Celebrating Reading At Jefferson Elementary

Posted by Aaron Popkey on May 14, 2011 – 9:29 am

2:50 p.m., May 13, 2011

The Tailgate Tour arrived in Wausau and participated in a lively surprise visit at Thomas Jefferson Elementary School (http://www.wausau.k12.wi.us/jefferson/) with more than 300 students who were participating in a celebration of Project JAGUAR (Jump and Get Enthusiastic about Reading), a reading incentive program for students to read at home.

Principal Marla Berg introduced the tour members and spoke of the excitement in having the Packers at the school

“We’ve been working with the Packers for three years to see if they would visit our school,” she said. “And today they are here as Super Bowl Champions to help us celebrate our reading program.”

With reading a focus, Dorsey Levens told the kids that his favorite author of children’s books is Dr. Seuss. He has focused on reading with his daughter, Amaya, spending 20 to 30 minutes each night with books. Among their favorite books are those featuring the character Junie B. Jones and Diary of a Whimpy Kid series.

Desmond Bishop’s favorite children’s book is Green Eggs and Ham by Seuss.

Josh Sitton was asked what the win in Super Bowl XLV meant to him.

“I remember watching the Super Bowl with my grandpa in the fifth grade and knew I wanted to play in that game someday,” he said. “When the last Steelers’ pass fell incomplete, all these memories and emotions flooded over me. To be able to reach such a goal at a young age is pretty fortunate for me.”

Antonio Freeman also spoke to the kids and warned them about being Vikings fans, stealing Gilbert Brown’s line referring to the purple jerseys making them look like “little Barnies.”

After speaking with the assembly about reading, the players helped recognize the 55 students who surpassed the program’s goal of 2,700 minutes. Matt Flynn read the names and the rest of the players gave ‘high fives’ and presented backpacks to each of them.

The kids beamed with pride as they received applause from their fellow students and teachers.

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