McCarthy at the podium Thursday

Posted by Mike Spofford on January 27, 2011 – 9:43 am

Here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Thursday press conferences from the Packers’ official Twitter account:

McCarthy actually coached on defense at Fort Hays State as a graduate assistant for his first coaching job.

Team will practice in pads on Friday and Saturday this week. Players given this week to get their bodies back.

“People want discipline, people want structure,” McCarthy says. Everybody knows expectations and responsibilities. All for continuity.

Offense always has enough in game plan to play doubleheaders, indoors or outdoors. No different for Super Bowl. Volume will be same.

Rodgers and Woodson, as captains, talked with McCarthy about timing of team photo in Dallas, which led to change to Friday.

Team will have about 90 percent of the game plan installed before leaving for Dallas. So much time to prepare, have to not do too much.

Was never a question Rodgers would be a very good QB. Growing up in the job the right way has pushed him to be great, McCarthy says.

McCarthy gives QB coach Tom Clements credit for development of Rodgers’ game outside the pocket. Natural at it now.

Jarrett Bush never blinked in face of criticism, McCarthy says. Ultra-competitive, even in jog-thrus in practice. Now mature player on s.t.

In GB, distractions are limited. Going to environment with lights on, 24-7. Rodgers’ leadership will help team navigate that.

McCarthy joked that if the painted fence near Lambeau with his name on it had taken on any more paint when team was 3-3.

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