Packers-Chiefs post-game quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on August 30, 2012 – 10:44 pm

(on breathing easier after QB Graham Harrell’s performance tonight) “Well, I’ve said it all along, I was really cheering for that second- (team) offense. I thought it was a group that had some tough sledding the first two preseason games. Part of it was they were affected the most by injuries in training camp. I thought they got better in Cincinnati. And I thought they performed very well tonight. Graham specifically, I don’t know if we’ve had a backup quarterback, a nonstarter play that well. So, it’s a credit to him. I think he’s handled this path through the preseason. And I’ve been more impressed with what he’s done off the field than on the field. So, yes, I was very pleased with Graham Harrell tonight.”

(on if it’s difficult to make cuts after tonight) “Well, it really is. Look at the body of work, we talked about it yesterday or the last time I was up here, two days ago. There are a number of positions, and when you look at our roster horizontally, you’re going to have a tough time picking a player based on another player at another position. So, I thought a lot of guys made a strong case. You talk about, what did you want to see out of your players? I wanted to see those statements. There were statements throughout that game tonight. And that’s impressive. That says a lot about the men in that locker room. It says a lot about the whole process. You’re talking about a talented group of people that came together, worked their butts off, had a tough training camp, an adverse training camp because of injuries, and started to grow at the right time. It’s a great lesson that we can point back to. Hopefully when the playoffs do come around, if we’re blessed to be in it, we can look back at the preseason and we played the best football when it counted. That was one of our offseason objectives and I was very pleased with the process. Once again, I cannot say it enough, it’s going to be a long 24 to 48 hours.”

(on if he’s OK with the way the No. 1 groups did tonight) “I think the ones we’re ready to play. Obviously, I wasn’t very pleased with the way the game started. I thought they (the Chiefs) were moving a little quicker than we were. With that, handling the ball, we had the five penalties in the first half. I really thought we cleaned it up as the game went on and it’s about scoring points and holding them out of the end zone. I thought our team did a very good job of that.”

(on his level of concern with DT B.J. Raji’s ankle) “I don’t have a high level of concern about B.J. Raji’s ankle right now based off the information I was given and also talking with B.J. First play of the game, that’s not a good feeling. Obviously, we did not put him back in.”

(on how he felt in his first preseason game) “I felt pretty good. It was exciting to get out there and get a little work done with both of the QBs.”

(on quarterback Graham Harrell’s performance) “It was a great game for him and I’m excited for him. He showed me if you can keep him up upright he can throw the ball. The Graham I know, he can sling it. I think he got some great opportunities tonight to show what he can do and he did that.”

(on if he feels the offense is ready for the regular season) “I feel like everybody (did) good, but a fast start is much needed next week … Of course it can happen, the fast start, if we go no-huddle and just play our type of ball it can happen.”

(on his performance) “I think I did pretty well today. It’s something I need to work on and get better at and watch the film tomorrow morning when we come in. But I think it was a good start for me coming into the regular season.”

(on quarterback Graham Harrell’s performance) “I think he did real well. With his opportunity he made the best of it. He showed up tonight and that’s what we’re expecting from him. He showed the coaching staff and the fans what he can do and he proved it tonight. That’s a great thing for him.”

(on what it’s like for guys on the bubble of making the team) “It’s going to be a stressful 24 hours. It’s going to be one of those things where you just play the waiting game and kind of hoping not to get a phone call this time around, as opposed to draft day. There are a lot of guys out here working hard and there are a lot of guys who deserve (to make the team), so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

(on whether or not there is a battle for the starting running back job with Cedric Benson) “I’m not sure right now. It’s up to the coaches to evaluate. I know the running back group did a great job in the preseason so far, so we’ll see what happens.”

(on what he showed tonight) “I just showed that offensively I can make plays but the whole time it has been special teams. I felt like today was one of my best special teams games. I was very physical and everything the team needed me to do. I felt like I did extremely well, and I thank God that I had the opportunity to make plays on offense to show that I can contribute.”

(on Harrell going to him early and often) “That is something we have been doing in practice. In practice we executed well this past week and finally everything just clicked. I think as a receiving corps we all played well and I just have to take my hat off to Coach Bennett. This past week he has been in my behind. He has talked to me and pushed me to another level, and I just have to keep taking it to another level.”

(on whether he will be nervous the next 24 hours) “No, I think I will be able to sleep great tonight because I know I put out great film. That is something that the coaches have been talking to us about. They say, ‘Hey, everyone is watching and you need to continue to do the little things.’ I think the little things I have done all along with big-play results.”

(on whether it felt like a perfect night with his 158.3 rating) “You know, it’s fun to move the ball like always and that’s the goal every week is to go out there, move the ball and score points. We did a better job being more consistent tonight than we have all preseason and it looked a lot better.”

(on how important it was for him to have a night like he did tonight) “Like I’ve said all preseason, the goal is to go out there and perform every day and just try to continue to improve and get better. Whether it’s game or practice, no matter what’s going on, the goal is to get better and improve and I think that we did that tonight. We did a nice job, moved the ball, scored lots of points and we played well. We had shown flashes, I think, in the other preseason games. We just hadn’t put it all together and hadn’t been consistent. In practice, we had done some really nice things so it wasn’t like we weren’t confident in ourselves or anything as a second unit. We knew we could move the ball and we just had to put it all together and execute consistently, and that’s what we did tonight.”

(on if he feels good about tomorrow) “I’ve been blessed enough to play this game for a long time and I love playing it and I’m going to play as long as they let me … It was fun tonight and I love the game and I get to play the game as a professional right now. As long as they’ll let me do that, I’ll do it and it’s something I love to do.”

(on if there was a sense of relief with a game like this) “Like I said, it’s fun and it was like I said all along, it was just doing what we’ve done all year. It was just doing it more consistently and when things are going well, I think all the guys start to feel it. You get some momentum, you get more emotion and I thought the tempo was up just a little bit because, like I said, when things are going well you kind of start rolling. That’s what we did tonight. We just kind of got on a roll, played well and had a lot of fun out there.”


(on whether he feels he’s done enough to earn a spot on the team) “I don’t know. It’s not up to me so I’m going to just pray and continue to work. Hopefully it all works out and I can be here in Green Bay – that would be ideal for me.”

(on whether tonight was a confidence-builder for the defense) “Yeah. (The Chiefs) are a good team. They can run the ball and they’re tough, so that was a good performance tonight. You always want to win when you go out there and we accomplished that, and Coach was happy about that.”

(on whether he felt he was playing for his job) “Absolutely. I don’t ever, ever think that I have a job. No way. Once you start thinking like that is when you lose your job. Once you get complacent, is when you end up losing. Since the beginning of camp I have just told myself to go hard every day and have fun, and that is what I have done. One thing I can say is that I have had fun, and hopefully I will be here and have a great year.”

(on what went through his mind when B.J. Raji went down) “Two words came to my mind when I saw him go down, let’s go, and I just ran on the field. I watch the guys in front of me. I really do not pay attention to the specialty positions. I watch the line and once I saw B.J., the first thing that came to my mind was let’s go. Obviously once I came back off the field I made sure that he was all right.”

(on whether he was happy with how the game went) “I made some plays, but some things I could have done better. It is part of football. You will never have a perfect game, and you will never have the worst game in the world either. The film will point it out. I know the plays I missed that I could have made, and like I said I made some plays, too. You just have to have the mindset to get better every day.”

(on if he felt like he played well tonight) “I felt like I did. I had mistakes I can capitalize on and there is always room for improvement, but we will see what happens tomorrow.”

(on what he will do for the next 24 hours) “Try not to think about it. I did everything I could right now so nothing is going to change overnight. Whatever they have planned for me I will just go with that. I’ll try not to think about it and do what I can control.”

(on playing with some of the starters in the first half) “It was good. We have a lot of young safeties so Coach told us not to worry about when we are getting in. We all were going to have the same amount of snaps.”

(on his first-quarter interception) “It was just a crossing route. I stayed with my man and I saw the ball and attacked the ball and came up with the interception.”

(on not panicking early in camp) “You are never supposed to do that. I just take one play at a time and go out there and play football. That is what I did in the two games that I did play. I took each game as just going out, settle down and play football.”

(on his case for the starting spot and the importance of finishing) “[Tonight] will help. It helped a lot. Whatever decision the coaches come up with I’m ready to roll with it. The finish is what counts. Like everyone has said I have had ups and downs since the start of training camp, but I just took one day at a time and talked to some of the veterans like [Charles Woodson] and those guys. I asked them questions about what I need to work on, I listened and I kept going.”

(on getting extra snaps tonight) “I have missed a lot of reps so it helped me out to get my reps up.”

(on having to sit out the first regular-season game) “It’s tough, but life goes on. You’ve just got to stay positive and I’ve got to support my team no matter what and that’s what I’m going to do. Just make sure I stay in shape and mentally focused so when I come back I can hit the ground running.”

(on his performance) “It went pretty good. I’m very critical of myself so there’s always room for improvement. I made a couple of plays but being a week out I’ve got to make sure I keep that momentum going so when I step back in I’m able to contribute and make sure there are no letdowns.”

(on the game) “The official end of the preseason occurred tonight. Going into the game I wanted our guys to look halfway decent, to be efficient. When I looked out there on the field I thought that offensively and defensively we were efficient. We got some things done. We moved the ball and got them off the field. After that, we started to give other people opportunities to show what they can do and some of them made mistakes. We had far too many penalties and missed assignments. We gave up some big plays and allowed their rush to get to the quarterback, which definitely impacted the game. Overall, I was pleased with their effort.”

(on the running game) “We worked hard on the running game in practice so we wanted to take a look at it tonight and see what we could get done. I thought it was effective.”

(on backup QB Brady Quinn) “He was decent. There are some things that he can do better and I think he would tell you that he can do better. He tried to have some command of the offense and he was able to make some plays. He gave up a play, I believe one in the scoring zone, and that was unfortunate. But he handled our offense ok.”

(on the starting defense) “We were able to stop Aaron Rodgers, who is a really good quarterback, one of the top quarterbacks in this league. We got him off the field before he could go down and score. And then we held our own the second time we were out there. So that is a decent judge of the capabilities of the defense.”

(on starting the NFL season with replacement officials) “We are still going to play. Let the officials officiate and let the players play.”

(on how the team performed tonight) “We performed okay. I think the offensive line really rebounded after last week. They did a great job up front and we found the holes. As far as coming out and trying to work the run game and get things accomplished, I think we did that.”

(on setting the tone for the regular season) “Most definitely I think the kind of performance we had last week was unacceptable. And we want to come out and run the ball, and I think we did that for the most part today.”

(on only scoring three points despite rushing the ball so well) “It’s frustrating, but this last preseason game you try to see the guys on the keep. That’s a process in itself, so it’s really just about seeing guys and what kind of talent they have and trying to put the pieces together.”

(on the interception from CB Sam Shields) “He was in press coverage, but he’s bailing out at the snap, thats the way he (Sam Shields) was playing a lot when he was pressing.”

(on the experience of Lambeau Field) “It was great, a lot of crazy fans, but it was a great experience to go out there and be in the groove of the game and feel it out.”

(on being prepared for the opening game) “I just have to keep listening to these coaches, have to stay on it, stay focused and break it down on the mental mistakes, and I’ll be alright.”

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