The numbers don’t lie

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on March 31, 2011 – 9:43 am

Here’s some more draft information from Tony Villiotti at The following is from the years 1991-2004, which includes 3,631 players drafted.

  • Of the 1,649 draftees who became NFL starters, 77 percent did so within their first three seasons.
  • DBs and LBs were the fastest to start their first season; QBs, DL and RBs were the slowest to become starters.
  • Not surprising, earlier draft choices earn starting jobs faster than later draft choices. By virtually every measure, players drafted in an earlier value group earn a starting role faster than a player drafted in the next value group.
  • Ninety-two percent of players selected 1-48 who became starters did so within three seasons, compared to 69 percent of players selected 49th overall or later.
  • A relatively small number of players step right in as starters and remain starters for five years–238 of the 3,631 players drafted (6.5 percent) were starters in each of their first five seasons. OL, DL and LB account for 63 percent of those players. Draft selections 1-48 account for 70 percent of the 238 players. Only 22 players selected 115th overall or later were starters in each of their first five seasons.
  • Less than half of players who start as rookies stay starters for five consecutive years. Seventy-eight percent of all five-year starters achieved that status by the end of their seventh season. OL, LB and DB had highest percentage; QB and TE the lowest.

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