Wausau’s Women’s Community Inc. Receives Boost

Posted by Aaron Popkey on May 14, 2011 – 12:40 pm

8:53 p.m., May 13, 2011

Day Four’s Tailgate Tour party saw approximately 800 fans come out to support the Women’s Community Inc. at Marathon Park in Wausau.

Wide smiles and cheers greeted the players as they walked in holding the four Super Bowl trophies. Fans have regularly demonstrated their pride about the team’s record 13 championships, including four Super Bowls.

During the Q-and-A program, a fan was interested in hearing about Josh Sitton’s long hair and whether it gets compared to any teammates.

“Hey, I’m no Clay Matthews, but, really, who has the better hair?” he rhetorically asked to laughs and applause.

A follow-up question inquired about whether he as a particular shampoo he prefers.

“Whatever my girlfriend has in the shampoo bottle,” he answered.

In what has become a regular request on the tour, fans asked for a demonstration of Gilbert Brown’s “gravedigger” celebration move. Brown’s tour mates joined in the call as the crowd chanted, “Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert.” There was a moment where it appeared it may happen, but it did not.

“It has to be a real moment,” Brown explained. “Now, if you have anyone in a purple jersey here, it might be different.”

None could be found.

When a fan asked Antonio Freeman if he keeps his touchdown footballs in a special place, it gave him an opportunity to describe the game room in his basement. It features a big-screen TV with shelves around it that house roughly 20 of the 61 footballs from the touchdown passes he received.

“When we play Madden, I’m trying to get my friends to see all those touchdowns I had,” he explained with a laugh. “Of course, they tell me, ‘Those don’t mean anything here, Free, you’re nothing in Madden.’ ”

Jane Graham-Jennings, the manager of the Women’s Community Inc., was thankful for all the members of the community that offered support for the event. One component of that support was football players from a variety of schools in the area. The players, who wore their jerseys, were all over the arena to staff the inflatable area for kids, remove trash and help with cleanup after the event.

“It was an incredible response from the community,” she said. “So many people contributed, and it went very well. I thought people really enjoyed themselves.”

The organization offers support to any woman, child and man in the community who is sexually assaulted or subjected to emotional, mental, physical, sexual and verbal abuse. More information is available online at www.womenscommunity.org.

Larry Nutting, an area resident and Packers season-ticket holder since 1984, was at the event to get prepared for the upcoming season.

“Celebrating the Super Bowl is great,” he said, “but I’m excited about the season to come. I really like our chances.”

Back at the Jefferson Street Inn in downtown Wausau, Murphy and the players spoke of the enthusiasm of the kids at Jefferson Elementary.

“They were super,” said Sitton. “They paid attention well, too. That’s hard for young kids sometimes. These kids were great.”

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