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Posted by Mike Spofford on January 24, 2011 – 5:27 pm

Here’s a summary of the live tweets from Coach McCarthy’s Monday press conferences from the Packers’ official Twitter account:

Team won’t hit practice field until Friday. Erik Walden has an ankle sprain. Not sure of his practice availability.

Practices Fri. thru Sun. this week. Team will leave for Dallas next Monday. Practices will resume down there next Wednesday.

A lot of Pittsburgh storylines with coaching staff. McCarthy was Pittsburgh Steeler fan growing up. “My second favorite team.”

Roethlisberger is gifted at extending plays, like Rodgers. Special in and out of pocket. Ben makes their offense go.

“Ted Thompson is the easiest guy in the world to work with, because he’s so consistent. Same person every day. Sticks to his plan.”

“He’s the reason this team is in the shape it’s in, and why the future looks so bright. Very gifted at personnel evaluation.”

“When he drafts a player, you know it’s well-researched.”

Building team is about player evaluation, instruction and finance. Everything must come together. Ted makes the tough decisions.

“We feel like we’re a razor-sharp football team, with what we’ve brought to the table this last month.” All goals were always in front.

“With all these guys being so young, we have an opportunity to be a very good football team for a long time.”

Always admire consistency of Rooney family in Pittsburgh, how the organization is run. A huge part of their success.

Raji got two minuses on his big play — holding the ball out, and for his dance.

Confidence has been building since Giants game. Confidence never wavered. Now opportunity to achieve greatness in 2 weeks.

Clifton’s injury changed offense a little bit, but two turnovers — end of second quarter and beginning of third — kept Chicago in game.

Dom Capers is the most detailed coach McCarthy has ever been around. Great teacher. Many improvements from Year 1 to 2.

Practices late this week will get entire game plan in. “We’ll be ready to play when we get on the plane.”

Punter Tim Masthay may be most improved player on team. Huge in both Chicago games. Big factor keeping Hester out of the game.

McCarthy has lots of memories of Pittsburgh championships, in various sports, through the 1970s.

Packers will wear their green jerseys in the Super Bowl.


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