Thursday press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on January 20, 2011 – 1:30 pm

Here’s a summary of the live tweets from Thursday’s press conferences from the Packers’ official Twitter account:

Three injury report changes: T Chad Clifton and CB Pat Lee upgraded from limited to full. CB Charles Woodson went from full to limited.

Head Coach Mike McCarthy

McCarthy says this is a normal practice week for Woodson. He’s fine and will be ready to go Sunday.

Team practiced outside yesterday, but not today. Doors to Hutson Center were opened to lower temp under 30. Crisp practice.

Using Raji at FB in Atlanta came up last week. Wanted to add wrinkle to goal-line package. Raji didn’t block anybody, but still scored TD.

Wind is the biggest factor that changes the way you call a game. Initial forecast is for minimal wind on Sunday.

Trying to keep things as normal as possible, on schedule this week. Playing Saturday to get extra day was helpful.

Bears’ motives in regular-season finale were not discussed, and haven’t been. It’s always about us.

Fit was the primary concern in putting together the defensive staff two years ago.

Having corners capable of playing man-to-man gives the defense flexibility with pressure packages, because no one has to be hidden.

Special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum

Team was effective against Hester in last game, four punts inside the 20, two inside the 5. Limiting Hester’s space and return opps is key.

Calls Hester “slippery.” He falls off tackles, he sees the holes, and he changes his speeds. Makes pursuit angles bad.

Williams has fielded the ball well on punts, not letting the ball roll. Been more aggressive lately, and smart doing it.

Starks, P. Lee and Shields continue to work at kickoff return. All three still options.

Atlanta kickoff return for TD was partly ball placement, breakdowns in structure of coverage. After that, unit was productive.

Protect punter is job 1, then limit Hester’s opportunities.

Offensive coordinator Joe Philbin

A lot of similarities in the way Chicago’s defense plays, looking at last several games vs. Green Bay.

Bears get a lot of bodies to the ball and don’t miss many tackles. That’s what is most impressive on film.

Balance and diversity within personnel groups and formations always helps offensive efficiency.

Surprise element playing a team a third time — both teams will probably have one or two up their sleeve.

Can’t allow frustration to set in when not scoring as many points as expected. Making a mistake or two not end of the world.

Can’t have negative yardage plays, penalties, shooting selves in foot. Team must fight through adversity better at times.

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