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Posted by Duke Bobber on August 18, 2013 – 12:54 am

Green Bay Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

(On injuries)
“(TE) Matthew Mulligan had an arm injury and did not return. That is all I have to report at this time.”

(On the game)
“As far as an overview of the game, I thought that the football team took a step forward tonight. We obviously still have a lot to work on. I thought the offense moved the football. We need to focus on getting the ball in the end zone this week. We took care of the football, we had the one fumble on the ground during the fourth quarter but it was reversed. Defensively, I felt good about our defense, particularly on the third downs and their ability to keep them out of the end zone. On special teams we were able to get a number of kicks for both Mason (Crosby) and Giorgio (Tavecchio) so that we can continue that evaluation. I feel like the productivity and the opportunity on a number of different fronts gives us the chance to evaluate and move into preseason week number three. Overall, I think like I said to start off, we took a step forward but we still have a lot of work to do.”

(On the play and interception of DT Johnny Jolly)
“You go back to his play in college and when he played in the earlier years for us, he is a very instinctive football player. I don’t know the specific statistics of how many batted balls he has had in his career. With his hand-eye coordination, for him to make a play like that in that particular defense, he is the perfect guy for a role like that. It was obviously a big play to keep them out of the end zone. It speaks a lot to Johnny Jolly’s case to make our football team. When I talk about the team taking a step forward, I think Johnny taking a step. We are starting to see the player that was here a few years back. I am very happy for his individual success here tonight.”

(On the play of RB Eddie Lacy)
“If you go back to his college film and his ability to not waste any steps, that is something that I have always looked for in a runner, particularly a good north and south and with his body type. We wanted to give him some opportunities. We visited with him before the game. I wanted to make sure that he was all the way back from his injury and I think that was evident tonight. He clearly took advantage of his opportunities.”

(On the play of QB B.J. Coleman)
“B.J. did a good job. He had a couple of plays that he wished he could get back, but I thought that he saw pressure from their defense and did a couple of things at the line of scrimmage. He needs to settle down still a little bit more, but he improved today.”

(On watching the kickers in a live game time situation)
“It is a kicking competition and it is important for both of them to improve off of film. The opportunity did not present itself last week and frankly I think that it was important to get them the opportunity. I think the way the game was played will reflect that. We will continue to let those guys battle it out. We will try to kick to them as much as we can on the six-day week as we lead up to Seattle.”

(On the #2 quarterback selection and evaluations)
“You can say that at the quarterback position, on the cornerback position, you can say that at the right tackle position. This is the time that the individual that the guy who will be in that position to jump forward. This what usually happens in the second or third preseason week.”

(On QB Graham Harrell)
“I thought he was better this week than he was last week, but I thought that his ability on some things that we had really been stressing with Graham – his play out of the pocket, his transition from in-pocket to the out of pocket phase and I thought he did a good job.

(On the play of QB Aaron Rodgers)
“I thought that Aaron was very sharp. I took the ball out of his hands in a couple of situation that I wouldn’t do on a normal Sunday. I thought he was sharp and kept us in key plays.”

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

(On his performance tonight)
“It was okay. It was frustrating not getting in the end zone. But, I’m going to highlight a couple of guys I thought that played really well. On our side of the ball, Jermichael (Finley) was awesome. He’s had a great spring, summer and camp and I’m excited about his progress moving forward and the role he’s going to play in our offense. We need to find more ways to get him the ball, Eddie Lacey as well. Eddie was in there working with the first group. He did a nice job being on the same page as a rookie and ran the ball really well.”

(On Eddie Lacy being a quality running back)
“I think we’ve had quality running backs here in the past. It’s just a matter of doing a better job of scheme that fits our personnel and the game up front and making the most of the athleticism we have with those guys. And then we have a back that has very good patience in Eddie. But there are six guys who have run the ball really well in camp. I think it’s a fun competition to watch and we’ll see what happens moving forward, but Eddie had a good night.”

(On his other observations tonight)
“I like our team. We’re a young team with a lot of energy that’s exciting to see the guys and their personality. I felt there was more life on the sideline tonight. We actually scored some points tonight and the defense was playing great. One moment that sticks out more than any tonight was Johnny Jolly having an interception. I was jumping up and down running down the sidelines and I know James Jones was doing the same thing. There were probably 25 guys on the field congratulating him and that just says a lot about his presence, his personality, the way the guys feel about him and how happy were are to have him back and he played great tonight.”

Packers RB Eddie Lacy

(On his performance tonight)
“I felt good tonight. It was my first night out there with the number one offense in a real live situation and I felt as though I did a good job tonight.”

(On the Green Bay offense)
“We came out and played a lot more physical in this game. We didn’t like the way things went in the last game and we wanted to come out and be different and take a step in the right direction and we did that tonight.”

(On getting an opportunity to play)
“I was just happy to be out there and to be a part of what we’re building here this season. I did make a couple of great runs, but the offensive line did a great job and I made good reads. But I’m just out here to contribute and the coaches are going to play who they want to play.”

(On his comfort level playing tonight)
“I was nervous at first, but after the first hit I got a lot more comfortable and then just let the game come to me.”

(On if he brings something extra to the Green Bay offense)
“I’ll watch it on tape and see how things went out there. But for me I thought I did a great job and I hope to continue to do the same thing.”

Packers LB Clay Matthews

(On his thoughts regarding the team’s performance)
“I definitely think we took a step in the right direction. We aim to win every game around here. Obviously, preseason is a little different, but with that being said, we came out (last week) and defensively, we gave up a few too many points and had a letdown. But tonight, I thought we took a step in the right direction with the victory. We had a goal-line stand, so I think we did some things out there. We definitely took a step in the right direction.”

(On coming up with key stops in the red zone)
“Last week, we didn’t do so well in certain situations, but this week we gave up a deep ball down to the five-yard line and we were able to keep them out so we feel good about that. We improved on the areas from last week where we had some letdowns, so that’s what’s important right now. We have two more games, obviously. The Week 3 matchup is our biggest as far as seeing where your team is at, so we’ll see. I know I continue to say it, but we took a step in the right direction.”

(On his thoughts on the offense’s performance)
“We saw that last week. Aaron (Rodgers) played limited snaps last week and I know we had the ball at the goal line and we were unable to punch it in. It’s unfortunate, but ultimately they looked good. They looked real good. We know with Aaron in charge it’s going to be for defenses to not allow them to put points on the board, so anytime you’ve got him back there with the offense we have, it should be a good day for us.”

Packers TE Jermichael Finley

(On how it felt to have so many balls coming his way today)
“It felt good. It comes out from the chemistry that I have with ‘12’ (QB Aaron Rodgers). It’s started off pretty good.”

(On how he can maintain that level of chemistry with Rodgers)
“Catch the ball and run your routes.”

(On if it was part of the game plan to funnel the ball to Finley today)
“No. That’s just how it’s been going lately and I guess everything’s coming ten-fold.”

(On how much of his success is due to an increased focus on maintaining a vision of the whole field)
“I would say all of it. You’ve got to look out and see what you’ve got and ‘12’ has put it on me the last couple weekends, so we got hot.”

(On if yards after the catch is a focus for him this year)
“Yeah, that’s one of my focuses. I mean, that’s how I want to be. I want to catch it and do something after it, so I’ve been working on that, and it’s coming. It’s all coming into place, so we’ll see what we’ve got for the next two preseason games.”

(On his thoughts on where the offense is after being able to move the ball consistently tonight)
“I think that’s one aspect of our game on the offensive side that we need to do, which is finish. We need to be able to put points on the board and keep driving the ball like we are, but when we get in the red zone, we need to make it count.”

Packers LB A.J. Hawk

(On where the Packers are as a defensive unit right now)
“We’re definitely not where we want to be, but going from last week to this week, we improved a bit. It was good to have a lot of different situations tonight. We got down there on the goal line and had a couple of good goal line stands. We were happy to get off the field there and stop them on fourth down. Overall, we would have loved the shutout, but it’s tough to get shutouts in the NFL, we know that much. We’re a work in progress, for sure.”

(On if it’s difficult to gauge a unit’s progress in preseason games)
“A little bit, but when you’ve been around and you judge your preseason, it’s still football. That’s the great thing about football. This isn’t like other sports. You can’t go out there like a preseason basketball game and just loaf around the field. If you’re on the field, you’re playing hard. Everybody is, so I think you get a good gauge of where you’re at.”

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