Monday press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on January 24, 2011 – 2:32 pm

Here’s a summary of the live tweets from Monday’s press conferences from the Packers’ official Twitter account:

WR Donald Driver

Driver says McCarthy’s message is it’s another game, to beat the Steelers. That’s the focus.

“It’s not about them, it’s about us. We have to play our style. The games we lost, we lost because of us, not because someone beat us.”

Driver says Rodgers is one of the best QBs in the league, if not the best. Nobody can doubt him anymore.

Team can’t change anything now, even with the big trophy in sight. Still have to play a game against a great team that’s won it already.

Driver praised job GM Ted Thompson has done, building the depth in the locker room. Players that came in were just asked to help win.

“It hasn’t hit me yet, but it will hit me soon, that now I have a chance to go to that dance.”

Finishing the legacy is winning a Super Bowl. It’s the final chapter for veteran players.

Young players want the same thing as the vets — the ring.

T Chad Clifton

Going on the road to win all three playoff games “speaks volumes” about the type of team we have, Clifton says.

Buffalo game, with the knee injury, was low point for Clifton. But proud he was able to come back and play good football.

Pittsburgh is definitely a physical defense, but no more physical than Chicago, Clifton says.

Reason each and every one of us plays the game, to get to the Super Bowl, Clifton says. Feels fortunate to be going, see what happens.

Neck is sore after yesterday for Clifton. Knees feel good, night and day compared to beginning of the season. Says he won’t hang it up yet.

Starks has sparked the running game, which keeps the defense honest. More balance has helped.

Green Bay is special place to play, Clifton says. Reminds him of college atmosphere in SEC.

Clifton says Tauscher is thrilled for the team. Hard to get that guy down.

Clifton says Friday will probably be first practice. Doesn’t foresee himself missing any practice time.

RB John Kuhn

Kuhn doesn’t look at his Pittsburgh Super Bowl ring much. Was on practice squad, wants to win one on active roster, get one on the field.

Embrace every moment. Time goes by fast. Not typical, soak in every moment, Kuhn says.

Will be special feeling to face the Steelers. Kuhn still has a lot of friends and family with connections there.

Kuhn says Rodgers showed from first playoff game in Philly he was going to roll with the punches and play his best ball.

Packers took the crowd out of Sunday’s game early, but Kuhn said it definitely got loud during the late comeback.

You can point at every guy in the backfield and find a week each guy did something special. Running backs have all contributed.

Kuhn says he’s anxious already for the game. Has wanted to get back there and play so badly, after being practice-squad guy before.

LB Clay Matthews

Roethlisberger one of toughest QBs to sack, Matthews says. Will fight and stay standing.

Defense is successful because all the players have bought into it, playing all different roles, Matthews says.

From first day, Matthews didn’t want to be just another guy on the team. Wanted to be a defensive leader, a playmaker.

Not a given whether Clay’s dad will be at SB. Has watched BCS title game losses, and a SB loss by Uncle Bruce.

Fact alone playing in Super Bowl should be enough motivation, regardless of others’ connections to Pittsburgh.

Expects his and Polamalu’s hair to get plenty of attention. Maybe a commercial in the works.

Matthews was struck by how emotional some of the veteran players were about getting to the SB. Very unique thing to witness.

Matthews says GM Thompson was one of few who saw potential in him, and took heat for giving up three picks to trade up. Glad he’s here.

Appreciates the fact the Packers wanted him and believed in him.

S Nick Collins

Way season finished last year helped build confidence for this year, Collins says. Team felt it had a shot last year that slipped away.

Says he’s still learning this defensive system. Not worried about comparisons to Polamalu. They play differently.

Collins says Shields played phenomenal Sunday. First year playing corner, stepping up in a big game like that, shows determination.

Defense feels it can match up with anybody, Collins says. High-school ball skills on offense help take advantage of turnover opportunities.

Everybody has a motor like Matthews on the defensive side, Collins says. Relentless, 11 guys busting it to get to the ball.

Celebration already over. Time to move on now, Collins says. Keep same mindset as all year. Stay focused, stay humble.

SB could provide spotlight for Collins, but main goal is for team success, helping other guys achieve for the team.

Credits secondary coaches, Joe Whitt and Darren Perry, for being great teachers of the game.

NT B.J. Raji

Raji says D-line has “something up sleeve,” along lines of O-line’s cowboy outfits at summer luncheon.

Has taken a lot of grief for his end zone dance. 170 text messages after the game. Raji hasn’t read half of them yet.

Says airport celebration was unbelievable. Couldn’t hear anything after one guy yelled his name. Constant cheering on the walk.

Raji says he’s never seen a coach create such great defenses in a short period of time as Capers. Can build one starting on Wed.

Raji is fine with his fullback role. Also is fine with his “Freezer” nickname, which he gave himself, though spur of the moment in Atlanta.

Raji says Trgovac has been “life-changing” coach for him. Experienced with high draft picks. Has let him grow, but gets on him when needed.

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