Packers-Texans post-game quotes

Posted by Duke Bobber on October 15, 2012 – 10:19 am


(on the game) “Very good victory for our football team tonight. I was very pleased with the way we came out. When came out of the tunnel I thought that the energy was excellent form the first snap to the conclusion of the game.  Our goal was obviously to come in here and beat a very good football team,  that’s very well coached, talented football team in a great environment here in Houston, so we accomplished that. Unfortunately, we have some injuries, some that look to be potentially serious injuries and we’ll have to recover from that and move on to St. Louis.  But I thought our football team had great energy and productivity in the first quarter, and that was really our message at half time – to  continue and finish. I thought we took a step as a team tonight and again, beat a very well-coached football team in the Houston Texans.”

(on if playing the undefeated Texans on Sunday night gave his team extra juice) “I don’t think it really mattered what the records were between the two teams tonight. We knew when the season started that this was a very good football team when we had the opportunity to view our schedule. We knew the first few weeks we’d be challenged and just different, and the three road games with this one in the middle on Sunday Night Football. I have a lot of respect for Gary Kubiak and his staff and their team and we knew what they’d put forth coming into the game. We really, truly stayed focused on improving ourselves and that will always be our message and our approach. I was pleased with way we played.”

(on what role the run game played) “It was a factor in getting looks in the no huddle. I thought (QB) Aaron (Rodgers) was spectacular this evening. We pretty much went exclusive no huddle from the starting point of the game. We wanted to press their defense as much as we can because of how much respect we have for those guys. Aaron kept us in plain looks, and that was a big part of our production in the run game.  Run blocking I thought did an excellent job, gave us a very good front. I thought (RB) Alex Green played very, very well for his first opportunity tonight to fully have the football. I thought it was a good start in the right direction for our run game.”

(on if ILB Brian Cushing’s absence affected their game plan) “Not really. He’s an outstanding player. I mean, clearly he’s probably the most productive player on a very good defense coming into the game, but schematically, we always do preliminary game plans and then we jump  into an exclusive game plan that we start on Mondays.  We do have enormous respect for Brian (Cushing).”

(on the defense’s performance) “It was very good defense, very good technique, sound scheme by (Defensive Coordinator) Dom Capers. Ultimately, the credit goes to the players, we have good players. They’re proven players. I’m excited about our defense with the three turnovers this evening. That was one missing part of our 4-0 first success. Offense did a great job taking care of the football against a very good defense that is as good or better than anybody in the League, a very solid defense. Injuries are part of the game and we were overcome today.”

(on QB Aaron Rodgers) “I think that speaks for itself. Aaron was on fire. He did a great job of putting the ball where it needed to be. I thought that probably the biggest play of the game was when he had the opportunity on the first third down of the game, where he came back right after the penalty and took a shot right to (WR) Jordy Nelson. He played through some bumps and bruises there in the second half so clearly one of his better performances as a Packer.”

(on if he thought QB Aaron Rodgers was motivated by questions by critics this past week) “That’s really a question for Aaron. We spend a lot of time during the week, we have a one-on-one every Thursday and go through the whole plan, and that really wasn’t a part of our conversation. I think he does a great job dealing with that responsibility – that when things don’t go well, the quarterback takes a lot of the heat, and when things go well he gets a lot of the praise. He’s played a lot of quarterback in his career and he’s played very well, so he’s jumped over a lot bigger hurdles than this week, that’s for sure.”

(on DE J.J. Watt) “I think J.J. Watt is a dynamic, young player. He has everything you look for in a defensive lineman, and for him to play inside and (DE Antonio) Smith on the other side, I think that’s an excellent pair. That was really our focus of their defense. J.J. has big days ahead of him. Everybody is proud that he’s from Wisconsin, and we’ll root for him starting tomorrow. He’s an excellent player.”



(on the motivation for tonight’s performance) “We just wanted to make a statement. We know what our team is capable of, last week we didn’t finish as well as we wanted to. This week we wanted to bounce back and show everyone who we really are.”

(on the Packers having multiple playmakers on offense) “We have a lot of players who can do a lot of things with the ball. With all the dynamic players we have we just try to get the ball in their hands and let them do their thing.”

(on QB Aaron Rodgers’ six touchdown passes tonight) “He played phenomenal, that’s the Aaron we know. We made plays for him down the stretch. He fought through a lot of adversity tonight and led us to a big win.”

(on his big kick return after the Texans touchdown) “That was a big return, they drove down the field and scored. We wanted to make sure we got something going the next series, and we got some good blocking in the front and I was able to find a crease on the outside and hit it.”

(on if tonight’s performance is what we can expect from the Packers the rest of the season) “This is the standard. I think that’s why everybody was wondering where we have been. This is the team we know we are capable of being and we just have to continue to do it week in and week out.”



(on Packers opening touchdown drive) “You always want to have a fast start. That’s something that was lacking in our first couple of weeks. We definitely got off to a fast start today and kept the momentum going the whole game.”

(on if tonight’s game was a statement win) “I think anytime you get a win in this city it’s big. We’re not looking at it as a statement win it’s just kind of hopefully a win that can keep our momentum going.”

(on if the Packers saw any weaknesses in the Texans secondary on tape) “I wouldn’t say that. Every week you try to find weaknesses against whatever defense you’re playing and try to game plan accordingly. It’s a matter of executing, and this week we seemed to execute better than we have in the past.”

(on what this win does for the Packers emotionally after coming off of a tough week) “We won a football game. Tough week is probably your viewpoint, not ours. I thought our team did a very good job staying focused on what it’s really about, and that’s the preparation phase of it, staying in tune, getting ready to play these guys in this environment and we accomplished that. Our goal now is going to St. Louis, we really need to win two games in a row, that’s our focus – stack success for the first time this year.”



(on the win from the defense’s perspective) “It’ll put us on the right track to turn this thing around. To stop an offense like theirs, you have to stop the run first. Arian Foster is one of the best in the league.”

(on the specifics of stopping the Texans’ run attack) “I think to stop the run what you need is the front seven have to be very unselfish, and that’s what we did tonight – especially with our front four. The defensive linemen stay in their gaps, take up two blockers – it lets everyone flow and run. They have a unique running game with how they like to stretch and stretch. Arian is very patient and finds cutback lanes all the time. We felt like if we could make him bounce and bounce east and west, not let him hit those downhill seems, and I think we did that tonight.”

(on this game being a defining moment for the season) “We hope a victory like that is. We don’t want a loss to be a defining moment for us. Like I said, coming in we were definitely confident. We’ve been confident all year, but we just haven’t put a full game together. I think tonight we finally did.”



(on the offensive line’s plays) “Well we talked about playing more consistent. You know last week, we played quite well in the first half and the second half and then let up four or five sacks. We wanted to rebound up front and we knew this was going to be a tough group to do that against. A lot of great pass rushers on that defense. We understood it was going to be a challenge but when we showed up we expected to give (QB) Aaron (Rodgers) the time to throw the ball and try to make a lot of big things happen. Like I said, it’s fun to play and fun to block that guy when he’s on his game like that.”

(on the running game by RB Alex Green) “A lot of production in the first half with the run game a lot of big plays there. I think it takes a lot of pressure off (QB) Aaron (Rodgers) too when we are able to run the ball. We make their defense respect our run game so they can’t just drop seven guys and sit on our receivers. They have to respect us running the ball. You know, that plays a huge success on offense and we have got to make sure we are staying consistent.”

(on tweeting after the game)  “I don’t know. It feels good to get the win especially against an undefeated team at their home. We took a step forward today. We have got to keep doing everything we can to stay consistent and keep moving forward.”



(on the overall offensive performance) “Offensively, I feel like we came out fast like we wanted to do. We put some pressure on them by scoring points early. We were able to throw the ball down the field so that was good. It was a good test for us and luckily we put up some decent points.”

(on QB Aaron Rodgers performance) “I think he was in the zone tonight. He was out of the pocket making plays with his legs, sitting in the pocket making great throws. I think we as receivers ran some pretty good routes to compliment his great performance.”

(on WR Jordy Nelson’s performance) “Jordy was a monster tonight; he caught three touchdowns so he was trying to catch up to me. The Texans came out in press-man and challenged him but he made some great plays. ”



(on the defensive performance of Packers) “I think it spoke for itself.  I don’t know how many points we gave up.  We gave up seven on a drive where I had an offsides as well as a pass interference.  Take that away and we had a pretty good day.  We held them under 50 yards rushing until that last run, we got a couple of key interceptions, got after the quarterback a little bit and that’s what we wanted to do coming in.”

(on why the defense was able to put pressure on the Texans offense) “I think the gameplan overall to stop the run, teams haven’t had success against this team, so we were able to do that along with bring (defensive coordinator) Dom’s (Capers) blitzes and guys like myself off the edge seemed to get a lot of the pressure.”

(on if this was a statement win) “It’s a win and that’s what we need.  Right now we’re a little up and down, so hopefully we can maintain this level of play that we have.  It seems at times we play with a kind of unison between defense, offense and special teams.  There are things to correct. We’re 3-3. That’s the reality of it and hopefully we can stack some success now.”

(on the league fining players for hits and his statement on Houston Texans linebacker Brian Cushing’s injury) “I definitely think there’s a double standard in this league when it comes to fineable offenses that comes for  defensive players.  A great example is (Green Bay Packers linebacker) Nick Perry got fined $15,000 for a hit on (Indianapolis Colts QB) Andrew Luck, which looked rather legal to me but I don’t make the rules and that hit on Cushing was $10,000.  Proof is in the pudding.  Ultimately as a defender you like to see the league take care of not only the offense but the defense when so much onus is put on certain individuals rather than the entire body of the game.  I got a great response from defenders around the league.  The NFL has to listen to us.  Someone had to say something.  That was just the straw that broke the camel’s back and hopefully something does change.  I’m not complaining or to look for sympathy, but we all like to be protected by the same rules.”



(on getting the first touchdown of the game) “That was big to get back onto the field and get that touchdown to start us off. We wanted to start fast. This game, and I don’t know if this still counts, but I think that might be the first time that we scored on our opening possession. It was big and it got us going.”

(on the play of QB Aaron Rodgers today) “He’s great. He came out and played well. I know he got banged up a little bit, but not too much. It’s just good to see – we know what we can do when we’re all doing the right thing. We haven’t put a complete game together yet this year, and we came really close tonight. It’s fun to watch, it’s fun to be a part of. Everyone was just doing their part and making plays.”

(on if he needed a game like this to get going for himself) “I’m fine. Obviously you’ll take it. You want to do what you’re supposed to do to help the team win. And when your number gets called, you have to make the play. That’s all there is that happened today. It’s no different. In our room all we do is preach to make the most of your opportunities, and I think we did that tonight.”

(on getting off to a fast start) “Yeah, we need to. Like I said, I don’t think we had scored on our opening possession all year. So we wanted to get going. Especially when you’re on the road – try to help to take the crowd out of it. We were able to do that and get it into the end zone early and often and get in a nice rhythm.”

(on the team firing on all cylinders tonight) “They were, at least close. I don’t know, we’ll get back in the film room, pick it apart and strive to improve to perfection. It’s probably impossible to get to, but that’s what we’re looking for. At some point in time, I know we had a lull, but we just have to keep working at it, keep moving forward and get ready to go again next week.”

(on catching three touchdowns in the game) “All we do is go out and do our jobs, everyone across board. When we do that, we’ll form up. We’ve been far from putting a complete game together throughout this season. We’ll look at the film and see how close we came tonight. We just have to continue to improve. It’s a long ways away from being where we want to be, so we just have to continue to get better and keep grinding and keep working.”

(on the difference with QB Aaron Rodgers tonight) “I think it’s just everyone doing their job, him included, all the way across the board.  We came in and played well tonight. Once we look at film, it’s been something different every time. No matter what it is that’s got us in a lull and not performing the way we need to. So I think everyone just stepped up and did their job, him included. When we do that, we can be explosive.”

(on the defense taking the pressure off of the offense) “It’s great. I mean, that’s how you want to become a complete team. Those guys are going out and getting stops, we’re putting points on the board. Obviously that’s how you get a nice lead and you can kind of make a team one-dimensional and allow us to do what we want to do on offense. Whenever you can do that, we’ve experienced it, you don’t want to be on the bench on offense. As long as we keep scoring and they keep stopping it’s going to become that because they’re going to be running out of time. It’s how you become a complete team, and that’s where we’re striving to get to.”


(on his performance and the game) “It was a game that I was into early. Coach (McCarthy) gave me some good opportunities to take some shots. I missed (WR) James (Jones) on the first one then we got that offside penalty and went right back to (WR) Jordy (Nelson) on a deep ball and he made a great catch. We got in the end zone and kind of got rolling from there. The line did a great job protecting for the most part, I stepped into one sack and then we had an adjustment from a run that was kind of the other sack. Did a good job protecting, guys made plays; we had multiple big-time catches down the field. Both of James’ catches where excellent for touchdowns. (WR) Randall  (Cobb) made some great second reaction plays and (TE Tom) Crabtree had a big touchdown.

(on the Texans defense) “They challenged us. They played a lot of one-high safety, a lot of man coverage and put those corners in one-on-one spots with not a lot of safety help. So we wanted to take some shots early and as we got in the flow of the game, we kind of wanted to dictate the stuff we wanted to do on offense – shots down the field, double moves and made the most of a lot of them.”

(on Packers offense tonight against the Texans) “It’s a very good team. That team is going to be in the playoffs. They’ve got a great quarterback, great running back, and a very good defense. They’re very well coached. This is just a team that has a lot of pride in our locker room. I said it this week, there is not a lot of quit in that locker room. It’s almost better when people are doubting us a little bit I think; we kind of band together. People try to pull us apart this week and we stuck together and found our motivation within.”

(on this game being a must win) “I never like to use those words but I know what you mean. This was an important game for us. We had a couple not go our way, games we should have won. 2-4 would have been very difficult. We got a tough stretch still to play. Another road game next week before we get to come home and a lot of very good teams on our schedule left, five division games and we can’t add up too many losses early in the season especially the way Chicago is playing. We can’t get too far behind.”

(on hearing the criticism) “Of course I heard it. I mean it wasn’t like I paid a lot of attention to it but people, whether it’s good stuff or bad stuff, friend of mine they like to tell me what’s being said out there. I’m not someone that watches a lot of TV or puts a whole lot of worth into some of those comments, but I feel like I’ve always played with a chip on my shoulder and it helps when people give me a reason to have that chip on my shoulder.”

(on DE J.J. Watt) “He’s very good at celebrating. He’s a great player. I was actually joking with him in between the TV timeouts. After the first sack I kind of looked back and figured that’s what he did, I didn’t see it but I just said, ‘hey you got your own move why you messing with mine,’ I know he does the salute. When you’re a quarterback it’s interesting to see the kind of dances that go on around you and it’s not often you get to dance back to them. I made mine’s look kind of silly after my touchdown run doing my discount double check and have it call back on a holding call, but you got to give J.J. (Watt) a lot of respect. He’s a big time player in this league and he has a chance to be Defensive Player of the Year for sure and be great in this league for a long time.”

(on having fun with the discount double check dance) “It’s been great working with State Farm, the commercials have been great and hope we can keep doing them.”

(on WR Jordy Nelson) “Jordy’s a great player. He’s a phenomenal athlete, gives you a lot of confidence as a quarterback when you put the ball in his area that he’s going to come up with it. He made some big catches for us. The touchdown really got us going early in the game. It was just him running by the corner and making a good play on the ball.”

(on being committed to the run game tonight) “It was important for us to stick with it tonight. They’re sub packages four down one linebacker, playing a lot of six DB’s (defensive backs) so when they’re six DB’s are on the field you have to be able to run the ball effectively. They like to play wide techniques with their tackles. They got five really good guys who can get after the passer. They’re four are as good as any four in the league. It was important for us even if we weren’t super effective with it to make sure we were still making the attempts.”

(on Texans defense without ILB Brian Cushing) “Brian is a perennial Pro Bowler and it hurts not having him out there but we’ve found in Green Bay that the next guy needs to step up. We haven’t had (WR) Greg (Jennings) for good part of the season and it’s given (WR) James (Jones) opportunities and he’s done an incredible job for us and (WR) Randall Cobb and (WR) Jordy (Nelson) is holding steady, so they (Texans) need to have the same sort of thing happen with Brian out somebody will step up. They’re a great team and they’re well coached. They’ll miss Brian but somebody will step up and fill the void.”

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