Vic comments on NFC North picks

Posted by Mike Spofford on April 28, 2011 – 8:25 pm

From Vic’s ongoing live chat:

Ponder to Vikings. Hey, it’s a big-time reach, but I like this guy. What I hate is that this a big reach pick.

The run on quarterbacks is on. Mallett, Dalton and Kaepernick are all first-round prospects now.

Folks, this run on quarterbacks is going to drop good playes to teams such as the Packers, Steelers and Jets at the bottom of the first round. The rich are going to get richer thanks to these reach picks.

Oh, no, the Lions pick Fairley. Swallow hard, folks.

It would appear the days of wide receiver fever are over in Detroit. Now, they’re for real. Gotta get the big guys and they’re getting them.

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