More and more trades

Posted by Mike Spofford on April 26, 2012 – 7:36 pm

Jacksonville traded up two spots to No. 5 and took WR Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State.  Tampa Bay is now at No. 7.  The Jaguars gave the Bucs a fourth-rounder.

Dallas then jumped in front of Tampa Bay, moving up to No. 6 in a trade with St. Louis.  The Cowboys gave up their second-round pick to move up from 14 to 6.

The Rams were thought to want Blackmon, so as soon as the Jaguars jumped in front of them, the Rams went back.

Update: Dallas has taken CB Morris Claiborne from LSU.  Now let’s see what Tampa Bay does.  Did the Bucs want Claiborne and thought they could still get him when they moved from 5 back to 7?  They might not have seen that Dallas trade coming.

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