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Posted by Mike Spofford on January 19, 2011 – 4:04 pm

Here’s a listing of the live tweets from the Packers’ official Twitter account during Wednesday’s press conferences:

Head Coach Mike McCarthy

Zombo will be given the week to try to come back. McCarthy said he’s hopeful, but Zombo has not come along as fast as hoped.

With doors open, Hutson Center was between 29 and 32 degrees today, so team continues to work in cold conditions.

McCarthy says Rodgers is playing best football of his career, and is everything he hoped he’d be. Consistency in his approach carries over.

Looks at 18 penalties in Chicago as anomaly. Same ref will call Sunday’s game, but Packers finished 3rd in fewest penalties.

McCarthy went to AFC Championship first year in Kansas City, in 1993. Makes him appreciate how hard it is, and team’s veterans do too.

Locker room leadership is best it’s been this season. Playoff captains have spoken when it’s needed.

Despite four straight must-win games, team is not worn down. If anything, there’s too much energy.

Bears defense is the best Packers have faced this season. Improved since first meeting in Chicago back in Week 3.

Adding this team to championship wall in team meeting room is still the goal. 16 quarters in the postseason, halfway there.

Having all five receivers play all the positions has given offense great flexibility. Helps McCarthy as a strategist.

Public confidence was not calculated on McCarthy’s part, just the way he has always felt. Team remains confident and excited this week.

CB Charles Woodson

These are the moments that you play for, to have this opportunity. Was to the Super Bowl once, but you never know if you’ll get back.

Year 1 of Capers’ defense prepared the unit to be better this year. Went through a lot of ups and downs last season, learning the scheme.

Woodson says Shields has come in with no fear. Taken the challenge of being undrafted player and took coaching well from Joe Whitt.

Whitt is one of best young coaches in the game. Is a great X’s and O’s guy, and a great teacher, which has helped Shields.

Against a team like Chicago, a player takes on the emotions of the community. Desire to win is all there.

Chicago’s Olsen is a big-play tight end who also blocks well. He’s a significant threat, along the lines of Gates, Finley.

None of the players take for granted where they are at this point. Team likes the way it’s playing right now.

Green Bay has been a great place for Woodson. Gotten married, had two kids, biggest blessings of his life. Enjoyed playing here.

QB Aaron Rodgers

“Title belt” celebration is never meant toward anybody. Started in practice on the scout team. Something for fun.

Says he enjoyed “work” that much more after he was sent home to recover from second concussion. Opportunities are relished.

A lot of respect in this rivalry. He and Cutler are friends, but won’t text this week. It’s about getting to the Super Bowl.

Appreciates Cutler taking Aaron’s younger brother under his wing to show him the ropes at Vanderbilt.

Driver gave his spot to Jones on TD at end of first half at Atlanta. Unselfish move in the huddle by a veteran.

Says he needs “more hardware around here” to be really spoken of in the same way as Brady, Manning.

Important for offense to be patient with running game. Really helps play-action game, which worked vs. Philly, Atlanta.

WR Greg Jennings

Offense played at a high level in Atlanta, but that game is over. Unit must carry it over and do it again.

Patience in the passing game is important against a defense like Chicago’s. They want you to throw underneath and make a mistake.

Team was set up to compensate for injuries. Guys stepping up and making plays like starters has propelled team.

Receiver group wants to get Driver to Super Bowl. Window of opportunity isn’t big and is here now. Have to make best of it.

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