Packers-Falcons post-game quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on October 10, 2011 – 3:17 am


On being down by 14 points:

“We have to make a stop and score some points. The Falcons came out of the gate strong. They were pretty much flawless on offense in the first half. I thought our defense stepped up a lot.”

On the teams run pass balance:

“A lot of this has to do with the defense. We did a lot of things at the line of scrimmage. Not too concerned with it.”

On the loss of their left and right starting tackles:

“I can’t say enough about Marshall and Derrick and the way they stepped up to the plate against a very well coached football team. It’s something we are going to watch on the way back and see how proud we are of these two players. We still played with open edges throughout the second half. That is a real credit to Aaron Rodgers to trust those guys and make it happen.”


On what it took to beat the Atlanta Falcons: “They had a good plan. They shut us down pretty good, they held on to the football, and it was clear they wanted to limit the possessions in the game and let their offense run the clock down. It was a choppy game. We had three possessions in the first half, but it was one of those games where we dealt with it well and had to persevere. I’m proud of our guys. I made some mistakes, but everyone did. Derek Sherrod stepped in and did a nice job and Marshall Newhouse moved over to left tackle. It was just one of those games that you’re proud of the guys for the way we competed and the adversity we had to deal with.”

On the touchdown pass to James Jones:

“He had a vertical route and they brought pressure. Once the safety turned his head, I was hopeful that James would cut inside and I would be able to get him the ball. He made a great catch.”

On what did took to come out like that in the second half:

“I think it is just confidence. We had to adjust and we got on a roll in the second half. We need a spark sometimes and that spark was the 56-yard field goal. That got us within one score, we got the ball back, and defense started playing great. One big play kind of got the momentum back.”

On the mood in the huddle when down 14-0:

“There was no panic. We just knew that in the last couple of games we’ve played, they’ve started fast. They’ve got the momentum, they get the crowd involved, and we just withstood that wave of attack from them. Once we do, we settle into the game and start making some plays.”


On the play of Aaron Rodgers:

“He was good. Regardless of the environment we are in he can play. He said just keep his composure and we will be fine. One first down at a time and it worked out for us. We knew that it was going to be a battle throughout the whole game. There are going to be some ups and downs. “

On not having the two starting tackles for most of the game:

“These young guys have to step up and fill these guys’ shoes. You have to have young guys that can step up at any time and play well.”

What will it take to beat you?



On the play of James Jones:

“That’s the type of game that I expect from him. Obviously, what he did tonight and what he exemplifies is him making plays when his number is called. He was huge.”


On your breakout game tonight?

“Just glad that I was able to make some plays and help the team win. That’s what it comes down too. If you make plays and the team doesn’t win it doesn’t mean anything. I was just glad to be out there and make some plays for my teammates.”

On your TD play?

“It was all go for me. Timing and the right coverage. Aaron threw a great ball and let me make a play on it.”

On the offense stepping it up in the 2nd half?

“Sometimes we come out and like to start slow. We were doing a good job in the first half but Atlanta was playing us well. We came in (at half) and made some adjustments and started making some plays and got down there and started scoring some points.”


Opening Statement:

“Obviously, that’s not the way you want to start the second quarter of your season. I felt like we started extremely fast. The way you play the first quarter is the way you want to play football, and then after that it wasn’t the way we wanted to go out there and play. We made way too many mistakes, and had uncharacteristic penalties at inopportune times. I told our team in there after the ball game that there’s still a lot of football left to be played. We need to make sure we get in there and get the things that we need to improve, and get fixed what we need to get fixed. We’ll start doing that on Monday as quickly as possible because we have a division opponent coming in with the Carolina Panthers. “

On the Falcons leading the game at halftime:

“I liked where we were sitting at halftime. I thought defensively the game plan was executed well. We wanted to try to limit their opportunities and I felt that we did that. We played very good red zone defense and forced two field goals, instead of touchdowns. So you have to like where you’re at with an offense like that. Unfortunately, we came out in the second half, we got a three-and-out, and from that point on I don’t think we played the effective football we needed to play to win the ballgame.

On Green Bay slowing down the Falcons offense:

“We were very hot in terms of operating. We got in and out of our no-huddle offense, we just didn’t make plays when they were presented to us. There were some plays that were presented, we got that ball down into field goal range and had a penalty. It was an untimely penalty that knocked us out where we don’t get any points in that situation. They won the ballgame, they’re a very good football team, my hats off to coach McCarthy and his staff. We have just got to get better.

On the Falcons performance in the second half:

“We wanted to establish the run. In the second half, we got in to a different personnel grouping and nothing that we tried in the second half was very efficient at all.”

On putting pressure on Green Bay Quarterback Aaron Rodgers in the first half: “I think that we got pressure on him throughout the ball game. We missed a couple of free hits. We had free runners and he was able to get out. We had a blitz up the middle where we didn’t tackle high, we didn’t pen his arm and he was able to get the ball out. The guy is playing unbelievably right now, through the first five games, probably as well as any quarterback. “

On the play of Thomas DeCoud:

“That’s the play I’m talking about. You have got to try to pen the quarterbacks arm and not give him an opportunity to extend the play and throw the ball down the field. Those are things that we’ve got to get better at as a football team, and we will. I know that.”


Opening Statement:

“Disappointing loss. Green Bay is a good football team. They came out and outplayed us tonight. I thought we started off fast offensively. We moved the ball pretty effectively. Those first two drives were kind of what we wanted to do all night but we weren’t able to do that. We made some mistakes and put ourselves in some positions we couldn’t overcome. It was different from that standpoint, but we need to get back to work tomorrow and improve and try to get better. We need to clean up some of the things we didn’t do well tonight and get ready for Carolina here next week.”

On if he could feel a difference after the first two drives:

“No, I think we had a good game plan and we came out and we executed really well on the first two drives. Then we didn’t do a very good job of that from that point on. We put ourselves in some tough positions to overcome, got off of schedule on first and second downs. Some of the penalties and mental mistakes that we had are disappointing and they’re tough to overcome, especially when you’re playing against a very good football team and a very good defense like Green Bay. Those are things we just need to clean up and eliminate and if we do that, I think we’ll give ourselves a better chance week in and week out.”

On whether the results in the second half were due to offensive inefficiencies or Green Bay’s defense:

“I think they played well defensively. I don’t want to take any credit away from what they did. Their guys made the plays and we didn’t, but certainly we had plenty of mistakes offensively and those are things that we’re going to try to clean up and improve at.”

On if he feels as if their offensive struggles allowed Green Bay to grab the momentum:

“I think our defense played well tonight. They went against really a very good offense and kept them out of the endzone early. We had opportunities; we had short field opportunities that we didn’t capitalize on. We had different opportunities where we started fast and had to come back for some penalties and for some different things like that. I think we certainly contributed to that not being on the field and not scoring points in the second half. Really, after the first two drives, we didn’t score and when you’re playing against a very good football team, that’s not going to help you win.”

On how confident he was on his throw to Tony Gonzalez that was intercepted:

“I felt good about throwing to Tony. Tony is a tremendous player. I didn’t really see it, I was on the ground but it was probably a little bit high. I just have got to make a better throw in those situations but that’s part of the deal. That’s part of the game. The ball is going to bounce into their arms sometimes. You’ve got to get yourself right back up, keep yourself going week in and week out and that’s what I’m going to do.”

On the team having three losses:

“It’s early in the season and we’re certainly not where we would have liked to have been, but we are where we are. What we did last year doesn’t make a difference as to what we’re going to do this year. I think the football team that we have this year needs to improve and we’re going to do that. I think we’ve got the right core group of guys and a great coaching staff that will get back to work this week and try to get better. It’s early. This season is a marathon. We need to bounce back. I think the message in our locker room and amongst our guys is that we need to put this behind us. Certainly, we didn’t play as well as we would have liked to. We need to put it behind us and get ready for next week.”


“We came out fast and that’s what everybody wants, we just didn’t finish the game.”

On applying pressure to Aaron Rodgers early:

“The entire defense tried to make it difficult for Rodgers. We went out and competed. We didn’t get the outcome we wanted, but we have to regroup and be ready for next week.”


On it being two different half’s:

“You have to play four quarters in this league, and that’s something that we’re stressing. We’ll work on that in practice and make strides to achieve this goal.”

On the adjustments the Packer’s offense made in the second half:

“They ran a lot more play-action in the second half and sucked our linebackers in to get balls over the top. That’s something that they do well because Aaron can sling the ball out so quickly. All we can do is look at film tomorrow and learn from our mistakes.”


Opening statement

“Despite being up to 14-0, we just fell apart in the second half and were unable to gain momentum. This loss was a tough break for us. We didn’t make enough big plays to beat the Green Bay Packer s. We also had some unfortunate penalties, especially pre-snap penalties that negated some big plays on offense.”

On the Packers offense

“They are a very tough team to defend, but our defense did one heck of a job. In fact, in my opinion, they did enough to win the game for us. If they play like that every game, there is no reason why we shouldn’t win a lot of games. Even though we didn’t come out on top today, I feel that we can learn from this game and start to prepare for the Carolina Panthers next week.”

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