Sunday press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on January 30, 2011 – 12:57 pm

From the Packers’ official Twitter account, here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Sunday press conference, the last visit with the media before the team heads to Dallas on Monday:

Team practiced 20 minutes longer than normal “Friday” structure on Sunday. Still some work in Dallas, but got a lot done today.

“Our guys are ready to go to Dallas. They’re excited,” McCarthy says.

If weather is a factor in Dallas, or there’s injury risk, team will use indoor facility available. Wind is bigger factor than temperature.

Plan is still for LB Erik Walden to return to practice field on Wednesday.

On flap over IR players: “We’re all grown men. Aaron and Nick spoke yesterday. It’s a non-issue.”

Matthews would be deserving of Defensive Player of the Year, if he gets it Monday, McCarthy said.

Jog-through component of practice will be at hotel in Dallas. So team will be on the field a shorter period of time than normal.

Walden is still starter at OLB. He has earned that, McCarthy said. Will be given every opportunity to get ready for the game.

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