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Posted by Mike Spofford on February 7, 2011 – 9:31 am

From the Packers’ official Twitter account, here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s and quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ press conferences Monday morning from the Super Bowl XLV media center in Dallas:


Fun night with a party back at the hotel. Spent a lot of time with family throughout the evening.

Huge part of game plan was to put ball in Rodgers’ hand. Did a very good job at the line with run/pass options.

The last drive, had an opportunity to get a touchdown. When Pittsburgh got ball, was very similar situation to ’09 meeting.

Handling success is hardest part of this business. Is something we’ll have to manage as a football team.

Players took advantage of opportunities and coaches put them in position to be successful.

Felt Saturday night was the right time to measure for Super Bowl rings. Thought it would be special and give boost of confidence.

Haven’t given much thought to offseason yet. Will deal with that when team gets back.

Coming out of training camp, it was the best team he had stood in front of. Returning roster should be same situation…great core.

Waking up tomorrow will be the first real experience of stepping into his new life. Said it was tough duty to get up for Monday presser.

Clifton and Bulaga did an excellent job on Sunday.

Looks at history and tradition as an asset. Doesn’t look at it is pressure. Repeating is the next challenge.

Had a chance to see Driver and Woodson briefly after the game. Have had experience with players going down and others stepping up.

Capers has done a tremendous job. His scheme gives team a lot of flexibility. Has coordinated an excellent staff.

Would hope this is his last job. Have built something special in Green Bay. Definitely hope this is last job.

Rodgers has been so consistent throughout the season. The play-caller and QB are on the same page. Best football is in front of him.

Didn’t sleep with the Lombardi Trophy.


Always looking for challenges. The challenge now is repeating and also finding ways to get better individually.

Where he compares to other QBs in the league, that is for others to determine.

Story of his career has been waiting for a chance and then making the most of it. SB was an opportunity that doesn’t come along often.

Actually didn’t get sized for ring himself, so worried that was maybe a bad omen.

Didn’t get any advice from Kurt Warner or Steve Young on how winning Super Bowl MVP changes life.

Thought team managed distractions well during the week and you have to give McCarthy credit for that. Confidence in game plan and prep.

Knows the challenge of getting back to SB. Will be adding back best TE in league in Finley. Core is intact to make runs at title.

McCarthy doesn’t like to hear this, but he is a players coach. To Rodgers, that means he allows for input from his players.

Missed a couple of throws early on. Was maybe too hyped up but didn’t feel any nerves. The confidence was there, felt good about plan.

Championship belt was sent to his brother at the hotel. Also was sent a belt from Dana White of UFC.

Have to be aware of where Polamalu is at all times. Was important to use good eye control and not stare any receivers down.


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