Friday press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on February 4, 2011 – 10:22 am

From the Packers’ official Twitter account, here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s Friday press conference from the Super Bowl XLV media center in Dallas:


The fact that the 49ers considered taking Rodgers with the No. 1 pick in 2005 said a lot about his abilities.

The weather element he pays closest attention to is the wind. Temperatures aren’t an issue unless it is well below zero.

Knows that Cullen Jenkins is relieved that there has been some communication with his father.

Everyone in the coaching profession is aware of Vince Lombardi’s impact. Such a big part of the history and tradition of Packers.

Winning a championship has always been a dream for him. The opportunity to bring Lombardi Trophy back home is a focus on a daily basis.

Week has gone well. Practice structure at Highland Park and setup at hotel have been very good. Team photo and then hour practice today.

Pittsburgh’s protection schemes or run concepts won’t change much if Pouncey cannot play.

The 2009 meeting between the teams was an exciting game, but both defenses have improved. Looks for defenses to impact game more.

Thinks players have handled Super Bowl week very well. Families started to show up yesterday, so that is a nice break for everyone.

Would be shocked if Driver didn’t play on Sunday. He tweaked the quad in Wed.’s practice and will be held out of practice again today.

Clearly a matter of just playing it safe with Driver. If it were up to Driver, he would practice today.

Playing in five playoff-type games in a row has really prepared the team for this opportunity.

Showed a clip from the movie ‘Hoosiers’ to the team from when the basketball team is walking into the big arena for the first time.

Woodson gives team tremendous flexibility. One of the best if not the best tacklers on the team. Just has tremendous respect for him.

Watching Woodson in leadership role, speaking to the team, has been special.

Has kept his focus on the game. Understand everything that goes on with the Super Bowl, and the weather is an added issue for families.

There are a lot of steady personalities on the team, and that has contributed to the success they have had this season.

We have two team meetings left on schedule, and there will be a speaker tomorrow night. Wants to keep that to himself until after.

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