and we just got to make sure that we keep it going, because we have a big test next week in Atlanta.

Q:  Can you talk about Tramon’s play before the half. They were going in trying to tie it up and you guys end up going and getting seven the other way.

A: That was huge. Any time you can get a turnover, especially if they are driving and putting a pretty good drive together and going into our territory it’s big. I thought it was just a great play and a good return. You can feel it. You can feel the momentum shift in a game when something like that happens.

Q:  What kind of statement have you guys made on defense the last three games? It’s what one touchdown in the last 13 and a half quarters or something like that?

A: We feel like these last three weeks we are just doing what we should. We are playing how we are supposed to play. I said before we are not where we want to be, but we are getting there. I think that we are not surprised with what we are doing. It’s an effort that we are making, and we don’t want to give up any points. Today we gave up three, we would have loved to have the shutout, but we will take three.


Packers Wide Receiver Greg Jennings

Q: Does this game still hold the rivalry that it used to, for you guys against the Vikings?

A: Oh yeah, of course. Obviously this is a division game, huge game in our season where we’re at and obviously a huge game for them, where they’re at. But you come out here with the same mindset and that’s to outplay your opponent and out-execute because they know what you’re going to do and you know what they’re going to do.

Q: That long one (reception), what was that move you put on their defensive back?

A: You know, that’s kind of crazy because I watched film the first time we played them and someone had put a move on him, kind of got him turned around like that in the previous game they had and it was kind of like déjà vu all over again except I was the one with the ball.

Q: After an eight yard first quarter, what happened with the offense then? Aaron (Rodgers) ended up with 300 yards.

A: We turned on who we were instead of playing into their hands and we started being more aggressive, trying to attack them vertically which kind of opened things up for the running game and opened up the middle of the field a lot more and guys just stepped up and started making plays.

Q: Your catch on the sideline, did that somehow get you guys going?

A: You know, I would say I’m not sure. It may have. I was obviously disappointed because I bobbled it and had I not bobbled it, I probably score but you know if that’s what it took to get us going then that’s what we needed and we were able to roll after that.

Q: Almost a mirror image this game versus when you guys came up here last year, how good does it feel to be able to come in and play the way that you guys did for at least three quarters offensively?

A: Well, it felt great. We were able to execute our offense after that first quarter almost at will. We were able to sustain drives, move the ball methodically up and down the field and the defense, as they do every single week, they hold it down and they did their part.


Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

Q: What personally did you take from being sacked so many times last year to playing well today?

A: Not very personally. Not very personally. I’m proud of the way we played today. I think our guys did a really nice job up front. We had a couple sacks early on. In the second quarter we just started getting things rolling.

Q: You talked about getting things rolling but it didn’t happen till the second half.

A: Well, we had a big momentum swing there. We were up 10-3 and Tramon had a big-time pick and we were in the two minute mode and we were able to put that thing 17-3 going to half time. Got the ball after halftime and scored to make it a three score game. From there it was just kind of, run some time off the clock and our defense played great.

Q: Is it satisfying knowing that the Vikings are pretty much out of the playoffs?

A:  It’s satisfying to win a division game like the way we did today. Got to say a really big thanks to our fans. They came out in big numbers today. I heard a lot of ‘Go Pack Go’ chants. It’s an important win for us. We’ve won four in a row now and I think we’re getting on a little bit of a roll. Our defense is playing lights out. You know, I think ten points last three games. We’re going to be tough to beat. Maybe less than that, I don’t know. We’re going to be tough to beat when we play that well.

Q: You had a lot of time on the first touchdown to Jennings after you scrambled out of pressure.

A: I mean, Greg is one of the best receivers in the league, very fortunate and blessed to have him on our team. And just find him ways to get him the ball. I think he did a great job for us. You know, when you throw a come-back to him and he turns it into a big time touchdown it makes you look like a lot better quarterback. It’s much appreciated. When Jermichael Finley went down we made a conscious effort in our mind, myself pulling the trigger and the coaching staff to find more ways to get Greg the ball.

Q: Talk about making plays yourself.

A: Yeah, I was joking with Jared Allen after the game that sometimes I just close my eyes and keep moving and make sure I have two hands on the ball. In that situation I felt like there were some guys around me and I was able to get out of it. And once I got out I realized I was kind of clean and Greg made a great reactionary play to come back to the middle and we were able to get a touchdown.

Q: Jennings juggled a catch on the first touchdown but then you guys really got things going.

A: Yeah, why’d he juggle it? That was a big play for us you know, we had a couple poor drives to start the game, three and out and I think we had one first down. We had to punt again, it was important for us to get some momentum going after we did we got that field goal and followed up with a touchdown, then a two minute touchdown and a touchdown coming to the half. Three straight touchdowns kind of put the game out of reach.


Packers Cornerback Tramon Williams

Q:  You look like you knew exactly what was going to happen. Were you reading his (Favre’s) eyes or were you reading the formation or what?

A: I knew exactly what was going to happen. Exactly. I read the formation. I read the number two receiver. He (Shiancoe) did an out route so I knew a slant was coming. I was just playing off and not going too fast on it so he wouldn’t throw it, but when he threw it, I just broke on it. I knew the combination was coming.

Q:  For a 31-3 game, it seems like that one play really was the key. Did you kind of get that feeling?

A: I think it was a real big play. Just like I said it was a timely play. It stopped their drive. They were going to get points out of it, and our offense ended up getting points out of it. We came back in the second half and got the ball. I guess you could say it was a big play at that point.

Q:  I’m sure you guys were confident coming in here, but did you think 31-3 was possible?

A: Any time you come in and play in Minnesota you are always expecting a dog fight, so we wanted it like that but we didn’t expect it like that.

Q: Did you come in here thinking that if you got these guys down, given everything that has gone on over here, that this game would be yours to take.

A: I think so. We know that they are on their last leg. They got their backs against the wall, and we didn’t want them to come out fighting against us. We wanted to keep our foot down on them and keep going like that.


Packers Cornerback Charles Woodson

Q:Does this feel like a championship caliber defense to you?

A: It feels good to get a win, and that is all we are concerned with right now.

Q: What does it mean to hold a team like this to 3 points, with Adrian and all those guys

A: It means a lot because, the way guys practice during the week you want to have these type of games.  All the hard work that you put into it you want it to show up on Sundays.  Today it showed up.

Q:  Did you sense the frustration on their sideline?

A:  Well, I think anybody would be frustrated, when things aren’t going your way.  Our job was if they did get frustrated to keep applying pressure and that is what we did all day on both sides of the ball and as well as special teams.

Q: The feeling in the locker room, how different is it now after those two overtime losses.

A: This is night and day, compared to those.  This is the type of game that you want, you want to go out there and dominate early and hold onto leads and keep them out of the end zone.  We were able to do that today, when you do that you have a big win like today.

Q: How great is this rivalry with the Minnesota Vikings?

A: It’s a big rivalry; it’s been that way for a long time, long before me.  Just a little spice has been added to it since Favre has come here last year and they got two wins last year, this year we come back with two of our own.  This rivalry is a big one, it is a conference game.  These two states right next to each other, there’s that competition.  A lot of people have lived in both places; we get a big win for Green Bay and for Wisconsin.

Q:  How does it feel to return the favor, and sweeping them this year?

A: We feel like this is what we are supposed to do, and we came out today and just played physically.  We played a very physical game for all four quarters, all phases of the game, offense, defense, and special teams.  When we are clicking like that we are a hard team to beat.

Q: It seemed like you guys had Favre uncomfortable all day long.  What was the difference in your mind between last year and this year?

A:  We just moved around real fast today, guys were where they were supposed to be.  Last year this game, we were just out of position a lot of times and they came up with some big plays.  This year was much different.  We were able to get to him this year, last year I remember one play where he had 8 seconds or something like that back there to throw the ball, this year it was not going to be like that.  We put the pressure that we needed to get on him, move him around in the pocket, stayed tight in the secondary, get our linebackers running around and make plays, and make tackles, and came up big today.

Q: How good are you guys, and how good can you be?

A: We’re good.  This is another win for us, and like I said it is short lived.  We got a long way to go.

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