Wednesday press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on February 2, 2011 – 10:10 am

From the Packers’ official Twitter account, here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s and quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ Wednesday press conferences from the team hotel in Irving, Texas:


Have been using 5 WRs since his second year. Pretty sure team used 4/5 WRs in Dallas 2007 game when Rodgers came in.

Practical that team will be inside today and probably the rest of the week.

High school facilities in Texas are a little different as far as size.

The specialists will work at Cowboys Stadium today.

Kuhn one of the smartest players on the team and brings a lot of value.

Put a premium on offensive-line play and coaching. Big believer in everything starts with core (center, two guards).

Colledge a very reliable, consistent performer. Sitton has come into his own and is playing at a Pro Bowl level.

Won’t even let daughter have a Facebook account, so that tells you how he feels about Twitter

Has a lot of faith in Mason Crosby if game comes down to a field goal, especially indoors.

Defensive schemes of both teams are very similar. Two very good defenses playing in this game.

Rodgers’ 2007 performance in Dallas gave everyone confidence. Team put him in plays that he was familiar with and had confidence in.


It was a group decision when he changed helmets. One he has been using has been working pretty well and he hasn’t lost in it.

QB coach Tom Clements a great teacher of the game. Less is more with him, he is very even-keeled and knows how to manage personalities.

Experience has helped confidence, and his preparation level helps with that as well.

Since high school, has been blessed with good QB coaches, including Jeff Tedford at Cal.

It has helped to work against 3-4 in practice the past two years. Some similar blitzes, etc. Steelers want to make you think too much.

Team doesn’t script first 15 plays anymore. Has talked to former players about initial excitement level and nerves.

Dallas performance in 2007 was more a sigh of relief for his teammates and the organization.

Learned a lot about himself in his year at Butte College. Helped leadership skills and build confidence.

Thinks this is a special team. Character on team is incredible. Bounced back from consecutive OT losses. Brought in hungry players.

Fortunate that when he took over as starting QB there was a good nucleus in place.

We are a team that has played well in domes, but team is built to play in Lambeau and indoors.

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