Wisconsin Favorites: What Wisconsin parks have you visited or will you visit?

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“What Wisconsin parks have you visited or will you visit?”


James Starks:  I went to a couple of parks down near the Wisconsin Dells. We took these crazy looking bus-type things and went through the cliffs and in the water all around the area.

A.J. Hawk:  I like to go to the nice beach shorelines in Manitowoc. I take my dogs there and let them run around in the water and chase a tennis ball. My daughter loves going there too.

Marshall Newhouse:  It’s not really a park, but I lived in downtown Green Bay for a while and I would always spend my time along the river on the boardwalk. It was a very cool area with a lot of good restaurants.

Tramon Williams:  My kid loves going to the NEW Zoo out in Suamico.  We were just there a couple weeks ago before it got cold and had a great time.

Morgan Burnett:  I noticed that Green Bay has a lot of great city parks around town. I bring my kids there to play on the playgrounds and swings during the summer and fall months.

Mason Crosby: Peninsula State Park is awesome this time of year. There’s a big tower up on the top of a cliff that you can climb. I’ve done it before and the views are incredible.



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