Ask Vic Halftime: Packers playing Ravens’ game

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 13, 2013 – 1:35 pm


Adam from Muskego, WI

Why go away from what worked? Keep running the ball down their throats until they stop it.

I’m sensitive to what you’re saying, but we’re only talking about the first two plays of the game. I don’t think they qualify as running the ball down the Ravens’ throat. This is a passing team that wants to use the running game to achieve balance. We must not forget that.

Joe from Saint Paul, MN

Why is Lacy not on the field for third-and-1? I just don’t get it.

I wondered the same thing. That’s the kind of question that needs to be asked after the game or tomorrow.

Auston from Homeland, CA

Who has the advantage in this game?

The Packers have the lead and they’re playing at a higher level than the Ravens, but the difference isn’t significant. This is beginning to look like a game that’ll turn on a fumble, interception or big play on offense. The blocked punt that resulted in John Kuhn’s touch and the Ravens getting the ball and a first down appeared as though it might be a turning point in the game, but the Packers responded by stopping the Ravens on fourth-and-goal from the Packers 1-yard line.

Gary from West Greenwich, RI

I know Rodgers is a money quarterback, but why not run more when you can pick up the few yards for a first down?

The obvious answer is he thought he could complete a pass downfield to Jermichael Finley. In retrospect, Rodgers probably should’ve run for the first down. If he completes the pass, however, we’re not having this discussion.

Evan from Eau Claire, WI

I feel like James Jones going out could be very bad for the Packers. Calm me down, Vic.

The injury to Randall Cobb late in the half is the one that has me concerned. Picking up the slack created by two injuries will be difficult for Jermichael Finley and Jordy Nelson to do. I don’t have an official injury report on Cobb, yet. He’s standing on the sideline but limping as I write this.

Todd from Champaign, IL

I remember you thought Green Bay would have a tough time running today. What did they do on that first drive to have success?

Eddie Lacy found a running lane on each of the first two plays of the game. Since then, the Ravens have tightened down on the run. In my opinion, the game is now in Rodgers’ hands. That’s not a bad thing.

Laura from Pewaukee, WI

Vic, I agree with your players, not plays philosophy, which is why I fear the loss of Clay Matthews in today’s game. In the first half, did you see anything Dom Capers was able to do with scheme, blitzing, packages, etc., to overcome the loss of Clay’s playmaking ability?

The Packers defense is doing it with old-fashioned execution. Davon House was very strong in coverage early in the half. The Ravens went after him and he answered the challenge. I’m not seeing any special schemes. The Packers are just winning the one-on-ones.

Rick from Cameron, WI

I’m loving this defensive game. This is football.

The Packers are playing AFC North football. This is how they play in this division. Sometimes you have to be able to play the other guys’ game.

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