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Posted by Duke Bobber on August 24, 2013 – 12:08 am

(opening statement) “I have five injuries to report. Casey Hayward, hamstring, DuJuan Harris, knee injury, Morgan Burnett, hamstring, Brad Jones, hamstring, and Jarvis Reed, ankle. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

(on Vince Young’s scrambling ability) “Vince Young, the dimension of running, that’s something that we really wanted to see. I think you’re just seeing Vince get more and more comfortable of what I’ve asked of him. Particularly, for as much as man to man we saw tonight, he was very instinctive and made big plays. I thought he did very well on his first drive. It was very unfortunate with the high snap on second down on his second drive. I think Vince is definitely one of the players that took advantage of his opportunities tonight.”

(on Graham Harrell’s performance) “Graham, frankly, there is some video that we really need to look at. I’d like to see more. He had some tough breaks there with the penalties, but the rhythm of the offense and some of the things mechanically, I would have liked to have seen us be more sharp. We played primarily against an eight-man front, and we didn’t do a very good job handling that.”

(on if he is giving his starters enough time to get ready for the season) “We have a process. Frankly, part of my message to the team is we’re going to trust the process. I feel very good about the process. You can’t sometimes have it both ways. We try, we want to win the game. We wanted to win tonight, especially at home, but there was more information that was needed so that’s what we kind of juggled. Going back, not to be redundant, I thought it was very important for a number of our players to play early. I was very pleased with a lot of production that we had on defense, especially going against Russell Wilson and their offense. We’ll see what the video says in the morning and we’ll go from there.”

(on his gut feeling of where his offense is at this point) “Well, it’s part of the game. It’s part of developing your football team. I’m sure everybody goes about it differently. I’m not really interested in how other people are doing it in this new structure. We have a talented personnel department, we have a talented coaching staff, and we’re trusting the process that we’ve laid down for our players. It’s about one thing; creating opportunities for your football team, creating opportunities for your football team to grow. We grew in some ways, in some ways we did not. With that, we’ve got a week to get ready for Kansas City. It’s a six-day week, we have to get in here, get it going and get our work done. Obviously, we have a tough weekend ahead of us, we’ve got to get down to 75. This is the time of year head coaches and general managers don’t look forward to. You spend a lot of time with these men, from April 15th on, and obviously we’ll have to get down to 75 here throughout the weekend.”

(on if he knew how long he would play tonight) “I knew I was going to be in for the first quarter. We had a seven-and-a-half minute drive, so Mike (McCarthy) made the decision one drive and out.”

(on if he feels like he’s gotten enough work this preseason) “I do. I’ve played a lot of football. I’ll make sure my conditioning is where it needs to be for the first game and we’ll be fine.”

(on any concern about the lack of reps with Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson) “We’ve had issues like that in the past with Jermichael (Finley) being out, Greg (Jennings) being out. You just have to get your work in in practice when those guys come back. Hopefully we get Jordy back next week to get some work in (and) Randall the same. In regards to if they play or not, it would be good to get some reps with them, but we’ve played a lot of football together. Jordy and I and had a lot of success, and Randall last year obviously had a lot of success. We’re talking every day and they’re in the meetings. It’s a matter of making sure we’re on the same page.”

(on Vince Young’s performance) “Vince did a good job. That’s his game right there, being able to make plays when the pocket breaks down or when they’re rushing four and playing a lot of man coverage with nobody with vision to the football. Vince obviously is still a good athlete and he was able to get us down there and get it in the end zone.”

(on where Vince Young is in terms of picking up the system) “I think he’s improving. This is a wordy system and a difficult system to pick up. He obviously came in after seven installs have been put in already so he was behind, but he’s been picking it up and showing improvements.”

(on if the team starts thinking about the regular-season opener now) “I think right now we’re going to think about this roster and this is the last night this group of guys is going to be together. It’s a tough day for some of our guys (to) go down to 75. A lot of guys have put a lot of effort into this. Obviously next week will be about Kansas City and getting guys more opportunities. At the same time you start looking at your first (regular-season) opponent and focusing on the things we need to do to get ready for that.”

(on how much he talks to the other QBs during the game) “We look at the pictures on the sideline and I help out if I see anything, but they’re very well-coached. (Quarterbacks coach) Ben’s (McAdoo) up in the box, obviously (offensive coordinator) Tom (Clements) down on the sidelines and we go through the stuff and talk about any adjustments they might have made or things to look for next time in that situation.”

(on how he feels about the offensive line’s chemistry with limited game reps) “I’m not worried about that. I think it’s good for David (Bakhtiari) to get that many reps. I think he did a pretty good job out there. We’ll watch the film, but it helps that we’ve been very solid with T.J. (Lang), Evan (Dietrich-Smith) and Josh (Sitton). We just need to figure out who those two tackles are going to be and get some consistency out of them and keep finding ways to get the ball to 88 (Finley).”

(on his personal performance) “I came out feeling fresh. (Aaron Rodgers) and I had a talk earlier in the day about me touching the ball early. When a guy like that comes up to you and tells you you’re going to get the ball early, you get jittery.”

(on if he’s worried about the first-team offense only getting limited opportunities) “Not at all. I know when the games count we’re going to get six (points) on the board for sure and practice makes perfect. We get tons of reps in practice and I think that’s enough.”

(on quarterback Vince Young’s performance) “That’s my Texas boy so I’m not going to say anything bad about him, but I thought he looked great tonight. He got his feet wet and I can’t wait to see what he does next week.”

(on containing Seahawks QB Russell Wilson) “I’m real excited about that. I thought we did a great job keeping the quarterback contained. Obviously he possesses their greatest playmaking ability by extending the pocket and extending the play. We did a good job. He’s going to make his plays, but for the most part we got after him, got our hands on him and got him down.”

(on cornerback Casey Hayward’s interception) “It’s good to see. Obviously he’s continuing his playmaking ability from last year when he had six or seven interceptions, so it’s good to have him back out there. It’s good to see what he’s capable of and we’re going to need it this year.”

(on the defense’s performance this preseason) “I think we’re continuing to improve. I think we played very well up front the first two games, up front on first and second down. Now it’s about getting those third-down plays. Aside from the first drive (tonight), which we’ll take a look at and improve upon, I thought we did a good job.”

(on his personal performance) “I felt all right. It’s still a learning process right now. I’m getting there – more reps, more practice, a lot of film work, studying … picking Aaron (Rodgers), Graham (Harrell) and BJ’s (Coleman) heads is definitely helping me out a lot.”

(on the offensive’s performance when he was in the game) “The biggest key that Coach McCarthy was telling us as a second team and a third team was to get a better tempo, get guys out of the huddle. I really feel like the offensive line did a great job. The receivers made some big catches. Things like that. I just really felt like we accomplished some things that Coach wanted us to do as a second and third unit, and I just want to continue to keep that work up.”

(on making plays with his feet) “I just really feel like the things that the defense did gave me opportunities to use my legs a little bit. Like I said earlier, it still goes back to the offensive line making some key blocks, opening up the window, as well as our receivers making some key catches.”

(on leading a touchdown drive) “It’s not really about me. I just felt like everybody as a team, as an offense took care of their responsibilities on that play and we got the touchdown out of the drive, so that’s pretty good. The next drive we could have done a little bit better, so that’s something we can work on.”

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