Tour Almost Sees Its First Basketball Dunk

Posted by Aaron Popkey on May 13, 2011 – 4:41 pm

12:40 p.m., May 13, 2011

The tour is continuing east after lunch at Tuggars in Augusta, where the group found its best home-cooked meal.

“That was a good meal, best of the trip thus far,” confirmed Gilbert Brown of his charcoal-grilled chicken and mashed potatoes.

Prior to stopping for lunch the tour made quite the scene at Augusta Middle/High School ( where they interrupted a school assembly in session. The 400-plus students, which included some youngsters from the neighboring elementary school, didn’t mind the interruption.

The players discussed that it takes work, hard effort and commitment to succeed in life. Gilbert Brown also gave a rousing warning about bullying. Now in its fourth day, Brown’s message has become a finely tuned message that the kids can take to heart.

The Q-and-A session drew some laughs when a young student asked how they could convert their Vikings-fan principal to a Packers fan.

A dance request came again, but the most likely candidate, Antonio Freeman, turned everyone down again and said his dances are just spontaneous. Plus, he needed music.

The student body wasn’t totally disappointed, though, as a student came down to the floor and demonstrated a spin move.

“Wow, my knees and back hurt just by watching that,” observed Mark Murphy.

An elementary student asked to use the microphone and chanted, “Go Pack Go.” Murphy responded by saying, “There’s your next Wayne Larrivee.”

And, after three-plus days on the road, the group nearly had its first dunk. (Last year’s tour saw a James Jones dunk at every school.) One of the students asked if anyone could dunk. Antonio Freeman pointed to Dorsey Levens who asked for a ball and then started to stretch. After a few moments, he approached the microphone.

“At first, it sounded like a good idea, but after thinking about it some more, a 40-year-old just coming off a bus trying to dunk is probably not a good thing,” he explained to the disappointment of the students.

The Wausau party to benefit the Women’s Community is just a few hours away.

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