Season-ending press conference notes

Posted by Mike Spofford on February 9, 2011 – 12:40 pm

From the Packers’ official Twitter account, here’s a summary of the live tweets from Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s season-ending press conference Wednesday from the Lambeau Field media auditorium:


Special for team to interact with fans yesterday. Overwhelming, parade Monday and event Tuesday.

Evaluation process just getting underway. Transition into new season is beginning.

WR Jordy Nelson had bursa sac injury to his knee. Reason for the crutches. Credits him fighting through it in 4th quarter of game.

No surgeries anticipated for Clifton on knees or Woodson on collarbone.

Draft will be high offseason priority, followed by scheme evaluation. Scheduling decisions won’t be made immediately.

Start of offseason program depends what happens March 4. If CBA is in place, program would be moved back and not start until April.

Assistant coaches are off until Feb. 21, then go to Combine. Rest of spring schedule is uncharted waters.

It’s an honor to be considered for street name. “Outlive your life” was theme of talk night before game. Team will be connected forever.

Got congrats from President. Very complimentary of team, what we endured. Take a month to respond to everybody who’s reached out.

President said it was a tough phone call for a Bears fan to make. But he was very informed about the team.

We felt we hit the mark on our preparation for Super Bowl. Team felt in sync training in GB, getting work done before going to Texas.

Sometimes most talented team doesn’t win. We were best team in NFL, lost a lot of talent to injuries. Great experience to draw from.

Have opportunity to start next year as very talented team, but still have to do the work to be the best team again.

Challenge of handling success is here. Starts now, with whole organization. Important to stay true to what put us in this position.

Competition will go up, with IR players back, new draft class, expectations. That’s the challenge.

Going through evaluations with coaching staff now, starting with Capers this morning. Normal protocol.

No news on possible contract extension at this point.

Team has been invited to White House by Obama, but CBA and offseason schedule will factor into that.

Rodgers very disciplined, very accurate. Game has slowed down for him. Will have to answer other teams’ plans to play against him.

Have to do a good job as a staff so game is not on Rodgers’ shoulders 24/7. Handling success will be his challenge too.

More testing to be done on Shields’ shoulder sprain. Hawk will have scope done on wrist.

No answer today on Jenkins. Productive player when healthy. Will see what happens.

Feels players will get ready to play, regardless of CBA. Work out on their own and with players from other teams.

G.Harrell excited about QB school, if we have it. We feel offseason is a strength of our program, to develop younger players and QBs.

There’s plenty to improve on. Not perfect just bc won championship. Things already written down to discuss for next season.

Will stay true to mantra of less volume, more creativity in all three phases.

For head coach to give up final message before team goes on field, and have captains speak instead, was risky. But it worked.

Felt team was consistent all year, whether losing close or getting blowout wins.

Knew there was void in leadership, and Rodgers and Woodson “jumped through the door” at the opportunity.

Always looking for ways to lessen risk of injury. Could try new training camp schedule this year, but will depend on CBA.

Need to look at things, especially if season goes to 18. That would definitely change training camp schedule.

Heard from a lot of people back in Pittsburgh. Rooneys came into locker room to congratulate team.

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