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Here are some quotes from a few of the Packers’ Pro Bowl selections. For a feature story including some of these comments, click here.


(on making it a third straight year)
“It’s always great to get rewarded for something like that every year, when you put in the hard work starting in training camp. Just to get the good news, and know your peers and everyone who’s been watching you realize what a good job you’ve been doing out there on the field, it’s been awesome.”

(on not missing a game the last three years but playing through a lot of injuries, and whether that toughness gets recognized by other players and coaches around the league)
“I think so. They know what type of player I am. I want to be out there with my teammates and help the organization get wins. I feel like if I’m able to walk, I’m able to play. If I’m not bleeding and things aren’t broken, I feel I can go out there and help my team. If it’s just going out there a couple plays or starting, it doesn’t matter.”

(on being mentioned in the same breath as LeRoy Butler, the last Green Bay safety to make it three straight years)
“Words can’t even describe it. It’s a great accomplishment, following a legend who invented the Lambeau Leap. So just my name being in the same category as his is pretty sweet.”


(on his reaction to the news when WR coach Jimmy Robinson called him)
“I was excited, definitely excited. But the first thing I said to him was, ‘Man, unfortunately I won’t be able to go because I’m trying to be in Dallas (for the Super Bowl).’ That’s where my mindset is and I’m sure that’s where all the other guys’ mindset is.”

(on whether he felt this was a long time coming)
“I’m definitely excited about the recognition. I’ve never been one to really worry about it. I’ve always wanted to make sure I’ve done my part, doing what I needed to do to help the team win, and if the individual recognition came with that, it did. If it didn’t, it didn’t. My mindset has never been focused on individual first. It’s always been team-oriented first, and whatever comes after that is a plus.”

(on whether after the first five games if he thought a season like this was possible)
“Anything is possible. At that point in time, I was just kind of frustrated with the lack of opportunities, and like I’ve stated before, being targeted is one thing, but when you actually have an opportunity to make a play, it’s totally different. After that Washington game, my opportunities increased and I tried to make the best of them. After that, (the season) kind of took off.”

(on these last 10 games, whether it’s the best stretch of his career so far)
“I would definitely have to say it’s been the best stretch of my career so far. It’s been a culmination of a lot of things. The O-line has been doing great, protecting and keeping ‘A-Rod’ upright. He’s been putting the ball on point, and then obviously, my comrades, the other receivers, they’ve been making plays, taking a lot of pressure off myself and themselves as well. When you get an individual accolade like this, everyone looks at the individual, but it definitely takes more than just myself.”

(on what he considers his best game of the season)
“I would have to go with the last game, simply because it was a game we needed to play at a high level, and I was able to make some plays in that game. We were able to get a big win that we needed, and then obviously this week coming up is even bigger.”

(on playing in a WR group with four guys with at least 40 catches and being able to earn this honor)
“My thoughts at the beginning of the year when the Pro Bowl was brought up, I was not even thinking about the Pro Bowl. With this many guys, it wasn’t even on the radar. If it happens, it happens, but in my opinion, it was going to be a long shot because of the amount of talent we have at the receiver position and then including Jermichael (Finley). It was never an individual goal that I had set, like ‘I’m making the Pro Bowl this year,’ just simply because of that, honestly.”

(on what he thinks Donald Driver’s reaction will be to the news)
“He’s going to be just as excited as I am. He’s never bragged about his (Pro Bowl selections). In years past, he’s thought that I’ve been kind of robbed a little bit. But it is what it is. He’ll be excited, as will the other guys. We have that type of relationship where if one of us makes it, we all made it, because we know we all did our part to help that guy perform at a high level.”


(on making it for a second straight year, and on the ‘first ballot’ this time as opposed to the alternate route)
“First off, it’s truly an honor just to be in the conversation of being a Pro Bowl player, but to make it two years in a row, I’m real fortunate and appreciative for the opportunity. Hopefully we’ll be busy at the time. But it’s really a testament to the players, the coaching staff and just the city, how everybody has supported us and how well we’ve played as a team. Collectively, that’s how you’re going to get players to be able to play in such games. I’m real fortunate for the whole situation I’m in and I feel good about it.”

(on how he feels he’s played as defenses have paid more attention to him, especially following the two three-sack games to open the season)
“Obviously with defenses paying more attention to me there’s going to be more focus coming my way, so there’s a little more emphasis on not only trying to beat one guy but two or three. Perhaps running the ball, either they’re going to try to run away from me, or if they do try and run at me, they’ll put a few people on me. But it’s part of the business and it’s something I look forward to. I know if I’m not getting double-teamed or getting extra attention, I’m not doing my job. It’s part of the game. Hopefully I can be in the talks of great pass rushers, and it’s what everybody goes through. I look forward to the challenge and hopefully look forward to it for years to come.”

(on whether he thinks he’s in the running for Defensive Player of the Year)
“I don’t know. I don’t know where that all stands. I’m not so much into the individual accolades. The only thing I’m worried about is getting this next win and clinching a playoff spot. I’m not even sure when they announce it. If I’m in the running, it’s truly an honor to even be mentioned as one of the top guys for defense in 2010. But who knows where that ends up. Without a team that’s playing good team ball and without great players around you, you’re not going to be in a position to even be in the running to win such accolades like a Pro Bowl appearance or defensive MVP.”

(on fighting through the hamstring and shin injuries this year, and whether he had concerns he wouldn’t be able to perform well enough)
“Injuries are part of the game, and obviously I was fighting there for a little bit trying to make it through some games, which was pretty painful. But everybody’s nicked, everybody’s wounded a little bit. It’s about fighting through it, and I feel like now I’m getting back to as close to 100 percent health as I can, and just at the right time too, hopefully making a playoff run. I’m going to keep playing the way I know how, injured or not, and hopefully that’s enough to help our team out.”

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