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Posted by Duke Bobber on April 21, 2011 – 3:09 pm

2:53: Hi, everybody, I’m at my station and getting ready to start. Your questions are coming in and I like what I see. This is gonna be fun. Thanks for coming. I’ll start right at three.

2:56: I like to keep my answers as short as possible so I can field as many of your questions as possible.

3:00: Comment From Pete
How dose the draft work

3:01: It’s real simple. You rank em and you pick em. I believe in it and I can honestly say I believe Ted Thompson believes in it. The ranking part is the tough part.

3:01: Comment From Scott
What position do you think the Packers will go for in the first round?

3:02: That’s not the way it works but if you’re asking me which positions are likely to produce the Packers’ first-round pick, I would say that the two lines have a lot of players that fit at the bottom of the first round. That’s also where the second wave of wide receivers enter the picture, and maybe even the running backs.

3:02: Comment From Garrett
Do you think the packers will draft a Defensive Back

3:03: Absolutely. DB is the most drafted position.

3:03: Comment From SerbianPacker
What is your feeling about GB draft after GM press conf. ?

3:04: Thompson didn’t say much but I like how he said what he did. He’s a man of conviction. That comes shining through and men of conviction are the best drafters because they’re decisive. You can’t live in shades of gray and be a good drafter.

3:05: Comment From Helen
What are the top 3 things the Packers need to do during the draft to consider it successful?

3:06: Value, value, value. That’s all. I honestly believe that, Helen. The draft is all about value. You can only pick what you believe has value and that’s a crap shoot.

3:07: Comment From Joey23
Out of all of the players Ted has drafted, what’s the biggest success story on the field?

3:07: It has to be Aaron Rodgers, in my opinion. Super Bowl MVP is like being king of something.

3:07: Comment From Andy B.
How did you feel about the snowfall you got hit with in Green Bay this past week?

3:09: When I told people I was going to Green Bay, all I kept hearing was, “Oh, it’s so cold up there.” It started to really annoy me. Hey, I like warm weather, too, but I’m a football writer and this is football heaven. I can deal with a little snow. I like it here a lot, just as I liked, make that loved, my years in Jacksonville. Green Bay is just fine with me. It wouldn’t bother me, however, if it would stop snowing.

3:10: Comment From Sara
Could you do an interview with coach McCarthy? I really want to know what’s going on in his head right now.

3:12: Sara, I did one with Coach McCarthy back in March. You can probably find it in the archive. I really enjoyed doing the interview and story. I think he’s a fantastic coach and he’s a great conversationalist. Yeah, I’m a little biased because we’re from the same hometown, but I honestly believe Green Bay has a top coach. I plan to do more with him soon.

3:12: Comment From Jeff
Is a play like Casey Matthews someone you would consider picking if he was available in the draft. I know that him and Clay would have some good chemistry together and would make a formidable lineup.

3:13: My understanding is that he’s a down-the-line guy. Sure, pick him, but I don’t think the expectations for him should be as they were for his brother Clay.

3:13: Comment From noah
who is your top prospect in the draft this year

3:14: I don’t know how you can get better than Nick Fairley.

3:15: By the way, here’s the link to that story I did on Coach McCarthy:

3:15: McCarthy puts trust in players:

3:15: Comment From NewMexicoPackerFan
Do you think there is any chance Cullen Jenkins will stay next year?

3:16: If the Packers don’t re-sign him, he’s gone. He’s certain to be an unrestricted free agent in any system.

3:16: Comment From ed
Do you think that there will be a nfl season?

3:16: Yes.

3:16: Comment From Andres Fuentes
How do you think the lockout will affect your draft choices?

3:17: It depends how long the lockout or work stoppage lasts. The longer it lasts, the less likely it’ll be that rookies will have a major impact on this season.

3:18: Comment From Joe
Will you be at Curley’s on Thursday?

3:18: I could be, I guess. I think I’ll stop for a refreshment, if you know what I mean.

3:19: Comment From IanFromKenosha
How good could the Packers defense actually get with Mike Neal and Morgan Burnett coming back next season, are they as good as promised?

3:19: You got it. That question gets right to the point. If those two guys are the real deal, look out.

3:19: Comment From Reggie
What were your first thoughts on the schedule release?

3:20: I’m gonna have a lot of late nights and sleepy days the day after games. The Packers’ schedule is a fan’s delight and a sportswriter’s nightmare. Remember, when you go to bed, I go to work.

3:20: Comment From tony
If you make a jouney to upper mi.. Watch out for bear, moose, mt. lion, deer, wolves, turkey, or anything else that might jump in front of your car.

3:21: All animals are my friend.

3:21: Comment From Cameron
seeing James Starks do so well in the place of Ryan Grant, how will this next season play out and who will be the number one running back? or will it be more of a 1-2 punch?

3:22: The first time I saw Starks play, I thought to myself how did everyone miss on this guy? What’s not to like? With Grant coming back, running back would be the feature position battle of training camp.

3:22: Comment From Jeff
Who will be a bigger threat in the NFC north this year, the bears or the lions?

3:23: The easy answer would be the Bears, but when a head coach goes out of his way to blow the horn of a team such as the Lions, you better take note.

3:23: Comment From Ken
What advantage does the Pack have going for them most to repeat in XLVI? What disadvantage is going against them?

3:25: Aaron Rodgers; he’s the best young quarterback in the game. He’s only going to get better. Their disadvantage is that they’re the defending champs, which means they’re the target. Football is a king of the hill game and everyone’s gonna be trying to knock the Packers off the hill. Defending your turf is very tough to do in this league.

3:25: Comment From RingFinger
What has happened to running backs in the draft? Why have they slipped in value? It used to be teams would pick them high

3:27: I don’t believe they have. I think that’s a misperception. I got some stats on that from Tony Villiotti, one of my new draftniks, and his stats show that running back has produced one of the highest picks-per-first-round totals of all positions. That’s especially significant when you consider it’s a one-man position, as opposed to five offensive linemen, four defensive linemen, three linebackers, etc.

3:28: Comment From Heather
Does your wife love football?

3:30: Honestly, no, but she’s gonna start liking it now, I have a feeling. She’s going to find out very quickly that the Packers dominate the way of life in Green Bay and they have a way of working their way into everything we do. I’m stunned at how enthusiastic she is about moving here, especially for someone from South Carolina.

3:31: Comment From Sara
We could probably keep this up for hours. How long are you going to chat with us?

3:32: I’m tireless. I’ll do it for as long as my schedule allows, but we’ll probably limit it to an hour. It really bothers me to see so many questions go unanswered. I’m trying to use as many as I can.

3:32: Comment From Ryan Konz
Vic, What are the chances Jonny Jolly plays this year for the Packers?

3:33: I so hope he can get back on the field and stay there. From what I’ve been told, this guy can play. I hate these kind of things. I really do. That’s just the way I am. Yeah, I’m a young player advocate. I’ve long been accused of favoring youth.

3:34: Comment From Paul Rodriguez
What do you think the odds of the packers repeating this season, with there schedule now posted?

3:36: In my opinion, if you put the odds above 50-50, you’re just trying to fool yourself. Packers fans are too knowledgable about football to not know how difficult repeating is. Keep it real. It allows you to get a real sense of appreciation for what is accomplished.

3:36: Comment From Belto, NC
Vic, why are we so high on the end from Arizone (brooks reed?), after seeing the initial comments that he MIGHT be our first round guy i looked for every clip i could find on him, he stands up too high and doesnt move nearly as fast as Clay looked like he did at USC, so what is it that is getting him all this attention?

3:37: I don’t know that they are. He was my pick for the Packers in my mock draft. We’ll find out what the Packers think on draft day. Don’t confuse my opinions for the Packers’.

3:37: Comment From Papa Buck
Who will be the starter at left guard on opening night for the Packers?

3:38: Mike Spofford is gonna help me on this one. His top two candidates are T.J. Lang and Nick McDonald. Mike’s helping me a lot in learning about the Packers.

3:39: Comment From Milond
I love what you’ve added to the Packer site during a tough offseason. What positions do you consider the easiest for players to transition from college to the NFL?

3:41: The premier pass-rush position is an easy transition if you’ve got a great first step. Running back is doable for rookies. The squat cornerback position can be mastered by a rookie. Quarterback is obviously the toughest. Left tackle requires knowing a lot of technique tricks. I think you can plug guys in at the other ones, if you can limit what has to be put into their heads.

3:42: Comment From Lochhhhh Nessss
Are you willing to address the article and videos of top 10 best games? Please entertain us or the Loch Ness is gonna get you.

3:44: Yeah, I’ll address it. I think Mike did a great job. The only one he picked I didn’t like was the Arizona playoff game. I don’t think it has much significance and I don’t think it was expertly played. Otherwise, his list is an outstanding piece of work. I asked a guy who was complaining to give me his list. I’m still waiting for it.

3:44: Comment From buckyscribner4eva
will the dallas cowboys bounce back this season?

3:44: I have them picking a wide receiver in my mock draft. What’s that tell you?

3:44: Comment From Trace
Can you live chat during the draft?

3:45: Yes. I’ll be doing this on Thursday night, beginning at 6:30.

3:45: Comment From Donal
Hey Vic, what’s your favorite story from all the drafts you’ve covered?

3:48: That’s a question I’d like to think about and answer at greater length, but I fondly remember the 1987 draft when Rod Woodson fell to the Steelers. Tony Dungy said to me before that day began that he thought Woodson would fall and I said no way. Then the Browns drafted Mike Junkin and the Cardinals, I believe, drafted Kelly Stouffer (sp?), which only goes to show you that the best draft picks are often the result of bad draft picks.

3:50: Comment From Sara
It sounds like you won’t be home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Years, either.

3:50: I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays. We’ll be back in Green Bay in time for a late dinner, I’ll get out of the house on Christmas Day before the paper has to be picked up, and the noon start on New Year’s means I’ll have to behave myself the night before. I love it. I love football at the holidays season.

3:51: Comment From LukeFromMadison
My fiancee isn’t into football as much as I am… how do I go about getting her as passionate about the Green and Yellow as I am?

3:52: That’s easy. Take her to the game but before you go to the game, give her flowers. Flowers, flowers, flowers. They’re the answer to everything.

3:52: Comment From Dave
Speaking of snow, the Pack will play a classic all outdoors last 5 game schedule.

3:52: Love it. I hate domes.

3:53: Comment From Mikein Chippewa
What are your thoughts on depth at the Tackle and Wide Receiver positions?

3:54: I think the Packers need some youth at each positon, but more so at tackle than at wide receiver.

3:54: Comment From Gracelynn
With so much success, do you think some of the players will get a bit “big headed” this coming season and possibly start to fall?

3:56: If you’re a coach, you worry about it. There’s an old saying: It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning when you’re wearing silk pajamas. I have no doubt Coach McCarthy will use training camp to make sure everyone is out of bed, so to speak. He’s already hinted that camp is gonna get a little tougher this year.

3:56: Comment From David
Do you forecast Flynn getting picked up to be a starter somewhere?

3:57: I think too many people are trying to get a speeding ticket on the Flynn thing. One game? Come on, folks, let’s slow down a little bit.

3:58: Comment From Cleveland Becky
I think deep down you’re a sensitive soul. Is your edge a cover up?

3:58: Yes. Last question coming up.

3:58: Comment From troy
Will you do live interviews with players in the future?

4:00: I sure hope so because it’s awfully tough covering a team without a team. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted OTAs to start. Thanks everybody. We’ll do this on draft night.

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