Ask Vic Halftime: Aaron Rodgers out for the game

Posted by Vic Ketchman, editor on November 4, 2013 – 9:04 pm

Steven from Las Vegas, NV

Keep your eye on special teams play tonight. Good call, Vic. Now give me the winning lotto number.

Sometimes I get a thump in my head and things come to me, but it never happens when money is involved.

Jan from Bedford, TX

How is Aaron Rodgers?

That’s the question of the season right now. It has been announced that he’s out for the game. My heart sunk writing those words.

Dave from Sumter, SC

I didn’t think the Bears run defense was that bad. Everybody knew we had to run after Rodgers went out and wow!

Eddie Lacy is running with more power, quickness and determination than any Packers running back has in the three seasons I’ve covered the team. Mike McCarthy plugged in James Starks to give Lacy a rest and Starks exploded through a hole that can only be described as a cave in. With Rodgers out, the running game and the defense need to carry this team. That’s my opinion.

Ivan from Sofia, Bulgaria

Now we see if we have a real team or Rodgers is the team?

I get it, Ivan, but that might be a little more drama than I can digest at this time. Let’s all take a deep breath. After all, it’s Rodgers’ left shoulder, not his throwing shoulder. He did not appear to be in a great deal of pain, although I’m sure I’d be crying like a baby if it was my shoulder.

Jonathan from St. Joseph, MO

I have a feeling the 20 carries thing just went out the window.

Lacy and Starks might want to put a little more air in their tires.

Matthew from Kenosha, WI

How many questions do you get during a game?

A couple of hundred? Tonight, 90 percent of them are the same question.

Troy from Holmen, WI

Did the hearts of all Packer nation skip a beat?

Skip a beat? I think they collectively stopped. Fortunately, they’re beating again. We’ll get through this. Just win the game.

Jake from Elkhart Lake, WI

Vic, how is the crowd reacting to Rodgers being knocked out of the game? I hope they are very vocal for our defense. The Packers could use a very intense crowd the rest of the night.

This crowd has risen to the occasion. They’ve turned the volume up a notch, as you would expect of fans that appreciate what the Packers are facing without their quarterback.

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