Ask Vic Halftime: Packers dangerous when hurt

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on October 20, 2013 – 4:50 pm

Stephen from Sydney, New South Wales

Vic, the Packers are playing very well in all phases so far. This is an impressive start.

I thought there was reason for anxiety today, with so many star-quality players sidelined by injury. Mike McCarthy’s teams continue to amaze me with the high level of play they are able to maintain despite injuries that would cripple most teams. Yes, this is impressive.

Darin from Toronto, ON

How awesome was that second touchdown? Great to see the Packers line up in a running formation, broadcast they are going to run it, and drive it down Cleveland’s throat for a touchdown. Look out.

So why didn’t that happen in previous years? Was the offensive line really to blame, or did the Packers just need to add some talent at running back and make a commitment to the running game? I say it’s the latter.

Ronnie from Virginia Beach, VA

We are missing two key players, yet, we look so comfortable and smooth so far. How did we prepare this week and why haven’t we been doing this the whole time?

The Packers didn’t change their preparation. We’re just nearing the point in the season that the accumulation of preparation is beginning to separate the good teams from the wannabe-good teams.

Benjamin from Torrington, CT

What’s the biggest thing the Packers should be worrying about right now?

Don’t worry, just play. For fans watching the game on TV, don’t worry, just watch. Worry is crippling and it’ll sap your enjoyment of the game.

Coleen from Prairie du Chien, WI

Why are they not wearing pink? It’s still October.

The Packers are not wearing pink because they’re wearing throwback uniforms. I don’t know why the Browns aren’t wearing pink.

Jon from Bloomfield, NJ

So Tramon Williams is responsible for having x-ray vision to see through the WR and determine whether the ball was dropped?

Welcome to the new culture.

Matthew from Kenosha, WI

Jermichael Finley looks good so far. Do you think he could possibly be the top tight end in the NFL?

He’s playing at the highest level of his career and he’s taking his game to a higher level on a weekly basis. That’s all that matters. The rest will come with time.

Matt from Binghamton, NY

Vic, what have the Packers done differently during this game to make up for the loss of key players?

I see nothing different in their scheme or their approach to the game. They aren’t winning with scheme, they’re winning with the performance of players who have been taught how to play the game and translate that learning to game day. This is quite impressive. McCarthy might be the best coach-hurt coach I’ve ever seen.

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