Thursday press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on February 3, 2011 – 10:17 am

From the Packers’ official Twitter account, here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s and cornerback Charles Woodson’sThursday press conferences from the team hotel in Irving, Texas:


Made some adjustments to schedule today. Will do meetings and dress for practice at hotel instead of going to SMU in between.

All of our focus is on Super Bowl XLV. Questions about team’s bright future will be addressed later.

Everybody was excited to get back to football yesterday. Was only two days away, but seemed longer than that.

If there was one hurdle for Rodgers, it was leadership. Needed more of that on the team, so tried to create opportunities for players.

Pre-game message/theme will be consistent with what he has said during the course of the week to the team.

Run attempts and third-down efficiency are two of the most important statistics on offense.

Team will stay at same hotel on Saturday night. Will treat Super Bowl as a night game from a scheduling standpoint.

Saturday will be walk-through and meetings. Same Saturday schedule the team has always been on.

History and tradition of Packers is a tremendous asset and is embraced on a daily basis. Wants to bring Lombardi Trophy back home.

Defense will be a big factor in this game, and special teams will be as well. Big-time players will have to step up and play big roles.

Never trailing by seven points says Packers are a consistent team. It’s a compliment to coaches and players.


You don’t get a lot of opportunities to do this. He is lucky to have been in two Super Bowls.

Won’t call for any special gathering on Saturday to talk to the team.

Joked that in his first Super Bowl, took a nap and watched some reruns of The Young and the Restless during long halftime.

Didn’t do too much defensively against Steelers last season. Had opportunities on Roethlisberger but let him extend plays with his feet.

The understanding of the defense is better this year. Guys like Shields and Williams have really picked up the scheme quickly.

Peprah had a better understanding of the defense as well. Guys are communicating well and playing fast because they know defense.

You could tell when Shields came in that he had a lot of confidence. Never shied away from an opportunity to make a play.

Growing up, never paid attention to Packers. Was actually a Giants fan, even though he grew up in Ohio. GB is a great place to be.

Contact is a part of the game. Tries to be a guy that can do it all. If that is 10 tackles, he is fine with that.

Knows some guys will be antsy, nervous. As long as your preparation is the same as it has been all season, guys will be fine.

It could very well turn into a defensive game. Very important to get off to a fast start in this game.

Thinks about all that went on when Rodgers became a starter. Was impressed with how he handled it and performed on the field.

Got a chance to enjoy the emotional NFC title win and the season with the week off. In first SB, everything was rushed with no week off.

Talked with Joe Whitt before he became CBs coach. Knew right away how much knowledge he had about football. Whitt doesn’t have any fear.

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