Packers-Bears post-game quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on September 25, 2011 – 10:50 pm

Opening Statement
“I’ll report the two injuries we had in the game. Bryan Bulaga, the early diagnosis is that he has a bruised knee. Ryan Grant took a couple shots, but obviously he returned and finished the game. With that, I’ll take your questions please.”

On the performance of Ryan Grant
“I thought Ryan was big for us. He had 15 carries and did a great job running downhill. It was important for us to be balanced today. I thought Ryan did a great job with his running decisions. He’s a hard style of runner and he is a physical back. I thought he did a nice job.”

On Aaron Rodgers’ skill in turning bad situations into good situations  
“He was incompetent before he got here – that’s a joke. Aaron is a fine athlete… He is a really good athlete. He is a very good in-pocket player, and he does a great job transitioning to an out-of-pocket player. He has good feet and he is strong. He is able to break tackles and get beyond tackles when he steps out of the pocket when the D-line tries to sack him. The ability to throw and move, that’s where his athletic ability is; loose hips and the ability to torque his body, and he has the arm strength to make all the throws.”

On division road wins
“It would be nice if it was two wins – it felt like we were out there for two games today. It is tough to win on the road, and it’s even tougher to win division games on the road. It’s early in the season. Our two targets were number one, to win the game and number two, to improve as a football team. What’s exciting is we are 3-0 and we’ve got a ton of room for improvement. We’ve got a lot of work to do, and we’ll get back out there tomorrow and make our corrections and get ready for our opponent in the Denver Broncos.”

On the performance of the run defense
“Well, Matt Forte is an exceptional player. I think he is a complete back. The way the Bears run their offense tells you the way they think about him. We knew he was going to touch the ball today. We figured he would touch it somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 attempts, either running or catching it. He was definitely a focus for us today, for the run defense.”

On the performance of the defense in general
“You know, it’s week 3. Statistically, I don’t want to think the evaluation process is even close to who you really are at this point. I need to look at our penalties today, and some of the things that went wrong. We’re a good defense, we have good players on defense and we have good coaches. We’ll work to get better and be ready for the Broncos.”

On the performance of Morgan Burnett
“Morgan’s a playmaker back there. He did a nice job. I think he’ll definitely be a candidate, after I watch the film, for Defensive Player of the Week. He was Defensive Player of the Week in week 1, and I’m sure he’ll have a strong (chance) at it again.”

On having Ryan Grant and Jermichael Finley back
“On a personal note, it’s great to have those guys back, with the ride they didn’t get to participate in, as far as playing on the field. You’re happy to see them personally come back, have success and get back to the form they were in last year, when they were injured. They are great guys in the locker room, they are a part of our football team, and they both played great today.”

On the performance of Marshall Newhouse
“I watched him a little bit in the beginning. We really didn’t change the way we played, so I would say, without watching the film, he played well, or played okay – I couldn’t tell you. There was really no concern from the coaching staff on the adjustments that were made between series. Marshall stepped up and gave us a chance to stay with our plan.”

On the Packers’ nickel defense
“You gotta play run defense in nickel. We’ve been playing a lot of nickel over the last two years. It’s really the way the league has gone. People are trying to spread you out, and run and throw it. We spend a lot of time in nickel – probably 60% last year. And it may even be higher this year.”

On the punt at the end of the game
“We were punting left – that was the call in the huddle. Frankly, it was poor awareness by our coverage unit.”

On the performance of the offense
“I thought we were balanced. We left too many points or opportunities for points on the field. We had two turnovers – that is a negative. We had not turned the ball over until today. We had too many pre-snap penalties. I thought we were productive, and when we stayed in rhythm, we stayed on time, which is a big emphasis when you play the Bears because of the way they play on defense. I thought we were very effective, but we definitely have a lot of room for growth.”

On what a 3-0 start means for the Packers
“We are three games into the season. We are really focused on a fast start. We classify a fast start as the production we have in the first four games. We have a chance to go 4-0, which would dictate a fast start. That’s really our focus. There’s so much football left to be played. People talk about leading the division after a few games, and I think that is nonsense. There is a lot of football left to be played.”

On Aaron Rodgers’ confidence level
“Is his confidence higher? I’d probably say so, and it should be. He had a lot of success as a player, and individually, what he’s done since he’s been a starter. He won a world championship last year, and I think that gives everybody more confidence once they’re involved in that. He has a very good handle, week in and week out, of the plans, how the defense is playing him. He is a very good player. He is someone who is definitely on the path to being recognized as a great player when his career finishes.”

On what Grant and Finley give Rodgers
“They give him two very good veteran players. It’s kind of funny to call Jermichael Finley a veteran – he is the veteran of the tight end group. Jermichael has grown up a lot and he is an immense talent. Ryan Grant is a very consistent player, but he is also a very consistent person with his everyday work habits. He is big in our locker room, and he commands a lot of respect and they are good people. It’s great to have both back, personally and professionally, as football players.”

On it being easy to win in Chicago
“No, you wish it would be. Feeling good here, 27-10 here, run out the clock three scores, and had two turnovers. Disappointing because offensively, we didn’t turn over the ball in the first 11 quarters and a half, so disappointing finish but we’ll take the win.”

On start of game and affect it had
“That was a good start. It was like last year, the game down here, well actually both games here we scored opening possession. Got Greg involved early which we didn’t do last year. He had two catches in the game at home and the first game, so it was important for us to get him going.”

On Jermichael Finley
“He’s a great player. I think his best ball is still in front of him though. A couple of those plays he might have not been doing the right thing, but we made it work. He’s a big time player and incredible athleticism and the more he studies the more he is going to get the ball.”

On how would describe Greg Jennings
“Greg is an incredible receiver. He is smooth and he is in and out of his breaks. You feel confident in throwing the football and it’s going to be his or nobody’s. He’s a very smart, smart player. You can look at that fourth quarter where he was getting held by Tillman and pushed up, came back and made a big play on a third down. You kind of expect those things. It’s an interesting feeling in the locker room. I’m disappointed I threw that pick, kind of in awe because of that special teams play by Chicago – which is incredible. But we just won a big division game against a rival on the road and I think there’s a feeling that we could have played a little better. It’s fun to be 3-0, it’s exciting. You know coming to work with these guys. I think our best football is still in front of us.”

On luxury of having Ryan Grant
“I think Ryan deserves a lot of credit for the win today and I think Ryan played a very good game today. I think Marshall Newhouse, when he came in; I have to give him a lot of credit. But Ryan was Ryan today for the first time this season. He ran the ball hard, he made the right cuts. It was fun to see him to get going like that and having Jermichael back that makes us a better offense.”

On being more comfortable on the field this year vs. last year
“Yes, definitely more comfortable. Going through the post-season like that and feeling the way I played other than the second half here, it gives you a lot of confidence going into the season and knowing you’re bringing back Jermichael and Ryan. We’ve started the way we’ve expected to start. We have to keep this momentum going.”

On developing the skill of breaking out of pockets
“That goes all the way back to high school. Fortunately, I was coached by some great coaches in high school, junior college and Cal with coach Tedford. It’s continued here, but it’s a mindset when you’re moving from the pocket and keep your eyes down field and it’s difficult to do. But I’ve been fortunate to play for coaches and starting in high school, repping fundamentals and game like situations like that and it forced you to make those plays and we had them today. They’re more of a difficult team for me to run on because they are athletic and they understand what I’m trying to do when I get outside of the pocket. But we were able to have Jermichael with a big touchdown and Greg had a big third down and a big third down [catch by] Jordy Nelson as well. It was kind of a movement play, so it’s a part of my game that I have to use and get points in the game.

On his play toward the end of the game where he rolled out of pocket
“Part of it is instinctive but I think I have to give my quarterback coach Tom Clements some credit. I’ve been with him for six years and he’s a big reason for my success. We work on stuff like that all the time. In the off-season, us quarterbacks do that specific drill where you step in that specific pocket and you spin out and roll to the left and you have to make a throw on the run. So plays like that maybe don’t surprise myself and it doesn’t surprise Tom either, because we do those reps all the time.

On slide in – problem with field?
“Well you know a couple times in the shotgun I am taking my footing on another system of ground in front of me is a little uneven, but I have to say the surface, in general, surprisingly stayed in tack well and maybe have been the best Chicago turf in my five games down here so I have to give them credit for that. A couple of times sliding or even moving a good bit of turf came up.”

On how good Packers can be
“It’s exciting. We’re still not clicking on both sides of the ball and on special teams. I think offensively – the thing you’ve got to point to specially is we’ve had a lot better balance. We’ve thrown the ball effectively but we’ve complemented it with the running game. It’s really a two head monster with James and Ryan. Defensively, I still think they’re trying to figure things out. They played very well today but gave away a few yards the first two games, but I think we have the potential to get better. And I don’t know how many wins that means or playoffs, but I know we can play better football. And the standard we have set around Green Bay is excellence. So until we’re at that point, there’s going to be a lot of hard work during the weeks.

On how Newhouse held up and if they had to change anything
“No, we didn’t. And he played really well. Especially he is kind of playing out of position there… He came in with a good attitude. He was confident like T.J. Lang would come in the past couple of years, “Hey, don’t worry about me. I’m going to do my job.” And he did. I think he did a nice job and he maybe had one holding call or one false start and we didn’t have to change anything for him. He did a good job.”

On punt at the end of the game
“That was the most incredible play I had ever seen in seven years. And being a sports man in that situation, it was incredible. I think everyone on the sidelines was wondering what the heck just happened as he was running down the sideline with two blockers in front of him. I mean I have to – honestly, that was the most incredible play that I have ever seen.

On the Packers playing at a high level
“Yeah, I think we’re coming off being at you come back and start the season the same way you finished it think we have the chance to be a really good football team.”

On the punt return at the end of the game
“They used Devin Hester as a decoy. Hester went opposite of the ball, and everybody else went with Hester. You have to kind of respect it, since Hester is the dynamic returner that he is, and so everybody kind of went that way. I knew the ball was going a different way, but I couldn’t find it. Then, I saw Johnny Knox running up the sideline, and he was 50 yards down the sideline already. The punt was called for Tim (Masthay) to kick it where he did, but sometime he doesn’t kick it where it’s supposed to be, so we just assume where everybody else goes, that’s where the ball is. So, that’s what we kind of expected and that’s what everyone else kind of expected, and unfortunately, that’s not what happened.”
On whether they took advantage of two new safeties
“Not really. I just came out there and played my game. I was not paying attention to the safeties. I just came out there and played Packer football and it got me this.”

On why the Cover Two allows elite TEs to have success
“It’s the middle of the field. Once they start doing the Cover Two that they do, we gonna hit; attack that middle of the field. If they cut that off, we got other guys to close it off.”

On whether the early penalties affected offensive rhythm
“Any team in the league has penalties, it’s going to be a distraction. Next time we have to minimize the penalties and come out and execute better.”

On how much fun it is to play with Rodgers in the current offense
“That’s what I was talking about on the sideline. We’re just so blessed to have a quarterback like that. I’m stoked. Every receiver on the team is happy. You couldn’t ask for more.”

On being able to contribute after last season’s injury
“It feels great, man. I put the work in on the offseason, and I guess it’s paying off right now. This is just the beginning, but I’m pretty happy about this.”

On whether he is uncoverable one-on-one
“No. You see as well as I do out there. The film answers the question for itself.”

On why he had a big game against the Bears last and this year
“Ah, men it’s just one of these games that you get really hyped for. One, it’s a rivalry game and two, it’s the Bears. So, you want to come out shoot’ in every play. That’s what I try to do.”
On containing Matt Forte
“We knew coming in that he started this year pretty quick. In the first couple of games, he was the go-to guy in the passing game and running. I think our D-line did such a fantastic job up front of stopping the run,that the only thing up to us linebackers was to make sure that he didn’t get anything after the catch. For today, it seemed like we did a pretty decent job of that, but it still came down to the wire.”

On where this team is at after starting 3-0
“I think people around this team – because we won the Super Bowl last year – could easily take these kind of wins for granted. But, you can’t. Regardless of how many penalties or mistakes we made, we still came into Soldier Field and got a win. We’re not going to take that for granted. We’re going to take what we can positive from this game and know that we’re in a good spot at 3-0. We’ve got work to do, but we’ll definitely never take this for granted. I’m going make sure of that because I know how hard it is to win in this league.”
On the opening drive of the game
“I think we set the tone pretty good with the opening drive. We’ve come down here and each time we’ve played them we’ve had success initially on the opening drive and they do something, fight and scratch and claw and then it becomes a dog-fight, which is what we kind of expect. We never can really keep that peddle down and get them out of that game from start to finish like we want.”

On the first-half penalties affecting the offense’s rhythm.
“Penalties always affect your rhythm. It stagnates drives; it kills drives, as well. There are some things we have to sharpen up. Obviously, we came out fast with the first drive, made some progress, had some positive things happen and then we faced a little bit of adversity, but were still able to overcome it.”

On whether they were cognizant that there were two new safeties
“Oh, we were definitely cognizant of that. We understand what (Chris) Harris means to that Secondary. He is kind of the heart-beat of that secondary, with (Brian) Urlacher and all those other guys. Vital, key piece that they missed. Then with Major Wright not being in there, he doesn’t have as much experience but he’s a great player back there. But, we just wanted to take advantage of our opportunities and not let it be about them. A-rod (Aaron Rodgers) spread the ball around and we were able to make plays today.”

On Jermichael Finley’s play
“Oh my gosh! Let me tell you there was one play, I think he was about to take himself out and I was like, ‘hey, hey, hey, no, no, no, get back in here’. Next play he catches the over, next play he catches the fade in the end-zone. I’m like that’s why you never take yourself out. But you all know, we know he’s a great player. It’s just about making sure we can keep him on that field.”

On the early success of the running game
“That was huge for us. To establish the running game early, so they just couldn’t jump in the Cover Two like they typically do. They still jumped into the Cover Two but we were able to run the ball pretty well. I don’t know how much we averaged on the ground. But it was pretty good.”
On stopping Matt Forte
“We have confidence in our defense. We’ve been doing a good job all year, and I didn’t think it would change today. We knew that if we shut down the run early, we would have a good chance to win. We’ve been doing a good job all year, as far as shutting down running backs, and I didn’t think that would change much today. Every defense is different, but we’re made up of gaps, and everyone has a responsibility and accountability to their gaps, and that’s what we have to do.”

On the play of Morgan Burnett
“Morgan’s a good, young player. If the quarterback is just going to loft it up there, Morgan is definitely going to go and get it.”

On being 3-0
“We definitely want to get a fast start, especially with the division that we’re in. I think we’re off to a good start. We just have to come back and try to be 4-0.”

On the play of Morgan Burnett
“He came up big; he came up with some huge plays. He does a great job of keeping depth when he needs to. He’ll get a lot more of those this year if he just does that. We’ve got a lot of confidence in him. Last year he was cut short. We thought he was really coming on big as well. So, we just look forward to seeing him grow.”

On being 3-0
“Well, the big picture is that we have three ugly wins, but they’re wins, so thank God. It’s easier to build off of wins than to lose. And, I think what we’ve been able to do is have some close games that have come down to the wire and been able to make plays that we needed to make to win the game. I think what we take from it is that no matter where we are in the game with what’s going on, we can pull it out. And, the season is only going to get tougher for us. So, I feel that we’re building the kind of team that can stand the test of a hard season and just continue to stack wins.”

Opening Statement
“We knew going in it would be a hard-fought game. When you play the defending champions you have to be on top of it, all the details, and play good football. We didn’t do that today.

“Offensively, we had opportunities. We missed some balls, couldn’t get our running game going. When you go three-and-out and can’t sustain any drives, it’s just hard to really get a rhythm going.

“Defensively, the second half we started playing a little better ball as far as talking the ball away. We let them get off to that fast start again with their passing game.

“In the end, of course, we made a couple plays to get back in position. They were better than us today. I think the statistics will show that. Special teams-wise, we didn’t do enough to get the job done. I’m not making any excuses. They were better than us today. We have to regroup. There’s a lot of football left to go in the season.

On the penalties
“We’re never happy when we have penalties called on us to hurt our football team. You’re never happy with that, especially post-play penalties. Again, that’s all a part of us not playing our type of football today. We’ll clean those things up.”

On the Bears’ pass protection
“I thought we had adequate protection today to make some plays. It’s not like all is lost today. We saw some improvement. Whenever you’re playing a couple new guys, you wonder [how they’ll play] going in. I thought they held up for the most part with the passing game.”

On if Jay Cutler need to work more with Roy Williams
“I can’t just say Roy [Williams]. Our entire offense needs to continue to make improvements. We’re not there yet. It’s not Roy, it’s all [the offense]. We’ll keep going. Third game into the season, we’ve got a lot of football to go still. We’re not there yet as you can see. Again, give us time.”

On injuries
“Injury-wise, there is something positive. We didn’t have any injuries today. Hopefully we’ll get a couple of the injured guys back for next week.”

On how the dropped passes hurt the offense
“Big plays, whenever you don’t make a play to keep a drive going. They dominated time possession. I think they had it 15 more minutes than us it seemed like. You can’t do that. Drops lead to that. In games like this, you need as many opportunities as possible.”

On why the running game wasn’t successful
“They [Green Bay] played good sound defense. You have to give them a lot of the credit. Most of the time, that’s pretty much it. If you don’t get your running game going you have to look at what the other side of the ball did. They’re good up front. Their front seven is solid and it showed today.

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