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Posted by Duke Bobber on October 21, 2012 – 7:15 pm


(Opening comments)
“This was a very good win for our football team. We knew that it would be a tough game coming down her to St. Louis with the Rams being undefeated (at home) coming into the contest today. I have a lot of respect for the team and the improvement that they have made since last year. That was something very evident throughout our preparations, so we knew this was going to be a tough match up. I have a lot of respect for Jeff Fisher and his staff and the way he goes about his business and getting a football team ready. I was very proud of how the team responded at halftime. I felt the Rams pep level was a little higher than ours and we were able to make some adjustments with that. To come in here and not turn the ball over, I think the team played smart today. They played very good situational football. We were pleased to win back to back, that was our message all week, stacking successes. You have to stack success as you do every single year. Being on the road is tough, but we are looking forward to getting back to Lambeau field next week. It seems like we have been gone for forever, but this was a big one. This was a very important game for us today and I thought our football team responded.”

(On the offense’s third down efficiency)
“I thought it was huge, because our run game efficiency was not where it needed to be. I thought it was important to maintain some balance especially when you are on the road. I thought our pass protection, once we settled down after the first quarter, was really good. I thought that Aaron (Rodgers) played exceptional again today. Third downs helped in our success in our performance last week. You have to play good situational football, especially when you are on the road. We took care of the football today and on the defensive end we got the turnovers. We won the turnover ratio and that is something we focus on every single week.”

(On the play of QB Aaron Rodgers)
“It is more than Aaron being dialed in. I think it is also staying in clean plays because that makes his job easier. We started the game with no huddle and we had some communication with the referees about the mechanics of our no-huddle and substitutions and them standing over the ball much longer than we experienced in the past. We were a little disjointed at the start of the game so we went back to the standard huddle in the second half and that worked more effectively. We are all about getting in as many punches as possible, that is the way we like to play offense. We don’t want to play slowed down. I think it helps everybody especially the quarterback.”

(On the Packers fan presence)
“Our fans are unbelievable. To drive in from the airport yesterday and to see Packer fans everywhere, it was like walking down Oneida Street. This is every week, every week that we are on the road. You can never get tired of hearing, ‘Go Pack! Go!’ especially in St. Louis. It is a great tribute to our fans. I can’t say enough about them. They are the best, second to none. When opposing coaches are talking about keeping your fans out of the building, I think that says it all. So, thank you fans, they were outstanding today.”

(On the emergence of WR Randall Cobb)
“Randall is a unique player. He can play the 1-2-3 spot in the wide receiver position and he can play out of the backfield. Obviously, we know what he can do as a returner. We are focused on trying to make sure that he gets some opportunities each game. I think we did a good job with that and getting him the ball in those particular situations. I think that he was exceptional in a couple of those third down plays in the second half to keep the sticks moving. He is a young dynamic player.”

(On Rodgers’ touchdown to Cobb)
“It was very difficult. It was a free play. It is something that we practice all the time. He is very good with his cadence to create that, and our older players do a great job in responding to it. I don’t know if there is a throw that I haven’t seen him make, to his left or to his right. He is a very gifted player.”


(On what it’s like to be over .500 heading into the bye week)
“It’s still early, but we’ve won two in a row now. We’ve played better offensively the last couple of games, we’ve played two really good teams. St. Louis is a good team, they’re on the upswing, for sure. They’ve got a real good defense, a real good young quarterback and some young receivers who are improving, so it’s a good win for us. We needed this one, going home, hopefully get back on the right track before the bye knowing what we’ve got afterwards. But we’ve got nine games left it’s a long season and games like this are important.”

(On how key the third quarter was in terms of time of possession)
“That was huge. We had one of our best drives of the season, for sure, starting the second half. It wasn’t the prettiest drive, but we converted a lot of third downs and we held the ball for seven minutes, so that helped our defense out I think. Obviously, (that) got it back to a two score game for us. That was a very key drive for us and a good one to look back on as we watch this film tomorrow.”

(On the fan support they had at the Edward Jones Dome today)
“Yeah this is one of the shorter trips I think for some of our fans, which is still a jaunt. I think it’s probably about eight hours maybe driving if you’re pressing the speed limit a little bit. So we love our fans. We got to see a couple of them yesterday in the carriage and it’s been fun to have such great support. The chants are incredible. The boos that we had today on one of those calls from our fans was incredible. It was louder than the cheers for the Rams. Special connection between the players and the fans and we just love our fans. We’ve had some amazing experiences on the road hearing that, ‘Go Pack Go,’ chant leaving games.”

(On the offsides play)
“It’s pretty good. (C) Jeff (Saturday) did a great job of snapping that one early there and from there it’s just kind of ad-libbing a little bit. To be honest with you I saw the left side collapsing a little bit and I was thinking I might be able to run and get some yards and keep the play clock going. Randall (Cobb) put his hand up and felt good about the throw. He made a big catch in the end zone. That’s a big time play for us and we’ve made some big ones at times when we draw them offsides.”

(On if he would have thrown the ball if it wasn’t a free play)
“Oh for sure, yeah. To be honest with you, as I moved to my left I couldn’t quite tell when Jeff snapped it if he was offside’s or not. Usually, maybe it’s different at home, but I feel like I can kind of see the flag a little better out of my peripheral. As I caught the snap, I saw the guy on my right jump a little bit, I couldn’t tell if he was across the line. That gets you in that grey area where Jeff (Saturday) is aggressive to snap it, but forcing the ball there when it’s not offsides would not be a good thing, so it was a roll to my left. I did feel like it was either us or nobody on that throw, so he made a great catch.”

(On WR Randall Cobb)
“He’s a star in the making. He’s a big time player. He has the right approach for being a professional. He takes his job very seriously. He sees the game through the eyes of a quarterback. He’s played quarterback before, but he asks the right questions. He wants to be on the same page with me, he kind of wants to know what I’m thinking. He’s always in tune to second reaction plays. Those are some big time plays. The first one really got us going and he broke a tackle and kept that drive going. He’s a lot of fun to play with and he’s a good human being, which makes it even easier.”

(On how important it was to have another good game after scoring six touchdowns last week)
“That wasn’t really on my mind. My mind is usually focused on doing what I can do to put ourselves in good situations at the line of scrimmage. I’m expected to be consistent week in and week out. There’s been times where that hasn’t been the case, but I’m happy with the way the offense is progressing and obviously I wanted to come out and play really well. Missed a couple throws I probably could have hit, but other than that I thought it was a good performance by our offense.”

(On finishing wins on the road)
“Yeah that’s what we’ve done around here in the past. We’ve been up maybe a score or less than a touchdown and had to come up with a big drive and we’ve been able to, so we’re proud of that. We had to convert some tough third downs today, I’m not sure what the percentages were, but I’d like to think that we converted a number of third downs and kept drives going and flipped the time of possession. Gave our defense a little bone there and were able to finish off that drive with a touchdown and put it back to two scores and gave us a good chance to win the game.”


(Opening Statements)
“When you play a team as good as they are offensively, in order to have a chance to win, you need to get turnovers. You need to get the ball back or you need to get off the field on third down. That’s obviously what we did not do today defensively and that’s really the difference in the game. (Green Bay QB) Aaron (Rodgers), we knew he was coming off a hot hand last weekend and feeling pretty good and he’s got a lot of weapons and that’s certainly the difference. We kept it close for a while, but we couldn’t get the ball back the second half and that was the difference in the game.”

(On what Rodgers did best during the game such as changing the plays at the line of scrimmage)
“Yes. He’s just throwing with great accuracy and then putting themselves in position. They’ll change things after the snap. They’ll recognize things and change it after the snap. We had some oppourtunities. He took advantage of our defensive mistakes, our defensive offsides. Both those two long balls would probably not have been thrown had we not jumped in the neutral zone. So, ‘Let’s just take a shot,’ and he’s really smart. You can’t do that. But that’s what he does and they run it to keep you honest, but he’s a very accurate passer. You’ve got to make tackles on third down. You get third-and-eight and you make a tackle and get off the field, create fourth downs, and we just didn’t do that.”

(On if there were things that he conceded to Rodgers when he was gameplanning)
“Well, you like to keep him underneath and not give up the big shots. ‘Jenks’ (CB Janoris Jenkins) is watching flags fly on the first touchdown pass and he should’ve been playing defense and got caught out of there. He’ll learn from that. You’ve got to make him try to take his stuff underneath and then get into third down and then make a play on third down and get off the field. And then also know that field goals, at times, are wins for your defense. Then of course, you’ve got to score more points, we’re not scoring points, not enough points to beat a team like this on offense.”

(On if the loss is an opportunity to perform better in London or if it’s frustrating to have to change the schedule)
“No, we’re looking forward to the opportunity, but reality is, maybe you should’ve asked me that question a couple days from now, not 30 minutes after a loss. But we have a lot to do. Obviously, we go back to the office and players come in. We’ve got a lot to do to get ready to get on this airplane tomorrow afternoon.”

(On what made Packers WR Jordy Nelson so effective)
“Jordy’s a big target that runs bettter than, I think, people think and he’s outstanding out of frame. He can make the tough catch. He doesn’t drop balls. He gets open and they’re really on the same page most of the time.”

(On Rodger’s rolling left and throwing across his body for a touchdown)
“He did that a couple weeks ago. He did it against the Bears, I think. He rolled left and threw across his body and put that in there. He’s pretty good at it.”

(On if he had experience coaching in games where the opponent’s fans traveled so well)
“Yes. I’ve expereinced that before. That’s just a tribute to the Packer organization – the tradition and history of the Packers. They travel well. They do that wherever they go. We’d like to get our organization to that point, so we travel well as well.”

(On how T Joe Barksdale and G Shelley Smith performed)
“I thought they played pretty well considering. Joe battled. He had a pretty good pass rusher out there and he battled. It’s easier to watch in person live, the tackle than it is the guard because, of course, we’re concerned about the matchup. We ran the ball well over them, away from them and I thought both of them played pretty well.”

(On what the key was for Green Bay in eliminating the Rams’ sacks)
“Yes, we got some pressure on them. Well, they made some adjustments. They started banging the ends. They started chipping ends because that’s where we were getting our pressure in. We nearly had him down three or four more times. We just couldn’t because his mobility’s extraordinary.”

(On not getting in the endzone)
“That’s right. We’ve got to keep working on it. That’s it. Worked on it this week. We make a fourth-and-two catch and we might have another opportunity at it, but we didn’t.”

(On if the ball had to be caught on the fourth-and-two play)
“Yes. You’ve got to make that catch and then we get three or four more shots at it.”

(On if he tried to get a replay on the onside kick because he wasn’t sure if the ball went 10 yards)
“No. I wanted to confirm who touched it first because if they touched the ball inside of the 10-yard restraining line, then I can challenge that, but I never got a look. I went and asked ‘Tru’ (CB Trumaine Johnson) and he didn’t know.”

(On if WR Brian Quick got hurt at the end of the game)
“No, he’ll be OK. The only thing we’ve got to concern ourselves with is (DE) Eugene (Sims), so we’ll see how he is.”


(On today’s game)
“It’s a tough one.  I thought we did a fairly decent job in the first half.  We probably would’ve liked to come away with a few more points, especially the possession where we got stopped on fourth down down there.  It would’ve been nice to convert that and put seven on the board.  We came out cold in the third quarter, just didn’t really get anything going.  We’ve just got to do a better job of overcoming.”

(On if he can put his finger on what happened in the third quarter)
“Seven points.  They controlled the ball.  When we had an opportunity to control the ball, we didn’t.  We had a quick series, then the turnover, just things you can’t do when you’re playing a team like that.”

(On what contributed to his interception)
“I should have checked it down.  My body just wasn’t in a great position.  I think I was trying to step up and tried to get it out there and just wasn’t in good position to throw it downfield like that.”

(On if he was fearing a sack on the play)
“I don’t think I was fearing a sack. I just felt the edges kind of collapsing and wanted to get it out there and give (WR Chris) Givens a chance, but when I’m not in a good position to throw it downfield I just can’t do that.”

(On if he has to always be aware of the threat of a sack given the state of the offensive line)
“No.  I trust those guys. I think they did a great job today.  I think everyone who’s had to step up all year has done a great job.  Those guys were put in a tough position.  Green Bay led the league in sacks coming into today, and with that being said, I think those guys did a great job.”

(On what positives he takes from the game)
“It’s hard to say right now.  I think we’ll have to look at the film to really draw the positives, but just another frustrating loss.”

(On if the team felt they were back in the game when RB Steven Jackson scored)
“We knew the whole time that being down 14 if we could score and cut it to a one possession game, we had a shot.  When we did that, I think our sideline was really excited.  We thought our defense was going to go out there and get a stop, get us the ball back, and then we were going to go score again.  Unfortunately it didn’t work like that, but any time you’re able to cut into a lead late in the game, you feel good about yourself.”

(On if the Packer fans took the home field advantage away)
“I wouldn’t say that.  Obviously we knew that they were a team that was going to travel well.  They sure did, but it really didn’t change anything from our perspective.”

(On being able to play with New England next week)
“We’ll come in and look at film tomorrow, see what things we can take from this game, both the positive and the things we need to correct, but our mentality as a football team is that we can play with anyone on any Sunday and we’re going to take that same mentality into the game next week.”

(On who he trusts the most in the red zone)
“I think all those guys down there.  It’s hard to pick one guy.  I think they’ve all done a great job.  Gibby (WR Brandon Gibson) has really stepped up since (WR) Danny (Amendola) went down and I think he’s played exceptionally well the past couple weeks.  I feel very comfortable with him, but with that being said, I think you look at it…we threw the ball to a lot of different guys down there today.  I’m comfortable with everyone down there.”


(On today’s game)
“We’ve still got a lot of work to do. We’re slowly coming together as an offense, a unit. But, we’ve still got to continue to get better, continue to help our defense out by putting points on the board.”

(On if he wanted the ball more in today’s game)
“I’m called to do whatever the coaching staff here feels is best for this team and for the offense. So, whenever I get my opportunities, I’ve got to make sure I take advantage of them.”

(On what went wrong today)
“We’ve just got to take advantage of every opportunity. They surprised us with an onside kick, but when you face a team that’s a potent offense, we’ve got to do our job as an offensive unit and that’s to keep up and help our defense out.”

(On if they needed to score touchdowns instead of field goals against Green Bay)
“They’re red hot right now. They have one of the best quarterbacks in football. We knew it was going to be a challenge. We have to continue to get better at that.”

(On if Green Bay controlled the ball in the second half)
“Yes. They did a good job. At halftime, I’m pretty sure they went in and made adjustments, saw what we were doing effectively and tried to take it away from us.”

(On if this was the best they’ve run the ball this season)
“We’re getting better. This unit continues to gel week in and week out. The guys up front did a good job for me creating some lanes.”

(On if today’s game felt like a road game)
“No. We know that Green Bay travels. It didn’t stop us from doing what we wanted to do. We were able to use a snap count because we knew that they’re pretty fast off the ball. We mixed it up.”

(On if he has mixed emotions from scoring a touchdown but losing the game)
“Personal stats are not what I’m focused on anymore. Winning games.”

(On how he will handle the quick turnaround before flying to London tomorrow)
“We have a long flight ahead of us, so we have to make sure we get our rest. I’ll be in the cold tub tonight.”


(On how the Packers played)
“This was par for the course for them.  They threw the ball around the yard and played a really good game. You’ve got to take your hat off to them.”

(On if the crowd disparity was disappointing)
“I wouldn’t say disappointing, but I expected that they’d be well represented here. We just never got the chance to quiet them down.  It wasn’t a factor, but not disappointing, no.”

(On trying to keep the game close)
“We had our opportunities and we didn’t take advantage of them.  We were close there for a while, but we weren’t playing our best game, myself included.  We can play a lot better.  Hats off to them.  They’re a very good football team.  There’s a reason they’ve won so many games.”

(On the Rams’ play in the third quarter)
“They came out with a really good game plan in the second half and executed it and we couldn’t get off the field.  That was just a really disappointing stretch.”

(On if the game changed on the free play where he was called offside)
“Absolutely.  That was a hundred percent on me.  All week I knew that he was going to take a shot if we got offsides or jumped offsides and then lined up and got back.  What you need to do is keep rushing because that’s what he does.  That’s his M.O., so that’s completely on me.  I hung our coverage out to dry.”


(On trying to get to Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers)
“He’s definitely an elusive quarterback.  I don’t know if he gets credit enough for being elusive.  It’s hard to take the quarterback down and get sacks, so we just have to keep grinding every week and hit them as many times as possible, really try to rattle them.  You’re not going to get sacks every play, but at least try to rattle them.”

(On if it was frustrating to be close to sacking Rodgers on multiple occasions)
“You just keep grinding.  If this game was simple and not frustrating, it wouldn’t be as fun.  You’ve just got to keep grinding away, chipping away, doing whatever you can to help your team win.”

(On being near the top of the league in sacks)
“I’m just trying to play hard every snap I’m out there, doing anything that’s possible to try to help us win.  If I’ve got to go to the three technique or whatever it might be, just doing everything I can to try to help the team win.  I’m really not paying attention to the stats.  I’m just trying to chip away each game, get better, and try to get a W at the end of each game.”


(On what Packers QB Aaron Rodgers does well)
“I think what he does the best is that he’s good at improv. He escapes to make the deep throws and maneuvers in the pocket. That’s something that he does really well. He did that today a couple of times. (He) maneuvered around guys was able to break out of the pocket and chuck it deep. He’s going to make throws that other quarterbacks won’t.”

(On Rodgers making adjustments at the line of scrimmage)
“He’ll make a lot of adjustments. I don’t think he goes to the extent that (Denver Broncos QB) Peyton (Manning) does where you have no idea if he’s actually checking something or if he’s bluffing. He’s going to put his offense in the best play possible and when you’re a defense, you just have to react to it. When you play a team that’s truly a west coast (offense) team like this, you know you’re going to get a lot of different stuff out of multiple looks. You just have to play your fundamentals well and tackle well in space. Looking back, we’ll look at the film tomorrow, I don’t think we really tackled well enough to win this game at the end.”

(On what separates the Rams from the Packers)
“I don’t know about the whole ‘how close are we.’ I just think they made more plays in this game to win. We had a chance on multiple third downs to get off the field at the end, and we didn’t do it. They made plays and we didn’t. That’s the reality of it. These games in the NFL come down to who’s going to step up and make plays at the end. Today, Green Bay’s offense did it.”

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