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Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on February 25, 2011 – 4:50 pm

INDIANAPOLIS–Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy’s press conference at the scouting combine on Friday was a treasure trove of tidbits information. Here are some bits from it:

…McCarthy spoke of getting hot late in the regular season in wins over the Bears and Giants and carrying that momentum into the playoffs. “It was definitely a wave we were able to ride going into the playoffs,” he said.

…This was expected to be a talent-rich crop of quarterbacks in this year’s draft, but injuries and disappointing performances have raised questions about several of the quarteback prospects. In addition, the proliferation of the spread-option offense in college football casts doubt on how those quarterbacks will translate their skills to the pro game. “I’m looking forward to breaking down the quarterbacks because you can never have enough quarterbacks,” McCarthy said.

…On his and General Manager Ted Thompson’s relationship: “He stated clearly that he wanted to build a partnership and build a program. In my first couple of years, he was outstanding for me to lean on.”

…On A.J. Hawk: “A.J. Hawk is a Green Bay Packer, as far as I’m concerned. You get into these business situations and you just hope things work out. I thought he had a heckuva year and, hopefully, everything will work out.”

…”This is the essence of pro football,:” McCarthy said of scouting combine. “The people who realy know it are here this week.”

…”Super Bowl hangover? I think it’s a new season. The staff is moving on. That’s what Indianapolis does for you. There’s a lot of information you can gather on these players.”

…On backup quarterback Matt Flynn: “Matt Flynn gives us the ability to keep playing. To play on the stage he played on that night, he definitely showed he belongs.”

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