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Posted by Aaron Popkey on May 14, 2011 – 2:36 pm

1:15 p.m., May 14, 2011

The tour is back on the road after lunch at the Harvest Restaurant & Bakery in Wittenburg. Walleye seemed to be a popular choice for the group.

“It was awesome,” said Gilbert Brown. “It was one of the best walleyes I’ve had.”

Earlier, the tour made a stop at Aspirus Hospital Wausau where it visited with patients and staff throughout the facility. News of the surprise stop quickly made its way through the hospital and smiles awaited the group at every turn.

Kathleen Anderson, a patient from Ironwood, Mich., at the hospital to receive treatment for Leukemia, was very surprised with the visit, but was happy to show off her Packers blanket that she brought along to use in her bed.

“It was fantastic,” she said, beaming. “When they said we had surprise visitors, I asked if they were four-legged, thinking they were dogs. When they said no, I was then thinking Shriners. So to see these guys was very exciting.”

The players learned that Anderson had many Packers fans in her family, but did admit her brother was a Vikings fan.

“Do you want us to beat him up?” Gilbert Brown asked.

The members posed for pictures with patients and staff, and distributed a few Packers gifts before departing.

The Tailgate Tour bus is continuing east on Hwy. 29 toward Green Bay. Fans are encouraged to attend tonight’s tour stop at Green Bay East High School to benefit Green Bay Public Schools. Tickets are available and can be purchased at the event.

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