Packers-Eagles post-game notes & quotes

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The Packers dropped to 5-4 on the season with a 27-13 loss to the Eagles on Sunday afternoon at Lambeau Field. Green Bay is tied with Chicago for second in the NFC North behind Detroit (6-3).

Green Bay posted 396 yards of total offense against Philadelphia, the 11th time in the last 12 regular-season games that the Packers have registered 350-plus yards of offense.

The Packers will go on the road to take on the N.Y. Giants next Sunday at 3:25 p.m. (CST) at MetLife Stadium. This is the third consecutive season that Green Bay has played at the Giants.

Today’s paid attendance was 78,011. It was the 316th consecutive sellout (298 regular season, 18 playoffs) at Lambeau Field.

QB Scott Tolzien threw for 280 yards and a TD with two INTs on 24-of-39 passing. HIs 280 passing yards were the most by a Green Bay quarterback in his first game with 15-plus attempts since Brett Favre threw for 289 yards vs. Cincinnati on Sept. 20, 1992.

WR Jarrett Boykin matched his career high with eight catches for a career-best 112 yards (14.0 avg.). It was Boykin’s second 100-yard receiving game in the last four contests.

Boykin’s 100-yard receiving game was the ninth by the Packers this season, which is tied for No. 3 in franchise history behind only the Packers’ 11 in 1995 and 10 in 2010.

The Packers have had at least one 100-yard receiver in seven of nine games this season.

DE Datone Jones tied a single-game franchise record for rookies (several players) with two sacks on the afternoon. He has registered three sacks in the last two games.

TE Brandon Bostick posted his first pro reception, finishing the afternoon with three catches for 42 yards (14.0 avg.), highlighted by a 22-yard TD grab in the third quarter.

On his shared sack of QB Nick Foles in the fourth quarter (with DE Mike Daniels), CB Tramon Williams posted his first forced fumble since registering one at the N.Y. Jets on Oct. 31, 2010, and his first fumble recovery since recording one vs. New Orleans on Sept. 8, 2011. Williams added to his career-high sack total and now has 2.5 for the season.



(on opening statement) “Well, stating the obvious, obviously it’s a difficult loss today. Stating the obvious, losing two games at Lambeau Field in six days is not quite part of the formula that we’re looking for as our season moves forward. But we’re 5-4. The performance today, defensively, we weren’t quite good enough. As far as stopping the run, the big plays. Offensively, I thought we started strong in the run game. There were some situational things we could have done better. Special teams was solid. What I felt the game came down to probably was a half dozen critical plays. We might have made one of them, they made them, we did not. Congratulations to the Eagles. I’m disappointed, and I’m disappointed as the head coach of this team because we have a reoccurring issue that I have to get fixed and we’ll get on that tomorrow. I’m not going to get into that right now, but we had a lot of tough situations today. No excuses. We lost our quarterback after the first series, and I thought Scott Tolzien played as well as to be expected. The one throw down in the end zone, he probably wishes he had that one back, but other than that, I thought he did a lot of good things. I’ll tell you right now, Scott Tolzien will start against the New York Giants, so we’ll answer that question right here. With that, I’ll take your questions.”

(on the challenge of preparing Seneca Wallace all week and then having to go with Scott Tolzien) “It’s ditto. It’s two weeks in a row. I mean, you have a guy that goes through the week and takes all the reps. Unfortunately, he suffered the injury there in the first series. I thought Scott did a hell of a job. We’re running plays he hasn’t even practiced yet. He comes here, and it’s a totally different language from where he’s been his first two stops. He’s worked diligently on our language, transferring plays he’s had in the past and how we do things. For the most part, he was seamless in the huddle. I thought his game management, especially from the amount of preparation he had going into this game was outstanding.”

(on if his team rallied around the quarterback) “I don’t necessarily buy into the whole notion of always having to rally around the quarterback. I can give you a pretty clear picture. I understand the importance of the quarterback position, but it was important for everybody to go out and do their job today and play the best that they can and do the little things. There were a lot of fundamental issues we had on the field today, and that’s really what we tried to stress as a football team going into it. Everybody just needs to do their job and do it the best they can and we would win the game. I felt that in my heart and if we would have been able to accomplish that, I think we would have got that done. The quarterback is a very important position, but there’s men that play quarterback. There’s a group of people that coach the quarterback, and we’ll make sure the quarterback is ready.  Yes, it’s unusual. I’ve never lost a quarterback after the first series two weeks in a row. It’s an unusual situation, but there was plenty of production offensively to give our team a chance. We just need to focus on our jobs. Everybody needs to take a harder look, which I thought we did this week, inside. We need to do our jobs better and it starts with me because I didn’t get it done today. I fully expected to win that game, regardless of what happened. We had a lot of guys go down, and the coaches were scrambling on the sidelines. I thought the players did an exceptional job. TJ Lang jumps in there at center for a couple plays when Evan goes out. Barclay goes down. It happens. We had guys going in and out on defense. However, the Philadelphia Eagles had a lot of injuries, too. That’s the game of football. We needed a little help today and we didn’t get it. Wevhave to make those plays yourself and we definitely came up short.”

(on what he could have done better) “It always starts with me and ends with me. It’s about anything in life. You get what you emphasize. You can look at it any way you want to. There’s some things we have not done a good job of all year. We’ll talk about that as a team and we’ll make sure it’s clearly understood what we need to do. We need to play better. We had an opportunity today that we let slip by. You don’t lose home games. Everybody knows the formula, it’s no secret. It’s been going on in the NFL for decades. You got to win your home games. We’ve lost two in six days, and it stings, it definitely stings.”

(on the performance of Datone Jones recently) “I think Datone is getting better, and we need him. He needs to get a lot better, too. He’s got ability, he does some things well, but he needs to be more consistent Monday through Saturday and I think it will help him on Sunday. I was very proud of some of the things he did today, but we need more.”

(on if the Eagles long touchdown passes were coverage issues or playing the ball issues) “It was clearly playing the ball. When I referred earlier to the critical plays in the game, I definitely feel that those plays when you look at the ball in the air, you’re expecting the ball to go your way, and it didn’t. Both those long throws, when the ball is in the air that long, as a defensive back, you’re licking your chops. When the ball gets up and down, that’s when it’s a bigger challenge.”


(on getting the start next week in New York) “I’m just expecting to be the starter. I just found out, but bottom line is we’ve just got to keep getting better. I think it’s pretty simple and you start by looking at yourself in the mirror. Certainly there’s a few plays you’d like to have back in the game, but I really appreciate the guys’ help out there rallying around me and my coaches, as well as helping me prepare to be ready to go. I really appreciate these guys in this locker room and we’ve just got to keep getting better.”

(on what this week has been like, going from the practice squad to game action) “It’s been a little bit different, but I think that’s why it’s not just a cliché when someone says prepare every week like you’re the starter. You’ve got to take that to heart and put it on your own shoulders to make sure you’re doing that. That way, when you do get moved up into an opportunity, it’s not a surprise to you, and you feel like you’ve been doing your homework. That’s the best way to approach a game. You’ve got to be prepared, first and foremost. You’ve got to put that time in, and that’s where it all starts.”

(on how he would assess his performance today) “You always start with where you can get better and there are specific plays that you wish you had back. The first one I think about is the pick in the end zone. We had an awesome opportunity there and got a good look for the play we were running. Looking back at my throw, I should have probably thrown it more back pylon. (I) could’ve, should’ve (thrown a better pass) and you learn from that and you try not to make that mistake again.”

(on how much he’s missed live-game action) “That’s why those mental reps are huge in practice. Every day counts, whether it’s the third week of training camp or an OTA. Each one of those days matters and that’s where it starts.”

(on what he was thinking when he came in for his first drive) “Like I said earlier, you’ve got to prepare yourself for that so that it’s not a shock when you go in. That’s why you prepare that way, so you’re not surprised when your number’s called.”

(on whether it’s overwhelming to think about being the starting QB next week) “I think really you try to just minimize that. I think the priority is our locker room. We’re all competitors and we’re not here to lose. The goal is to win games and we didn’t get that done today. Like I said, we look ourselves in the mirror and you get better, and that’s the focus.”

(on if this game helped his confidence) “If you don’t have your confidence, it’s very tough to have success. That’s where, internally, it begins. I really appreciate the guys around me that helped that confidence – from Aaron (Rodgers) and Seneca (Wallace), to my coaches, to guys just rolling with the punches during the game today. I just really appreciate the way they got behind me and helped me out.”

(on what went through his mind when he was told he was going in the game) “You just start going through what you prepared for during the week, as far as plays that you like, and if possible the checks you might get to. Really your focus is on the game plan at that point, and you try not to let any outside distractions get in the way of that.”

(on what, if anything, Aaron Rodgers told him to get ready for this game) “I don’t know if was one specific thing, but I think – and I probably speak for a lot of the guys in the locker room – that we just feed off of his poise, his confidence and the way his demeanor is. There’s never a sense of panic with him, and that’s what I take from him, of the many things, and I think a lot of guys would say the same.”

(on how Rodgers helped him during the game) “I really greatly appreciate his help today. (I) really appreciate Seneca’s (Wallace) help, I appreciate my coaches’ help. Really, it’s a team game and we’re all trying to tighten up and just help one another out to try to win the game.”

(on what his comfort level was in the huddle and at the line of scrimmage) “I felt comfortable. I know it’s a work-in-progress, but my job is to know the plays top to bottom, to know that call sheet when you enter a game and that’s what I’ll continue to do.”

(on how much of the offense he knows right now) “I feel confident with what my coach puts on the call sheet. That’s your whole process throughout the week is getting a menu of plays and feeling comfortable with them. But really my job is to just take their coaching. What they tell me, that’s what I’ll do. I’m not going to try to get in the way of that.”

(on whether he thought it would be possible he’d be playing today) “Aaron (Rodgers) goes down and obviously it’s unfortunate. None of us would have wished that, but at that point you start getting yourself ready because you’re one play away. Like I said earlier, that’s why you do go about every game the same, whether you’re first-string or third-string. I’ve been fourth-string many times, too, but that doesn’t change how you go about your days.”

(on having not only Packers but also Wisconsin Badger fans’ support) “I really appreciate everyone in this state going back to my college days. I appreciate them and hopefully we keep this thing moving in the right direction.”



(on losing multiple players to injury over the last couple weeks) “You want to come together as a team and find a way to overcome adversity. The only thing we can do now is just stay together as a team. Just stay the course and understand that it’s not over. We have to learn from it and find a way to get a win.”

(on the defense’s mindset after losing the starting QB for the second week in a row) “We keep our same mindset. We have to go out and do our job. Everyone on this team is held accountable to do his job.”

(on the defense’s performance today) “We’ve got a lot of things to work on and improve. I personally need to improve, and I’m pretty sure everyone in this locker room feels the same way. We didn’t get the win, and that’s the ultimate goal for us. We lost, so now we’ve got to go back to the drawing board, find out what we can clean up and learn from our mistakes.”

(on losing QB Seneca Wallace early in the game) “We pretty much had to run a lot more and try to run it well enough to get the play-action pass working. It’s very frustrating. You have to make a lot of adjustments and a lot of changes. We had to do that today, but we just came up short.”

(on how QB Scott Tolzien played) “He did well. He had a few bad plays, but overall you can’t ask for much more than what he did out there today.”


(on playing with the club on his hand) “Obviously, my position is predicated so much on using your hands as leverage, in pass rushing and setting the edge. It was very difficult. I tried the best I could with one hand. It was good for me to get back out there, get some plays underneath my belt and try to move forward. I expect that next week I’ll be a little better with that hand. I’m sure the club will get a little smaller, and hopefully sooner rather than later I’ll get down to just a brace. It’s baby steps. I know the way I can contribute on this defense, and it’s frustrating when you’re limited physically.”

(on dealing with so many injuries as a team) “It’s tough. It’s one of those things, but it seems like it has bitten us for the last couple of years. We’ll just have to deal with the adversity. I thought Scott (Tolzien) played well today. We had plenty of opportunities to score when we were in the red zone. On the defensive side, I think (Philadelphia) had three big plays for touchdowns that we need to come up with and be difference makers back there.”


(on losing his starting QB on the first series for the second week in a row) “It’s hard, but Scott (Tolzien) came in and did a great job. He made some plays, and I think we were able to move the ball as an offense. We just didn’t finish. He was aggressive. He went after it. He was confident in the huddle. He’s a smart kid who has put in a lot of work. He prepares, and it’s good to see it pay off.”

(on losing back-to-back games at home) “Home, away, wherever it is, it’s not fun to lose. Even without our quarterbacks, we felt like we had a chance to win both of them, but we didn’t make enough plays. That’s on us, and we’ve just got to keep moving forward and keep grinding. It’s not going to get any easier for us, and teams aren’t going to take it any easier on us.”

(on his near touchdown that was reviewed by the officials) “It was obviously disappointing. I thought the last view gave enough evidence that my hand and arm were underneath (the ball). I guess (the referee) told Mike (McCarthy) that the ball moved.”

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