Historical look at first-round quarterbacks

Posted by Vic Ketchman, packers.com editor on April 25, 2011 – 10:37 am

Draftmetrics.com’s Tony Villiotti on quarterbacks:

  • 46 quarterbacks have been selected in the first round over the last 20 years (1991-2010).
  • 28 of the 32 NFL teams have taken a first-round quarterback in those 20 years.
    • Exceptions are the Chiefs, Cowboys, Dolphins and Saints.
    • Bengals, Broncos and Redskins have taken three first-round quarterbacks.
    • 49ers, Bears, Browns, Bucs, Chargers, Falcons, Jets, Lions, Raiders, Ravens, Seahawks and Titans have all taken two first-round quarterbacks.
  •  Quarterbacks have been selected first in 11 of the 20 years.
    • 27 quarterbacks were taken within the first 10 draft selections.
    • Nine quarterbacks were taken with selections 11-20.
    • 10 quarterbacks were taken in the first round after the 20th selection.
  • 20 of the 46 quarterbacks drafted started as rookies.
    • Draftmetrics.com’s definition of a starter is a player who started at least eight games in a season.
  • Of the 27 quarterbacks selected in the first 10 picks, 13 had or seem on track to have very successful careers, seven had or seem on track to have moderately successful careers, six were flops and judgment is withheld on one.
    • Very successful quarterbacks are Bledsoe, Peyton Manning, Vick, Palmer, Eli Manning, Bradford, McNabb, McNair, Ryan, Rivers, Collins, Dilfer and Sanchez.
    • Moderately successful quarterbacks are Couch, Carr, Alex Smith, Mirer, Harrington, Young and Leftwich.
    • Flops are Russell, Leaf, Shuler, Akili Smith, Klingler and Leinart.
    • Hard to judge Stafford at this point.
  • The nine quarterbacks taken between picks 11-20 were fairly successful.
    • Roethlisberger, Flacco, Cutler and Freeman are in this group.
    • Only Cade McNown and Dan McGwire were flops.
  • Of the 10 first-round quarterbacks selected after the 20th pick, only Aaron Rodgers and Jason Campbell have been successful.
    • Jury still out on Tim Tebow.

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