Ask Vic Halftime: Lacy forced Lions to respect run

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 6, 2013 – 1:24 pm

Peter from Cairo, Egypt

According to ESPN’s Football Outsiders, the Packers are third in the NFL in overall offensive line effectiveness coming into this game. How do you feel they are doing against this Detroit defensive front?

So far, so good. Suh and Fairley haven’t been disruptive. The Packers have the Lions running east and west chasing stretch plays. It’s a good strategy to quiet the rush. The Lions use Ziggy Ansah in a lot of creative ways, and he’s rushed some passes. The Lions use him in ways reminiscent of how the Titans used Javon Kearse in his rookie season. Suh and Fairley are the guys I fear because they can collapse the pocket. That hasn’t happened, so I applaud the play of the Packers interior linemen through one half of today’s game.

Alex from Lincoln, NE

Looks like you were right about using different punt returners for different situations.

Micah Hyde had a lot of room as that 53-yard punt late in the first quarter was spiraling toward him. I thought the Lions were a little slow in covering that punt and I would’ve loved to have seen what Randall Cobb would’ve done with it.

Joe from Las Vegas, NV

I am unable to watch the game live, but I am keeping tabs via NFL Game Center. The first half seems to be a lot of Lacy; I like it. How does he look to you?

He looks good enough to have caused the Lions to play single-high safety on a second-and-four play from the Lions’ 40-yard line in the second quarter. That’s what a strong running game can do and that’s what the Packers want it to do. I was surprised Aaron Rodgers didn’t attack deep on that play when he saw the single-high safety.

Darin from Toronto, Ontario

Crosby sure hit a bullet from 52 yards dead in the middle! How satisfying do you think that is for McCarthy and Crosby after all that patience and commitment through last year?

Change is easy. Staying the course is difficult. They pay coaches to do what’s difficult. They pay coaches to stand firm in the face of criticism and make the right call, which is often an unpopular call. How does it make you feel about Coach McCarthy that he didn’t quit on Crosby?

Joel from Hebron, KY

Would you attribute Packers defensive success to Burnett returning or Calvin Johnson’s absence? Seems like a combination of both. I wish Johnson was playing so we could really see how this defense plays with Burnett back.

Easy, now, easy. Please come to balance.

Antonio from Farmersville, CA

The Green Bay Packers have great defensive players but do not have a great defense. What are they doing wrong? What do they need to change?

Three points? I thought the Packers defense played very well in the first half. The Lions were willing to run out the clock and go to the locker room trailing 6-0. Sometimes being aggressive works against you.

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